Tuesday , March 21 2023

Unimaginable Sex With Husband’s Friend

Some girls are game for sex, because they want physical gratification. Some girls are game for sex because of lack of money. Some girls just want to experience it first hand to come to conclusion. In my case, I wanted to have sex to conceive and have a baby.

My name is Varsha. I’m a qualified interior designer. I’m married to Arun, who too is an interior designer. We studied college together and had courted for 3 years before marriage. We indulged in foreplay and sex before getting married. It was too good. I loved every moment of love making. He knew how to satisfy a woman.

I considered myself lucky. I had intercourse before marriage to make sure my man wasn’t impotent. I read many times in ISS about unsatisfied wives sharing their extra marital relationships and being screwed by boss, brother in laws and strangers. Even stranger would be getting into lesbian relationships.

I didn’t want anything like that to happen to me. I loved to fantasize, I loved to be touched and licked, and kissed, and I wanted my man to praise me in bed. I have a lovely figure of 37-24-36. My skin is wheatish. I look after my well toned body through regular workouts at the gym.

Arun and I got married about a year ago. We had active sex life. I was fond of children and couldn’t wait to have a kid of my own. We mutually agreed that we should have one. My mom told me that when we mate between the 12th and 18th day after my period, I have a good chance to become pregnant. So I made sure that we didn’t have sex three days prior to my 12th or 13th day, so his sperm count would be excellent.
We didn’t get any result for 6 months, and so we consulted our gynaec. She checked our reports and disclosed that Arun had low sperm count, so my chances of pregnancy were thin. We were shattered. There were other factors with him too that were not favorable. The other method would be that I conceive through another male, or through artificial methods.

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  1. An understanding, virile friend helps father child. Great.

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