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Uncle Fucks Drunk Niece

I picked up my niece Beth and drove to the baseball game in Cleveland for her 18th birthday present. She turned 18 a few weeks ago and this was the 1st time we could sneak off together. We lived in Pennsylvania and we’re both avid Yankee fans and decided to play hooky and go watch the game and have some fun. I’m married so I had to lie to my wife and tell her I was going to the game with a friend and we were going to sleep overnight. I didn’t want my wife to know I was going to spend time overnight with our niece in another city; she would have not allowed it. My niece was a big Yankee fan and wanted to go see them in the worst way and also wanted to party with her Uncle Jim. She’s always been naive and didn’t think there was anything wrong with staying in the same room with her uncle. I told Beth not to tell anybody about our trip because they might get mad, especially her aunt so she agreed to keep quiet about it. My plan was to get her drunk and then try to fuck her.

I always thought my niece Beth was hot and was curious to see what would happen when we spent the night together in the same room after partying all day long. She had big tits, a great body and was very pretty. She liked to flirt and was a lot of fun. She had been trying to get me out drinking with her for a while now but I always turned her down because I thought it was wrong for an uncle to be out drinking with his niece. I changed my mind about this when I witnessed my wife having sex with my nephew (see Forcing Aunt Lisa) who happens to be the twin of Beth. I decided I wanted the same thing my wife was getting, hot inappropriate sex with a younger relative and now that Beth was legal, I was going to give it the good old college try.

When she got into the car, I was floored by her outfit. She had on short skirt on and her tits were just about falling out of her blouse. She sat down, leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips and said hello. I said hello and off we went. The ride seemed like it lasted about 5 minutes because I was always trying to look at her tits or see her panties because her skirt kept riding up her legs.

We arrived at the game and sat down in our great seats and started drinking. She was young and didn’t know how to pace herself. By the end of the game, she must have had 10 wine coolers while I had 2 beers. She was drunk by now so and we went to check into our hotel room. We got to the room and it only had a king size bed. I told her I would get us a new room and she said it was ok as long as I behaved myself. I told her I would try and we both laughed.

She was in a wild mood and got on the bed and started jumping. Her skirt was flying up like a scene from the Man Show. She didn’t realize that her uncle was able to see her panties and her tits had escaped from her blouse and were only contained by a see through bra. I got on the bed with her and started to also jump. I grabbed her by the waist and jumped with her. My hands “accidentally” reached up and unhooked her bra. It went flying off and now her tits we flopping all over the place. She finally noticed what happened and stopped jumping and said drunkenly “Uncle Jim, look at my tits, they fell out and I didn’t even know.” She fell on the bed and was laughing and I lay down next to her. She didn’t cover up her tits and her skirt had pulled up and her legs we spread and I could see her pussy hair peaking out of her panties. She was clearly blitzed and was having a hard time focusing.

I decided to see how far I could take this and started to fondle her tits and softly rub her nipples. She clearly liked it but she said “Uncle Jim, please don’t touch my tits and rub my nipples, it’s not right.”

I said “Beth, nobody will ever know, let me touch them for a minute.” She didn’t say anything so I just kept it up.

After a few minutes of this I decided to suck on her nipples and when I started she said “UNCLE JIM! You were only going to touch them, not suck them!”

I replied “Honey, I’m only touching them with my mouth.” She grunted but didn’t answer so I knew she was either ok with it or too far gone to care and either way meant that I was not going to stop and I was going to push it further.

I pushed it further by placing my hand on her inside thigh and then starting to rub there. She didn’t say anything so I slowly made my way up until I was touching her panties with my fingers and then I started to slowly rub her pussy through her panties. She moaned to me “Uncle Jim nooooo, you can’t touch my pussy, you’re my uncle and it is wrong. Please stop, please.”

I kept on rubbing and said “I’m only touching you through your panties; just let me rub your pussy for a few minutes.”

She finally said “you can only rub me through my panties for a few minutes and then you have to stop touching me.”

I now had reached the next stage where my niece against her better judgment because she was drunk was letting me rub her pussy through her panties. While I kept on rubbing I was trying to think of a way to get her panties off. I finally had a plan and stopped rubbing her pussy through her panties and started to pull off her panties. She immediately yelled “UNCLE JIM! STOP! I NEVER SAID YOU COULD PULL OFF MY PANTIES! I’VE NEVER SHOWN MY PUSSY TO ANYBODY.”

I didn’t know she was a virgin until this very moment and said to her “Beth, you told me I had to stop rubbing your pussy through your panties and I’m stopping. I just want to see what your pussy looks like. Just one time; let me see your pussy; just a quick look, please.”

She was trying to think in her drunken state and finally said “Uncle Jim, I won’t let you take my panties off; you’ll try to fuck me if I do and you’re my uncle and I’m a virgin.”

I said “Honey, just let me look for a minute; I’ll just pull the panties to the side and take a quick peek, please.” She didn’t say anything so I took that for a yes and started to pull her panties to the side. I started to see more of her pussy hair and I kept on moving her panties and finally saw her pussy. She had small lips with a big bud on top that was hiding her clit. I spread her legs as wide as possible and this opened up her cunt lips and I could see her fuck hole was closed; clearly she was a virgin.

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