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Village Mom And Son Love

In a lower middle class family, Rajan (41) is a Bus driver working with the state transport corporation, he does night shifts on a regular route between Tuticorin to Chennai. He is home every alternate days and leaves at night for work, he seldom ends up with day off because the allowances and overtime always interested him rather than resting at home. Rajan’s wife Kalyani (40), a typical house wife took care of the little farm and cattle which were part of their house and made an extra living out of it. Their only son Kumar (18) and was schooling.

Their house was small and it had a veranda at the entrance, a small hall, a bedroom, and Kitchen at the rear. The backyard had a toilet, a well, an open area for the cattle with an access to the farm. Before leaving to school, Kumar used to see his dad sleeping alone on the Hall but would vanish to work again in the evenings before Kumar returns home. So, Kumar used to spend time with his dad just few days in a month if he is home.

About Kalyani, she was an average looking south Indian lady with a moderate fair complexion, medium height, big eyes, long hairs, slightly visible tummy for a women of that age class. She had great curves in her. She measured 36C-34-36. She was always on sarees with blouse/petticoat/bra (no panty), Kumkum on the forehead, a decent looking family lady/aunty. However once she removes her pallu her structure would drive anybody mad, and when she gets nude, a fuck is inevitable.

Kumar went to school during the day, and helped his mom upon his return in the evenings, during weekly offs and other school holidays. Kalyani is very attached to her son as she spends most of her time with him due to the fact that his dad was often away. As Kalyani was also a Pre-university pass out, she used to help her son with Home works too though Kumar was a very good in his academics. Both always slept in the same bed that had two independent pillows with separate blankets.

One morning Rajan came home after work in the very early hours and knocked the door as usual. Once Kalyani opened the front door he hugged her in lust and got her on floor right at the veranda itself. He was not bothered if Kumar was awake or asleep, without any patience in him he lifted her saree together with the petticoat, the hairy blackish/brown cunt was just on reach, he in no time lowered his trousers just below his hip level, freed his dirty cock in air that had already grown in erection at least 5 inches around his stinking bushes. He plunged it into Kalyani ‘s bushy dry cunt which was also dirty and stinking since her last wash the previous day. He rammed it like those stray Rockys around their farm do. Before she could realize and get ready to take the pleasure from him by undoing her blouse in order to get him suck her nipples and caress them etc, the show was over. Rajan climaxed and crashed on her in less than a minute by shooting his thick load of milky white cum into her dry pussy. It took a while for him to unload the stock, then he walked away to the toilet.

Following this, poor Kalyani was in agony and disappointment because this is how they used to have most of their sex for decades which never got improved with time and age, rather it was getting worse. She laid down for a while touching to herself and then slowly stood up and realized that Rajan’s cum was dripping out of her cunt, some were on her bush like a gum, and the cum was getting down by gravity to the floor, her thighs, and foot. The fire in her was longing for more pleasure and was craving sex, in this act she scooped the cum out of her warm cunt by inserting a couple of fingers in a swirl motion and was now glad to notice the large quantity of her husband’s hot semen. This meant to her that her husband was not Masturbating or going to another women for his sexual need. She was pleased with that, she just lowered her saree along with the petticoat and walked towards the kitchen looking for Rajan. Her blouse and bra was still wide open and not secured, but her pallu was hiding her melons which could be sucked and fondled the whole day. Rajan had just entered the kitchen from the backyard after cleaning his cock, he had also by then changed to a lungi (sarong) and removed his shirt showing his hairy chest.

Kalyani wanted more of her husband, so she suddenly starting licking her hand which had her husband’s cum that was very sticky. She then caught Rajan’s hair and moved his head and placed it on her boobs. She leaned on the wall in Kitchen for support, as Rajan had already ejaculated, he had no interest in her now, however she got him suck her nipples somehow. During this she was moaning and grabbed his hip by raising her right leg and wrapping it around. Both slowly got down on the kitchen floor, sat down hugging and kissing, Kalyani ran over her fingers on Rajan’s chest stimulating his nipple, suddenly she went wild and bit his nipple and sucked them very hard. Rajan mildly shouted in pain and resisted her act. She then raised his lungi and placed her mouth on his sore cock. Rajan had no interest for another round of ejaculation so he withdrew his cock from her mouth and stood up saying “it’s time for Kumar to be awake…” and ended the session. He asked to clean herself, and prepare breakfast, and went to rest. Kalyani ‘s sex desires were still burning but she is used to this. So helplessly she remained calm.

