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Unsatisfied Indian Mature Mother Seducing Her Son For Sex


Unsatisfied Indian Mature Mother Seducing Her Son For Sex
What all I am about to write is true fact of my life for which I am proud off. To tell you more of myself. I am Mrs Sonali Gupta. I am married and a housewife. I am white , with black hairs and black eyes. I am little bulgy and lollypolly. My stats is 41-36-42. I am 42 years of age . I am married for last 18 years. I have 2 son. Elder one Rakesh is 16 and younger is 10 years of age. My husband works in middle east hence always stay away from me. To tell you the truth I don’t have sex for almost years. To tell you more about my private parts, I have large , loose and bulgy breast. I have folds on my waist. I am having little odd figure which most young guy don’t like. I have large and wide hips which rotate like pendullum when I walk. I never wear bra and panty. I mostly stay in saree witha blouse and petticoat inside or a nighty. I have hairy armpit and vagina.
It was exam time and my elder son has a habit to study dring nights. I mostly get upin night for a pee so have to move in toilet. To go to toilet I have to pass by my sons room. With curiosity to see whether my son is studing I peeped in his room which was not locked. I was surprised and shock to see what was going inside. My son was lying on his bed completely naked and playing with his penis. His penis was almost like his father big and thick. His penis was completely erect and pointing to the ceiling as if the rocket was ready for launching. I was angry to see that . He didn’t see me and was jurking his penis in pleasure. Then he removed a bra from his bed side which I could identify that I used to wear it long back. He covered his penis with my bra cup completely and started jurking. I too was enjoyinh the site but at he same time was angry to the mess he was doing. Though I was getting wet between my legs I was little angry too as he was small to do that. It wa what I was feeling that he is small. I was also surprise to see my son growing so big. I was also feeling proud to see my son penis so big and long. I could not hold my anger any more and went inside the room.
He was shocked , ashamed to see me there and was sorry for what he was doing. His eyes bend down and I could see him loosing his erection. He tried to hide his penis but not successful to do so as it was big and erect. I scould at him for what mess he was doing and went to my room. I could not even hod my lust and excitment of looking at my sons penis and ended up mastrubating during that night think about my son.
He went off for college early in morning. I as usual went to wash and do my houshold work. I went in to clean my son room as I know he might have made a mess after I leave. I searched his drawer and was shock to find pornography magazines, vedio cassete, cd, bra and panty in it. This time I understood that he is know grown up and require some special treatment. It was now time for me to think on it and take the matter carefully as it was long way for him to set his career and get married. Till then I have to take care that he don’t proceed in wrong direction. I realised that he wants some guidance and I was know desperate and eager to discuss this matter with him.
When he came back from college I servd him food. He was much ashamed for the matter which happened last night. He was so much ashamed that he coun’t not even see into my eyes. After he having food we carry on with our day to day activity as usual and during night I suddenly entered his room to discuss the matter. He bowed his eyes and avoid eye contacts. I could understand his condition as I was too going through same situation and havn’t had sex for almost year. I broke the silence and told the fact that I have foung some cassete and magazine along with my bra and pnaty in your room. He was even more shocked to know that . I could not understand what are you up to . He felt sorry and started asking for forgiveness. I then asked him to sit on sofa and convenced him to discuss the matter as I am ready to help him if he tells the truth.
Rakesh came out with the fact that he is very much interested in sex and get aroused after looking elder woman. He also confessed to have it. I then assured him that it not a problem but bit normal at his age thought he wanted it early. I told him beta it long time for you to get married and make career before doing it. I was understanding his problem as I too was going through the same phase. I made up my mind and utilise this situation to and handle the matter which will help both of us. An excitment went through my body and suddenly stand up. I convinced my son not to worry as this happen with every guy of this age and you mom is ready to help his son. And I order my son to do as I say.
I stood up and my son was still sitting on sofa in front of me. I asked him to stand up and he did the same. I then asked him to get little bold and do as I say. He was ready to do as I say. I then order him to remove my saree which he did reluctantly. He was little reluctant so I got hold of his hand and started guiding him. He then removed my saree. I was just in my blouse and my petticoat in fornt of him . I then asked him to free me of my blouse. He did that too excatly as I said. The moment he unhooked last button of my blouse. My 2 huge, big, loose and extra large breast pumped and bounced in open air in front of him. I could see the differnce in his eyes and on his face. He was continuously staring my boobs and my belly which was facinating him. Then I order him to remove my petticoat and he did the same. He was very much excited to see his mom completely naked with a figure of 41-36-42 fully naked in front of him .
