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Urmila Bhabi Ki Padhai

This is about my own bhabi close friend URMILA, she is Urmibhabijan is our neighbour. Let me tell u about my self CUZ MAY BE U ALL FORGET ABT ME. I am — year old , 5’8″ in height and well built— and my URMIBHABI is of 33 years old 36c round ass blue eyes ufff / and have ONE SON Anil 7yrs OLD AND SWEET sexy girl RADHA 14.. My bhabi told me URMI WANTS ME TO TEACH HER BabyREN IF I HAVE TIME, SO STARTED giving tuition to both his son and daughter JUST AS CURIOUSITY NOT FOR MONEY JUST TO SEE MY URMI I STARTED THIS .As our house is joint family, so I have to go to URMILA BHABIS house to teach her children. Her husband Narayan is a SALES manager in private firm and is always on tour. His age is 38.
I always fantasise about Urmila bhabi. I like her big bund(ass) and big boobs. I always peep on her at the time of teaching her BabyREN and she knows that and she enjoys it.she too sit in front of us leaving her pallow down showing her one the best breast in the world making my LUND LIKE HELL JUMPING IN MY PYJAMAS AS I NEVER WEAR UNDERWEAR WEN I GO FOR TEACHING .she always notice my lund hard in my pants.
As usual One day I go to her home she greeted me with a big smile .She is looking very sexy .She is wearing salwar kurta with no chunni on it…and I can see her cleavage…..I sat on sofa and start teaching his children….she sat in front of me..and ask me if I can come tonight to look after her children as she is going to movie with her friend, I said ok bhabi why not I am here only tonight, wen I came to her house same night she was at home I ask u told me ur going to movie , she said na re I lie to u actually I am not my children gone birthday party in neighbourhood…I want u to come and stay with me I said ok…she said have some tea Irshadji..I said bhabi tea nahi if u don’t mind I need some other drink if u have at home , oh so u drink too I said yeah if u have beer , she said yeah narayan keeps always let me chk and she brought beer ,..we were alone now..she came with two glasses and sat besides me..I can clearly see her cleavage and round ass. looking at her breast I finish the whole glass in one sip , she is staring me directly into my eyes…she is biting his lower lip..and said..KYA TUM SRIIF BACHON KO PADATE HOYA BADON KO BHI PADANA AAATA HAI , I SAID BHABI WO PADAI MEN TO MAIN MASTER HOON AGAR HUKUM KARO TO AAP KO PADA DOON. ACHA JI TO pdadate ho ya likhate bhi ho , ji wo to likhai to apne khalam se karta hoon .To kya tum mujhe bhi pada do.na. I said jo hukum ., I said aapki padai kitabon se nahi aap ke haat se start hogi aur phir sare badan ki malish ke saath katam hogi she said ye kaun se naye padai hai irshad ji , bhabi dek lo pata chal jayega aap ko , she said to chalo shuro karo ustad ji.I told her bhabi finish ur beer then u will have good teaching from ur teacher .now she came near to me I said kahan se shuru karon ooper se ya neechay se she said pahlayy uper se karo na , and hold my hand and kept it on her left boob and said..daba na….jaldi daba na…and I started pressing it….she said to me..ARE YE TO BAHUT ACHI PADAI HAI MAINE KABHI NAHAI PADI I WAS LIKE HOT HOT HOT I SAID MERI JAN URMI KYA AAP KO MERA LUND CHAHIYE haan..mujhe tera lund chaiye..saale itne din se pyasi hoon..mujhe apna land de..I started caressing her..sucking her nice huge breast and took my lund out and put on her huge breast and said chal meri jan apne boobs se malish kar is land ki , we both were mad at that time she started massaging my my lund .with her breast uffff.and start squeezing it…..then I said …URMIBHABI mujhe tumhari choot chaiye….main tumhe chodoonga….she said ..Naaa na mere PATI KO AUR TERI BHAI KO PATA CHALA TO ACHA NAHI HOGA ,PLS URMI EK BAR ANDER DALNE DONA I OPEN HER NADA SHE WAS JUST SO HOT NO PANTYS I PUT MY MOUTH ON HER CHHOTH, DE DO NA URMI , SHE SAID OH CHAL JALDI SE APNI URMI KE ANDAR AAJA MERE RAJA , she whispered in my ears and said u don’t know wen u fuck ur own sali last month she told me about ur lund since that day I was looking to see u naked irshad ji…aaaaaa….we were both nude I am caressing her nipples..she is saying aaa mujhe chod..rundi ki tarah..aaa I inserted my dick in her pussy…it was very hot…..she is making funny noises…and said .JALDI JALDI IRSHADJI ZOR SE CHODU APNI URMI KI CHOOT KO PHAD DE AAJ IS KI CHOOT e..aao mujhe chod mere chuche daba..aaj tak meri pati ne itna ander nahi dala baap re ., I said meri jan urmi itni garam choot to meri bhabi ki bhi nahi hai. I have done that for half an hour……I was fucking her like mad and tasting her breast and sucking her tongue ufff Kita maza tha us ki choot me aur us ke doodh men kya khusbo thi us ki badan ki , I p ut her down and sit on her give my lund in her mouth she said na re ya mat kar please , I said meri jan urmibhabi main ne aap ki choot ka taste kiya tum mera bhi maza dekho na jan meri, and insert my lund in her mouth and hold her head now she was sucking my lund ufff and I came like water flow in her mouth e drop was in uff.
We get up quickly and she went to shower and told me to see if any one comes be careful I was smoking cigarette and thinking about urmis body in shower and I finish 2 more beers and my lund was again hard , the she call me irshadjanu please zara mera towell dena I said ok bhabi jan I took her towell and went inside the bathroom she was at the door little open , wen I see her breast again I push her and enter the hammam she said nahi nahi ye karte ho koye ajaega please baher jao phir kabhi I said na bahbi ab to phir dil bechain hai aapki gand ke liye I push her to the wall and started pushing my lund in her big brown ass ufff kya gand thi its gone like bullet inside SHE WAS IN PAIN ARE ARE NAHI NAHI ANDER MAT DAL DARD HOTA HAI , NA BABHI BAS THODI DER HO JAYEGAJALDI , and turn her face and put my lips on her, she kissed me..and said roz mujhe chodega na to I said kyun nahi jan meri roz apki choot ko maza doonga mera lund sirif aap ka hai .she said chal jhotay roz to apni bhabi ki chod ta hai mujhe kase kare ga.main jab tum dono ko dekti hoon to jalan hoti hai tuj se ,I said na urmi jan don’t worry, I will fuck u don’t worry..and I exploded in her gand ufff and how am obeying her, fucking my urmi bhabi wen ever get chance at least blow job on the kitchen door.. And wen urmi bhabi is out teaching her daughter while she is on my lap LIFTING HER FROCK and massaging my lund on her gand and tasting her arms smell UFF MEETHI MEETHI KHUSHBO USKE BAHOON KI.

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