Kumar got ready and went to school while Rajan was at rest, nothing happened between the couples during the day, then Rajan went to work in the evening as usual and Kumar returned back from school later. The house was locked in the front as his Mom was in the backyard at Field digging out the soil. Kumar went running around the home to access the field and help his mom. They returned home after work, Kumar did his homework while his mom was busy with house hold works and cooking. Both had their dinner, then Kumar went watching the movie on Television as it was a school holiday for him the next day.

Kalyani didn’t bother her son but advised him not stay too long in front of the TV and went to sleep. Now, she was re-collecting the quick sex from her husband that morning. As he will not be returning home the next day due to the night layover in Chennai she was disappointed but dreaming about sex, a complete sex, and was wondering if she would get to enjoy it from her Husband because she was tired of the quickies from him that too once in a blue moon which was a mere Molestation and pain rather than a pleasure.

The fire in her was still burning, she was longing for a sensational and erotic copulation, she switched of the light in the Bedroom and turned the tiny night lamp ON and fell asleep under the blanket. She then woke up in the middle of the night and realized that she needs to take a leak at the back yard.

Though there was a toilet at backyard, both mom and son used to pee around the bushes in open air at nights, this remained a routine, where Kumar walks out with his mom and stands her guard while she is peeing behind bushes. Now Kalyani wants to get to the backyard, Kumar was sleeping next facing her, in a lungi and vest, she switched ON the bed room light to wake-up Kumar, in the meanwhile Kalyani saw a brief that was lying beneath the cot and realized that is was Kumar’s. Usually she hasn’t seen such things around their cot or what so ever. She became curious about it though her senses prompted it as an adolescence act from her teen age son.

After ensuring that Kumar was still asleep she picked up the brief which was mildly wet, she took it close to her, in no time the aroma made her realize that it was his son’s cum that should have been released a couple of hours ago. Kalyani was in a surprise because his son is no more a child as she probably thought, he is now an adult and he even masturbates while his mom is asleep next to him. Kalyani cannot remember any advert act by her son exercising such adolescence act in the past, so she was pretty sure that this development in him was quite recent. Now she was so confused about whether or not to distance from him, to share the same cot or not etc. She left his brief where it was. As her bladder was getting heavy she woke-up Kumar as normally she would, to walk her to the backyard.

While Kumar got up from the bed, his lungi freed from his hip, perhaps it got loosened in his act a while ago, now he gave a quick glimpse of his young teen cock to his Mom unintentionally then he realized and quickly pulled the lungi and tied it around his waist. Kalyani was a bit terrified to see her son’s grownup cock that was at its minimum size in a shrunk state in the middle of his hairy bush. She couldn’t precisely remember when she last saw him like that, may be at least 5 years ago when she gave him the last oil bath. She abruptly stopped giving him any more oil baths when she spotted pubic hairs growing around his genital, and asked Kumar to get himself the oil bath there on.

Recollecting all this, Kalyani walked out of the Bedroom while Kumar was following her as if nothing has happened and reached the backyard and stopped. Kalyani now walked behind a bush but not far from Kumar, she squatted down lifting her saree with petticoat, held it on her hands and started peeing. Now, the night was so silent with a good amount of moon light, Kumar could hear the “hissing” noise his mom was making while peeing. He shifted his look towards the bush where he could see his Mom’s posture with a sight of her fair, hairy leg, silky soft and sexy thighs that had lots of flesh in it. Kalyani was ashamed by her act (i.e. Peeing in front of his son with a hissing noise after what she saw a while ago).

Now, Kumar who was waiting there walked towards his mom and stood side by. She has not finished her performance but tried to standup while she was still leaking her pee. Kumar said “Mom relax, take your time”, telling this he folded his lungi to thigh level and lifted it exposing his dick, he pulled out the same and moved the foreskin backwards followed by a gentle grab of it using his index and middle finger together.

