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Unveiling The Virgin Vixen

DISCLAIMER: Its a real event so the story is long and narrative but trust me each moment is worth it! Hope you enjoy…

This started one fine summer morning when we hitched upon the plan to beat the heat and spend a vacation at the magnificent yet underrated Gangtok! We are a group of 5 peeps n have been buddies since schooldays. So lemme introduce u to the 3 men, me-Nolan cross, karan and nick and the 2 lovely ladies my sexy smouldering gf Lizz and the pretty petite steph.we procured 6 tickets for the sake of privacy nd on the scheduled day we boarded our train.

After dinner the girls changed and went on their respective berths while we kept on chatting and gulped down breezers. One of the upper births were cramped with our luggage and on the other was lizz! The girl who could make ppl gape at her without any effort. Fair, flawless skin, cute dove eyes, full and luscious lips, standing at 5’5″ and 34D-28-36 she had goddamned killer curves. Her hazel hairs reached beyond her waist. So, d curtains were drawn and it wasnt long when we decided to retire to our berths but the demon n me stirred and instead of climbing n my own berth i went onto lay beside lizz.


I laid on my back and pulled her halfway over me and she sheepishly smiled and laid. Without any delay i trespassed her beautiful bosom through her tank top and bra. She wore tiny sweats and her buttery thighs were entwined with mine. She suppressed her moan while i kneaded the swells of her tits. Her hands went in my hairs and her nipples began straining against my palm and I rubbed ’em more. I kissed the full pink pout n unclasped her bra through her tank.

I raised it to reveal my fav. Twin domes. She had boobs that could give porn stars a run for money any day. Firm, round, full, luscious and small pretty pinkish nipples. I without any delay groped her tits and began sucking her! While i bit the tiny pink bulbs she held me n dug her nails on my back and neck. This continued for quite sometime and suddenly i felt lizz’s sft hands at my waist band. She pulled the fly down and released my straining boner. She let it slip between her thighs. Holy fuck!!!! Was her thighs so warm and smooth… My head fell back and i gasped. At that moment nothing seemed to make sense but the lady against me.

Although we are dating for 3 years now we din’ cross the fine line of harmless making out but right now i wanted her soooo damn bad cramped in the tiny berth around 3 other friends. I moved to sucking the skin at her nape and whispering sweet nothings in her ear while she pressed my boner between her thighs and dug her nails on my arms. Then i laid her by my side and turned to face her. She tugged at handful of my hairs and began stroking my stiff 7″ shaft. Jeeez!!! That smooth yet tight grip around me and the innocent whimper took me to some other world. As habituated she bit her full lips while gazing at me. In the soft light her silhouette matched some sex goddess.

She kept on thrusting my dick, smeared with my precum and occasionally her saliva. As i felt my orgasm nearing i reached her duffel to grab some tissues and within moments of ecstasy i spurted my semen on her hands and thighs. She wiped me and herself and what she did after that caught me off-guard! Instead of throwing the dirty tissues she shoved it in her sweat’s pocket which i felt was rather sexy!!! I grabbed her by her ass and pulled her completely on top of me. After exchanging “i love yous” and a sheepish yawn we fell asleep…

I woke up with lizz spread on me, everyone were still asleep. I fastened her bra and kissed her on the forehead waking her up. Then after getting dressed we woke up the rest. Soon after the train halted in NJP we were escorted by our resort’s car. After long beautiful drive we reached the majestic city and were given splendid welcome with garland, ethnic tikas and mojitos! We had 3 delux rooms booked for men, ladies and sex!

After lunch while all retired to bed, i took lizz to the 3rd room. I pulled her in and banged her on the door itself kissing her while my hand frantically gauged her luscious curves. I stripped her down to the mauve colored bra and thongs. Jeeezzz!!! Did she look no lesser than an angel! Hairless, fair and smoothest skin endowed with the loveliest curves. She has a cute tummy though not a paunch with tiny yet deep navel.

I parted her legs holding her by thighs while kissing the sexy “kamariya”. She wiggled her hand aimlessly darting in my hairs and neck. I bit her over the thong which was now drenched and smelled of pure musk. I lifted her on my shoulders and laid her on the edge of the bed, pulled her thongs down and there was the little pink pussy, glistening with the juices. What added to the beauty were two moles on her labia and right thigh just beside her pussy.

It looked so alluring, i ran my tongue across the slit and she writhed and moaned out “N-Ohh-L-Ahhh-N baby am loosing it. Fuck man! U feel soo good down there”. I pinned her to the bed by wrist with one hand and began lapping her juices and rubbing her now swollen clit. She squirmed in pleasure while my tongue entered her rhythmically and i rubbed her clit. Soon her breath got shallower she constricted and gushed some warm juices of orgasm and that brought out the vixen n my virgin lamb n she literally overcame the restraint and tossed me down on bed. I laid flat on my butt and she began putting up a show.

She started her sexy moves, gyrating her ass, moving it in figure 8 manner! OMFG! My jaws dropped watching her doing the steamiest dance likka pro, like i’ve never really seen a girl doing even onscreen. Her moves banged the blood gushing to my dick, Touche! Who knew she had this in store. She danced and removed her bra and tied my hand with it while i laid mesmerized with her beauty and skill. She danced between my legs putting her absolutely stunning ass on display. She stroked her hairs while she knelt and reached my dick and started blowing it. Whoaaa! The hot wet mouth felt ethereal against my straining hard dick. She sucked and stroked me at the same time while gazing right at my eyes. She is the sexiest thing i could lay my eyes on and yet till date she s mine.

After moment of blowing she got on her feet and threw the thong away, removed my boxers, untied my hand and in a commanding voice said, “Nolan fuck me now!” There was no backing off then i licked her pussy again for a while, rubbed my dick in the entrance, grabbed her tit with one hand and waist with other and thrusted in! She cried out and instantly tears began welling up in the dove hazel eyes. I asked if i should stop! She while biting her lips and sobbing moved her head sideways to say “no”, The next thrust followed soon and was easier and i was halfway inside her. Soon after a few more jerks she let out the first moan and i knew i could speed up.

In no time i was fucking her deep in swift jerks and she kept on flowing in. I couldn’t hold for long and within 5-6 mins. Of fucking i felt my orgasm building while she wiggled and came below me. I pulled out of her and stroked my dick and shooted spurts my cum on her tits and tummy marking my territory… We cleaned up and laid naked in each other’s embrace till long.

Soon i would write about the amazing adventures that followed the trip.

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