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Virgin break of cousin

I was 18 when the incident occurred. It was summer and my cousin sister was at home during vacation. Due to constraints in rooms with AC, we both used to sleep in same room. Her name is Ishita and she was very beautiful and not at all slim but yeah she has right curves and cute face. Her figure is 36-30-34. She and I used to chat till late hours and we used to sleep. She was 20 when incident occurred and she has just lost her virginity to her neighbor friend. So she used to masturbate late in night thinking about him when I used to sleep.

One fine night after I slept, she was pleasing her vagina but I woke up of bad dream and hearing her moans. I silently opened my eyes and looked at her. One of her hands was in her panty and another on her bra and she kept massaging it without even noticing me. I spoiled her pleasure by saying what the fuck are you doing. Then she was shocked and quickly pulled her hands and said you are awake. I said yeah well I am now. What are you doing? After a pause She says as if you don’t do. To that I smiled and said it’s ok, I won’t say to anybody only in one condition. She said yeah name it, then I asked to tell if she is a virgin and that night I got to know how my sweet and hottie cousin lost her virginity. She asked me are you virgin? Then I said yeah I am, then she smiled with sexy expression saying let’s take it away then.

I got a 1000 different feelings that moment and I placed my lips on hers. We both smooched each other passionately for about 5 minutes. After than I quickly took off her tees and unhooked her bra. I started grabbing her perfect mango shaped boobies in my palm. Its one of the most awesome thing in women body. I sucked her mango boobs like a kid sucking milk. I even left a few love bites. I then started kissing her body sensually from head to neck and ears. It turned her on completely and she took off my sorts and pulled her panties down and came over me in 69 position. She instructed to suck her pussy to which first I felt yuck but after initial few seconds, I liked the taste of it and after few minutes I was sucking her pussy like sugarcane. She was also giving me a blowjob and the awesome feel of her soft hand and sexy lips on my balls and penis made me come in 5 minutes. She drank all of it and came back to me and said come on Babe fuck your sister become a bhenchod.

I quickly complied and said yeah well if sister is so hot how can I not become a bhenchod. I then shoved my penis in her tight little cunt and started fucking her. She was lost in deep moans of pleasure and so was I. Her sexy voice making noise like uhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaah come on fuck me harder…… I am bitch….. Just fuck me and fuck me real hard……. Tear my pussy….. It all made me even hornier and I made stroking her pussy even harder. She was lost in the flow that she started moaning heavily and I quickly reminded her about my parents. The she came on top of me and started riding on top of my dick. It is so good to see a sexy pair of bouncing boobies up and down. Then after a minute, she got tired and I made her sit in Rockygy style so I can enter her pussy from behind. Now it was even better to fuck my sister spanking her ass and giving her a hard fuck just like a street bitch getting fucked by a Rocky. She was moaning in pleasure even better than porn stars as it was filled with sensuality and intimacy. I was so lost in the pleasure that I can never forget it in my life. In about 15-minutes, we both came inside each other and she took my dick in her mouth and sucked it clean.

She cleaned the bed-sheet and we dressed up and laid back on bed again. We made plans for sex, next night. She said me to take her to a movie and I said, no I will send mom and dad and we will watch porn together and fuck each other. To which she smiled oh wow nice plan and again we both were hot and tired at same time, so I finger fucked her pussy and she gave me an awesome hand job. I sucked and massaged her awesome boobies again and we both slept like a brother and sister.

Next few nights we had lots of fun. I used to stuff chocolate in her pussy and finger fuck her and then I used to suck her chocolaty cum filled pussy. Our chocolaty passionate kissing is still fresh in my mind. Even her sexy arse wasn’t spared and it’s deflowered with no mercy. Now whenever she comes to our house or I visit their’s, we fuck each other for sure. Once she introduced me to her sexy friend as I told her that her friend with whom she post friend is too hot. I wish I was inside her hole and we had an amazing threesome experience. I have also had many other incidents with girlfriends and some neighbor aunts. I will narrate them later on.

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