He then shook it few times, now his cock has reasonably grown revealing its true size without erection and starting peeing in air over some dry leaves. The noise he generated was pre-dominant. Kalyani was watching this still in a squatted position while his son was standing to her left at an angle but a meter away. Kumar’s dick was clearly visible in the moon light and so did her uncovered portions of her body under the clothes including her pussy mound and the bush. She picked up some courage to standup as she doesn’t wanted to be urinated by her son on her face. This thinking was dramatic but actually it would have been at its best if Kumar did it, however he didn’t. While standing up, her legs were apart, two hands were still holding her saree in the up position, there was a pool of her stale urine on the ground making a tiny pond with her feet as the banks. She dropped down the saree from both of her hands, turned back and walked. Kumar was watching this holding his cock.

Usually he pees in a squatted position when he was in a lungi but today was special that he did it while standing. Once his mother turned back, he sighted his cock clearly to her and shook it a few time followed by pulling the foreskin back and forth to get of the last droplets of his pee out of the cock. He exaggerated a bit on this action to catch extra attention from his sexy mom Kalyani. After taking a quick look of all this Kalyani walked and waited for her son to get in and close the back door. Both moved back to the bed and continued sleeping in absolute silence .

The next morning Kalyani woke up early, had her bath, cooked Idlies and coconut chutney for breakfast and was washing cloths near the well at the back. Kumar woke up very late and was searching for his brief all over the place. He realized that his mom might have taken it for a wash, he went running to the backyard where his mom was about to wash his brief that was soaked separately in the bucket of water which had only his clothes.

Kalyani ‘s posture while washing was, she was seated on a wooden block in a squat position and her right leg which is slightly hairy was visible till her knee and her hip was exposed more than it should be. The Pallu was not covering her left bosom any more while she leaned forward applying soap on cloths, her melons were struggling to stay intact inside her blouse and a portion of it along with the cleavage was so obviously visible. The wooden block was too little of its dimension not being enough to accommodate her ass cheeks. Kumar had seen her mom in that pose many times but he was disturbed with it now.

He said ” Mom I will wash my own clothes” and was about the take away the bucket.
Kalyani interrupted and asked “why is that so, I used to wash all your cloths, what is bothering you now”
Kumar: ” No mom, I started washing on my own ”
Kalyani wanted to tease her son, which was a weird thought all of a sudden so without any hesitation she asked him “why Kumar, from when was that so”.

Though she was talking to him looking at his eyes, he was looking on the ground and not connecting.

Kumar: “at least since a few months now, mom”
Kalyani: ” Oh I see, little did I know about that…ok, so tell me why?”

No reply from Kumar, now he shifted his look towards his mom on her exposed leg, hip, her cleavage and left boobs that was just covered by her blouse.

Kumar: “I don’t know how I can explain that……”

There was no exchange of words for few seconds, upon realizing where kumar was looking Kalyani got electrified and didn’t even think about adjusting herself. This was starting point in their love life in addition to their peeing session last night that led beyond the relationship between them as a mere Mom and Son.

Kalyani: ” while you think what to reply, please do answer this question too: why did you look at me like that last night on the backyard,
and what did you see now in me while I was seated washing”

No Answer from Kumar..Kalyani continued..”so you are grown-up now and are doing like the big men do, is it?. Do you find me Turning you ON sexually”

No answer either from Kumar.

Kalyani said: ” could you remove that vest and give it to me, your lungi needs a wash too, take bath quickly and later drop that here in this bucket please”

Kumar slowly removed the vest and dropped it in the bucket of water. Kalyani now saw her son’s half naked body differently, it was turning out to be Mean and Manly and she got aroused with his thin hairline running from his belly button all the way down into his pubic region, and the tender hair around his chest. This was strange to her to experience such a thing from her own son, but she let it go as it was…

Kalyani: “come here and help me out with washing if you want”

Hearing this Kumar advanced closer to his mom and sat near her. Now when he was about to pick his briefs, his mom hurried leaving no chance for him and threw her petticoat instead and asked him to wash.