I then asked him to suck my breast as he use to do when he was small. He tried doing it but was finding it difficult due to my boobs size. I guided him to hold my breast with both his hand and press and squeeze it the same manner when you suck juice from a mango. He stated doing it as I say . He hold my breast and squeesed it and started sucking it vigriously. I stared moaning like that aaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhh oooooofffffffffffff oooooooooohhhhhhh ooouuucccccccccccccch hhhhh . Ahhhhhhhh Ooooooooh suck me off. I moaned liked hell with all sort of noise ssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh ppppuccccchhhhhhhh. He went bold and hold my nipple with is teeth and tried to pull it away from my breast. I was enjoying such a scenario with mourn ohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. My nipple and breast went on getting tight and firm. I ordered him to undress himself and he did it imediately without any hesitation. He was know totally naked in front of me with his penis completely erect facing towards me. He know started squeezin and pressing my other breast and was at the same time gaining erection. I could notice his erect penis touching my legs and some vaginal part of my body. I took his penis in my hand and was very much proud to hold my son penis. It was erect long thick but little shorter than that of his father. I was sure that his penis was ready for penetration.
I then went and lay on the bed on my back and asked rakesh to come over me. He came near me and went on top. I could visualize his erect penis facing toward me. I took initiative for some vaginal intercource but due to hairy bushes on my vagina he could not find the right way. He mistakenly put his penis on the area where I pee from . I lauged and smiled at him and took his penis in my hand and placed it on the way from where he came in this world. I was very happy to see the excitment on my son face to be on the way where he came from . I then put my fingure in my vagina and stretched it a little bit to show him the right way. He placed in the pick area which he can see between the think and dence hairy bushes. I sdjusted his penis with my hand properly and asked him to force his penis in my vagina. Today was the day when a son was going to loose his virginity to his mom. I was mourning with pleasure. I was is dying for some fuck !!!!!! with a mourn sound like aaaaaaaaahh hhhh.
Aha main mar gayi. My vagina was very much hot and wet and full of my vaginal juice. Rakesh cock easily went in my vagina with ease as my vagina was very wide and loose. .He started thrushing my vagina and I was crying with pleasure shouthing like hell ooooooohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck me beta . You mom is luck to be fucked by you . Ah beta muje jor se chodo . Tear of my vagina. He was thrushing my vagina like hell and his complete load was on his hand which was lying on my breast. His both hands was supported by my breast. He was diving on slirpery way as his penis was moving in and out with ease with special sound like puch puch puch when his body you to meet mine. I could guess that my vagina was acting very loose for my son. I was shouting with escasity that beta mujhe chodo. Phade do meri choot ko. Bahut pyasi hai
meri choot iske pyas bhuja do. Ise apne lund ka pani pila do.
My son was literally suprise to here such wording from me. He went mad after hereing such words and started going in and out of my vagina vigrously. He was jumping in my cunt as if he is on ride. He could not hold much an ejacuated immediately in my vagina. I could feel his jism spurting in my vagina for 7-8 times. He cummed a lot more then his father. He filled my vagina with his tasty liquid. He lost his erection and fell on me. I didn’t had orgasm. He fell motionless on my body. I got hold of his head face and kiss him on his lips pationately. He too started kissing me and byting me and byting me on my lips. He kissed me on my face, forehead , on my cheeks and then slowly move on my neck and started kissingme vigrously. He slowly moved his face on my near my armpit and was smelling the fragrance originating between my hands and armpit. He then moved his face on my breast and encircled his lips on my breast and was kissing it.
I was mourning like hell ooooh aaahhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooh fuck me . I was shouting fuck me beta fuck me beta fuck me beta fuck me beta. He was busy sucking my nipple. He loves my nipple as they are big and black and more over the black area covers my half the breast. He was pinching, sucking , squeezing, bitying my breast and nipple. Then I got hold of his penis and asked him to move it on to my breast and he did it excatly I said. I asked him to place gis penis just between my 2 boobs and I covered his penis by pressing my both the boobs over his penis. The soft touch of my boobs on to his penis made a current to flow through rakesh penis and he started gaining erecting tremendously. The moment it was fully erect I again guide his penis in my vagina for a long lasting fuck from my son. He again started jumping in and out of my vagina with more power. I wa on top of world with different sound and language from me. I was fully excited and had a tremendous orgasm. I could feel his penis flooding in wet and completely filled vagina of mine. As his penis was travelling in and out I could here a noise of slashing in my vagina. He pump his rod for more than 10 min and he too cumm in me. we both were totally exhausted but there was a smile of satisfaction and excitment. More over rakesh was very much happy to loose his virginity to me which he was think from his chilhood days he told me later. We both the went in for a satisfied sleep.
I got up in morning and started my daily activity as usual and normal. The previous night had changed my life. I was now sexually satisfied as my son was know responsible and efficient to please me. He too started staying in house and spend more time with me rather than making mess outside. He started studing and use to take care of me. There were days when I was not fucked for years. But now the days are changed , sometimes I would be fucked all throughout the day by my son and all throughout the night by my husband when he arrive from middle east. When he is back in india my cunt is always full of rakesh and his father cumm . Rakesh also statrted taking care of my body and private parts. He don’t like me to have hairs on my armpits and vagina. So he himself shave my hairs . One think that he don’t like o do it for me is to bring conceptive prevention pills. He is very eager and wants me to make me pregnant. I am a sinsible mom and don’t want to spoil relation but such a mistake so I am not taking initiative of getting pregnant by my son.

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