His brief was now reversed inside out and his cum was like gum, Kalyani picked that up gently and felt the stickiness as it was like a starch, and showed this to Kumar, asking ” what is this Kumar”

Kumar was so ashamed and had no guts to face his mom now, he was praying to get out of the scene,

Kalyani continued “how long were you doing this to you..”

Kumar “since last 6 months..”

Kalyani “how long have you been seeing me while I am peeing behind the bushes”

Kumar was mute, since kalyani asked him again “tell me, don’t be afraid or embarrassed, it is common, you are an adult now and it’s not wrong I guess”

Hearing this he cultivated courage and replied “yesterday was my first experience seeing you peeing mom”

Kalyani “was it just co-incidental or did I intentionally turn you ON like what you did a few minutes ago sighting the posture I am seated” . The questions were now repeated and Kumar have to break his silence.

Kumar “mom I am very sorry, I don’t think I can explain this..” He was sweating heavily and looked deeply worried.

Kalyani stopped washing, looked at her son who was in thorough embarrassment and guilty. she adjusted her dress back to normal, stood up and bent down and cleaned the sweat on this forehead with her pallu and ran her fingers over his head into the hairs and lifted his head up towards her.

Kalyani: “Kumar, don’t feel sorry, as I told you it’s not wrong at this stage of yours, please explain so I can see I can help you…”

Kumar: ” Mom….well, since you insist I will tell you. For the past few months I used to get erections that lead to play and shake my penis. I end up getting out the white fluid like what you see in that brief”

Kalyani: “How often you do that?”

Kumar: “twice a week at least”

Kalyani: “Do you know what it is called as, I guess you might have read about it anyways, it is the sperm and what you did is masturbation, a self-stimulation with sexual organs. OK, When was your last masturbation before the last night’s..”

Kumar: “Mom, I did twice during yesterday during the day and twice in the night”

Kalyani was taken for a surprise..”4 ejaculations in a day of your age, it’s not good Kumar, not at all to often fiddle around with your sexual organ, it might end up in some health consequences. Tell me, what made you to do that often particularly yesterday”

Kumar: “I can’t help it mom…, well, I saw you and dad yesterday morning”

Kalyani was shocked. She asked “what did you see?”

Kumar: ” In the Kitchen, throughout bedroom, both of you were fondling each other so busy and didn’t even bothered to notice who was around and what was open”….he continued…”on seeing you and dad, with your posture and activity my dick grew longer and I had no choice other than to cum looking you both in that compromising position. The scene was over and again in front of me so I did it 2nd time at the toilet, third time was prior getting asleep in the bed beside you watching you…and the fourth time in the bed after we returned peeing at night, infact I cummed on your butt over the saree while you were sleeping.”

Kalyani was now speechless and was in a state at which Kumar was a few minutes ago….Silence persisted for long, Kalyani washed her cloths and was busy drying it up. While Kumar wrapped a towel, dropped his lungi on the floor and was getting ready to take a bath near the well.

Kalyani asked Kumar to move to the field and take oil bath in the pump set that was meant for watering the field. Kumar went to the field with a bowl of sesame oil. Now Kalyani went to the field and stood in front of his son and said:

“Kumar, it is our mistake to have involved in such an awkward act while a grown up son like you were still around at home, that too during the daylight. But tell me why was you getting such a thought looking at an older women that too your own mother. Don’t you know this is sick and sin”

Kumar: ” May be Mom but I don’t know why, you are the only women that I know of and had been with throughout these many years of my life, you may be my mom but you are still a women and when I see you making sex with dad I too wanted to make love to you at least 3 or 4 times in a day. You turn me ON mom, like to see your body and continue doing what I do, I love you and I want you”. Hearing this she pitied her poor boy but now she was not insisting it as wrong or discouraging it.

She went closer to him, and took the oil bowl and started applying the oil on Kumar’s head and gave him a nice massage. She then got to her usual working posture by lifting and securing her saree around her waist and started applying the oil on his back and neck first, then she applied oil on his chest and rubbed them by standing behind Kumar. During this she slipped her hand down his chest, Kumar’s head was banging on her Melons creating oil marks all over her saree and blouse. She got electrified by this, her devil mind influenced her to capitalize this moment. Kalyani without a second thought rested her boobs on her son’s head and started caressing his chest gently with her oily hands. She pinched his small nipples using her index and middle finger of both hands and stimulated the nipple ends with her finger nails.

She pulled Kumar towards her by resting his back on her body, still maintaining the melons on top of his head. She carefully looked around to see if anyone is watching them, luckily there was no one to disturb her, so she slowly moved her hand from his chest to his belly. Now Kumar was aroused and he underwent some changes in his body, he looked upwards by leaning back and his Moms face was in front of him, Kalyani bent forwards and planted a kiss on his lip, wet.

His nipples was getting harder with goose bumps all over, his cock was slowly growing making a tent in his towel. This was obviously visible to his mom, kalyani dropped her hand beyond his belly button and followed the fine hair lining that was joining to his Pubic area. Now Kumar stood up and opened up his towel, he was then standing nude exposing his fully grown cock in front of his lovely mom.

Kalyani couldn’t believe what she was doing nor her son’s act. She let it go, she had a good glimpse of her son’s pubic region and his cock, the foreskin of his penis was still intact on the tip. Without any hesitation she plunged her hand into the oil bowl, lifted it and applied it all over his balls, pubic area, on his shaft and slowly pulled the skin back and applied on his dick head. She massaged his balls from the bottom using the four fingers of her right hand in an upward motion. The size of his fully grown cock was equally the size of her hubby’s, Kalyani was on fire to see her son as a mature stud! She slowly kneeled down in her position the cock was just in front of her mouth.

Now Kumar placed his hands over her chin and bent down and kissed her on her cheeks, kalyani reciprocated back by planting kissed on his lips then she suddenly stroked his penis with oil. Kumar pulled her and took her saree off and pressed her boobs, in the meanwhile she let her melons out her blouse. Kumar went crazy sucking them, by then there was oil all over her dress and body. Kalyani had huge lips with which she was trying to swallow her son’s mouth, the scene was so lustful. Somehow Kalyani was not prepared either to blow his cock or allow him to enter her vagina. Kumar was on his first encounter, some of his moves were romantic, erotic and poetic but still the brutal animal was missing in him. He was more in a seduction by his own mom who had an upper hand in this romantic and lustful incest relationship.

While kissing her son in a seated position on the cemented floor close to the pump set, she took his hand and guided into her inner thighs. Kumar took out his hand suddenly and dipped it into the oil bowl, with oil dripping on his hand beyond wrist, he slided his hand into her fleshy inner thigh walls and reached the most forbidden place in the world , his birth hole. He applied the oil allover and then moved away from his mom’s kisses and straight dug his face onto the saree gap between the thighs and placed his head on her pussy’s entrance. Weirdly he asked his mom to shower her blessings while he was at the entrance of his birth place. She found this act of incest as most erotic and lustful, she was getting wet anyways but did whatever her son pleased. Now, he gently planted a kiss on her pussy. Kalyani was on tears, she hugged kumar as tightly she could literally crushing him. Kumar withstood this comfortably, then his mom applied extra oil on his penis and started to stoke in a seated position while he was standing.

He was getting out of control and didn’t know what to do next, he saw the water gushing out of the hose and falling into the sump prior flowing out to the field, so he lifted his mom with his both hands and made her sit on the area where the water was flowing into the sump and gently pushed her head towards the pouring water. Now kalyani was wet with her saree and drenched. The water was flowing at a high pressure right through her hair, head, face and entered the valley in-between the two large melons that were already out of the blouse. Infact her blouse and bra were pleading mercy as they couldn’t stay in position but entangled with the water pressure.

The water through her breast valley, flowing along the thick threads of her Thali and entered her belly through the Mangalyam that was attached to the thali thread, her saree was wet too along with her light grey petticoat making her pubic hairs and pussy visible as a triangular patch. Kumar was just enjoying the sight of his mom under this water flow, while realizing this Kalyani decided to have some romance with his new lover, her son. So she opened up the mouth and collected some water in from the stream that was over her face, pulled Kumar and went to kiss him on his lips, when Kumar parted his lips she spitted the water into his mouth.

Then Kumar placed his mouth beneath her chin and collected some water that was flowing from her face, and spitted back into her mouth. She pulled Kumar towards her, the water was pouring with force on both of them now, she stood up while Kumar was still under the flowing water. As Kumar was nude, Kalyani removed her saree, blouse and bra but was not keen to be nude so she wrapped the petticoat around her breast and secured it nicely. Now, Kumar was enjoying his mother assets over this water flow as it made it transparent over the petticoat she was wearing. Suddenly she got to her knees and placed her mouth at the tip of his son’s cock collecting water and drinking lustfully. Kumar did the same by placing his mouth on her nipple one after the other and finally at her cunt. He wanted to tickle her ass crack with his mouth but she resisted for that act and calmed him by sucking his nipple and the water that was flowing around. Their water play with lust and romance went ON and ON as there was not a single soul around to watch or catch them.

They both slipped into the sump that was 4 feet deep, and water stayed around 2 feet due to out flow to the field. Since it is an open field she doesn’t want others to see them from the distance, so asked her son to bend down and stay on his knees with both hands placed at the bottom of sump. She then stroked his cock with both hands in an action like milking a cow, she was too good with that because she also milks the cow that they have at the backyard, Kumar was just enjoying the moment but was moaning louder while kalyani was dedicated with her action to give him another dimension in Masturbating which is being done by her own mother to him. He shooted out a load of cum with a powerful ejaculation. Kalyani was too good in controlling the exit of semen from his cock because even at high pressure exit she could direct the flow and get all the semen around her breast, forehead, below her eyes, nose and some portion directly into her mouth etc. She wiped all of them and swallowed it in passion. What a cum eating slut she was!.

They both lustfully kissed and took bath, it was the second time for Kalyani since that morning. They returned home one after the other. As a budding youth Kumar had an interesting exposure to sex and a still long way to go, he was not so much aggressive though he enjoyed every act of her mother’s on him.

Kumar had a bath, wore a lungi, brief, vest, and came to the kitchen to have his breakfast. Both were looking very casual until Kumar told “Mom, I want you to give me a bath every day including the occasional oil bath”. Kalyani was giggling inside but asked him innocently “why is that so Kumar”. In no time Kumar replied I feel good when you touch my body and I want that. Kalyani said “OK Kumar, I will do that once in a while but not every day and I want you to keep this a secret and not to discuss with any one”. Kumar nodded his head in confidence. Kalyani was a bit scared inside so she called Kumar and took a promise in front of a deity’s picture as she was confident that his son would take that seriously and she will not be in danger.

After having breakfast Kumar went to the bedroom, as he was feeling tired after the oil bath he fell asleep. Kumar woke up close to 1.30 in the afternoon and went to kitchen looking for his mom and some lunch too. His mom was busy cooking Mutton fry for him as a special dish for the day. Kalyani was dressed in a cotton saree and was found with a bit of make-up, jasmine flowers on her hairs, Kumkum on her forehead etc and the Thali (Mangalyasutra) was dangling as usual when she moved around at work. Suddenly she grabbed it and inserted into her blouse revealing the cleavage to her son but was still in the working posture, i.e. with legs visible till knee.

Kumar was watching her while Kalyani was clear on what was in his minds. She finished cooking and asked him to have the meal. Kumar was about to leave to the hall but Kalyani grabbed him and kissed on his lips. Kumar lifted her and moved to the bedroom and dropped her. She got up from the bed and kissed her son on his forehead and cheek and then she sat on the floor with legs folded, rested her back on the wall, set her hairs loose and pulled kumar towards her lap.

Now Kumar was on Kalyani ‘s lap placed below her melons, she bent forward and made eye contact with him, then covered his face by throwing the pallu around allowing him to smooch at her left breast. Those huge tit were struggling inside her navy blue blouse and had ripples in the front due to huge boobs as they were secured with a hook. Now she was in the breast feeding position, she undid a few last hooks of her blouse, lifted the white bra, a poor quality one which was of no use other than to be beneath the blouse as a mere ritual. Kumar was excited at the sight of his Mom’s tities, in not time she planted her big black nipple that was in the center of a thick black areola into Kumar’s mouth. He started sucking them but Kalyani was not enjoying it as it was not the same suckling as when he did as a baby decades ago. He perhaps was at his best as a baby in this act rather than a stud now, so she decided to show his son how to suck a nipple as an adult. She asked Kumar to get up and sit down with legs folded, removed his shirt, took a towel and covered his chest along the shoulder like the pallu, she then got into his laps like a baby and reached his left chest by lifting the towel (pallu) and buried under.

She accumulated a bit of saliva on her mouth and then spread it on his nipples uniformly creating a lubrication then started to suck it by widening the mouth sticking out the tongue. She sealed his nipple with both top and bottom lips of hers and then gently closed the mouth followed by a pulling action with her mouth. As Kumar’s chest was flat with no muscles or bulge on his breast, Kalyani asked him to bend over a bit to simulate a sagging tit. she did the same on his other nipple too and Kumar was aroused with what his mother was doing to him. She was too good and a clearly a sex goddess and teacher to him. Kalyani was floating in lust when she realized that she was her own baby to her son making him experience a mother’s feeling while nursing.

Kumar obeyed his mom and shifted the turn, now kumar was a baby once again after 18 years on Kalyani ‘s lap, her left tit was ready to feed him but only lactation was missing. Kalyani was moaning out of extreme pleasure and it got louder “”sssssssss, ahhhhh, Kumaaarrrrrr, sappu pa….un amma molaiya sappu daa en chellam..appadithan ahhhhhhhh” (translation: “Kumar, suck your mom’s tities my dear, yes…like that…..)

He just did the same way his mom had sucked his nipples. Kalyani shouldn’t have to do the leaning as Kumar did because she had great assets and each boobs were big, puffy, bit saggy, soft and sexy. In the meanwhile she was gently accessing his cock and assisting it to Maintain its erection for longer.

Suddenly she asked Kumar to suck her tits like the calf do to the cow in their backyard. She removed her blouse and bra completely, the pallu was loose and hanging, she was topless. Kalyani stood on her knees and placed her both hands on the floor to resemble a cow. Her Melons were hanging and were looking huge in that position, the Thali tied by Rajan was also hanging down. Kalyani adjusted the Thali and rested it on her back to avoid hanging, now Kumar crawled down, placed his hands on the floor, lifted his head and planted his mouth onto her nipple by facing upwards and started to suck them by hitting the boob like the calf do. At times he was biting her nipples and pulling it too hard downwards which Kalyani enjoyed a lot and was lost with the pleasure given by her own son whom she bored 18 years ago.

Now Kalyani at a stage crashed on to her son, she kissed him erotically on his lips, inserted her tongue into his mouth gushing out the saliva. she was licking his face allover and finally ended up chewing his nipples again by getting on top. Slowly she descended down, held his cock, pulled his foreskin and planted a wet kiss. This was done very gently by her, then she inserted his dick head into her naval and started grinding it in circular motion. By then his cock was vigorously lowering and raising in tension. Seeing this Kalyani got rid of her clothes and turned completely naked before her son and made him nude too.

This is the first time kalyani sighted completely nude in front on him. Kalyani posed with jasmine flowers on her hair hanging down her left shoulder, Rajan’s Mangalyasutra handling over her 36C soft and oversized milk jugs with a dark areolas and nipples , Kumkum on her forehead, bright and big eyes expressing that she is on fire, The Naval/belly button on a slightly oversized fleshy tummy with a braided chain around her huge hip, dark and thick curly bushes all over the fleshy pussy mound, sexy and fleshy soft thighs slightly hairy on the sides and her sexy legs which had hairs allover. Kumar did notice that his mom was wearing a thin silver chain (Kolusu) on her ankles. This posture was driving Kumar crazy. Now, Kalyani turned back showing her back, her ass was fleshy, reasonably big and extremely sexy. She suddenly turned in front and lifted her hand at shoulder lever as if like calling Kumar to come near.

Kumar noticed his mom’s arm pits which had lot of hairs. She looked like a thorough slut and a sex diva in that posture. Kumar was still lying on the floor facing up, Kalyani tied her loose end of the hair by lifting both her hands in the process, during this her melons changed profile that appeared most sexy. Kumar was just few feet away from his Moms pussy the forbidden place. He opened his mouth in pleasure, seeing this Kalyani moved forward and squatted her wet pussy in front of her son’s mouth and lowered it to kiss her son’s lips using her pussy lips and hairy bush. She was careful not to suffocate his son by resting his pussy and hip completely on his face. Her pussy was smelling the soap as she didn’t pee since her bath that morning. she seemed to be such an experienced bitch and was clear on this sex subject like a maestro, too much for a middle aged village looking middle class aunty, I swear.

Her wet pussy was oozing out love juices and Kalyani was just doing a touch and go on Kumar’s mouth and lips by resting her foot on either side of his head maintaining her squat position absolutely in control. As soon her pussy was laid on Kumar’s mouth he opened it, and licked her cunt and tasted the juices from his birth place that was quite clean and the cunt hairs were free from any dirt but it was very dense. Suddenly Kumar turned wild, he got hold of his Moms fatty buttocks and placed her pussy on top of his mouth and started giving a lick job followed by a “Suckling” as if she was getting lactated. Kalyani was blown out with pleasure and was lost by this act of her son where her pussy lips and clitoris turned like a lactating nipple. Loads of juices were flowing all over his face and into his mouth, he genuinely sucked and swallowed all of them. Kalyani was no more in the mood to dictate terms or teach her son now, so Kumar automatically took over the control and rolled over on top.

Now Kalyani stretched out her hands above her head exposing her arm pits, her nipples got harder. Kumar sucked and bit them passionately, Kalyani was moaning in pleasure while enjoying the act of her son. Kumar suddenly smooched her arm pits and got aroused by the smell, then in the missionary position he was finding hard to spot the hole, Kalyani was back to her senses, he just lifted her legs up, guided his sons young cock (that was even bugger now than Rajan’s) into her slippery pussy. Now she was able to comfortably accommodate her son’s erected cock till its root. As the experience was missing, Kumar was struggling to give that “fucking” action at its best, the moment he tried the back and forth action his cock would slip out of his mom pussy and again she has to guide it for insertion. She was fully game for that and it was not at all a show stopper. He had no ill feelings or guilt what so ever to have entered his mom and made her his own slut, the lover, erotic diva, sexy bitch and so ON.

Kalyani was surprised that her Son could hold his ejaculation that long and was not excited to shoot it. She was so pleased with that as this is something great for a first timer. She could mind read Kumar and his so called performance frustrations, so in no time she flipped him down, got on top and guided carefully his dick into her pussy again. Now he was losing his erection a bit, so she got down in no time and give him a blow job to get his erection back. Kumar was feeling like being in heaven because his cock experienced the warmth of his lover mother’s slutty mouth and its tongue. Then she raised herself and inserted his son’s dick into her pussy, the forbidden hole.

Kumar was in another world, his cock was fully eaten away by her hairy brownish black pussy which had a dark black pussy lips with a less dark clitoris and a pink wall when the lips were spread. In this position he could see that the fleshy pussy with its mound was at least his palm size. Kalyani stopped the grinding act and then went on a riding spree with her sons cock, when she lifted both her hands to grab and adjust her hairs, kumar placed his hands over her sexy boobs and climaxed by Cumming inside her.

The cum was not that thick as her husband’s instead it was watery with a mild stickiness and Kalyani hoped that it will not fertilize in her, however she was not bothered of that and was prepared to handle it by laying down with Rajan as soon as he returns, to be safe. Kumar screamed in pleasure and Kalyani calmed him by freeing his cock from her pussy, lifting off and leaning forward. By this she allowed him to suck her nipple. Both kissed passionately then moved to kitchen in a sexy attire to have lunch…yes Kalyani was wearing her sons lungi covering her boobs while Kumar was wearing her petticoat. Kalyani was feeling so much joy and pleasure that she was clear to go for another session with her son soon after lunch……They were on a fucking spree…

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