Friday , December 9 2022

We explore the depths of her submissive nature.

Her fat udders swung from side to side like pendulums as she crawled across the floor wearing nothing but a black studded leather collar, engraved with the word Slut on the back, and matching leather wrist and ankle cuffs. Her pretty hazel/green eyes gazed up at me with a bright sparkle but behind that they looked vacant as if her mind had gone off to a far away place.

I returned her stare with sharp penetrating eyes and a firm upper lip. Outwardly I appeared calm and in control but inside my heart was racing and adrenaline was coursing through my veins. I’d first met her nearly a decade earlier at a bar in Boston. We’d both been married then but we developed an instant connection and what followed was a torrid yearlong affair. We both felt like fate had brought us together and it seemed to both of us that we’d known each other long before the day we met. Sexually we were cut from the same cloth. We were both freaks with an affinity for BDSM and a desire to try most anything and to push our limits. We both identified as switch but we both actually preferred the submissive role so we took turns taking on the dominant one.

“What do you want Princess Slut?” I teased in a calm even tone. I felt my heart pounding fiercely in my chest and my cock began to swell as I watched her kneel at my feet. Her bottom lip quivered slightly and she sucked half of it into her mouth, chewing on it nervously. The fresh sweet scent of her body wafted up and over me making it hard to concentrate but I looked down at her with a facade of indifference and distain. The truth was that I loved her and I always had, even during the years when we were apart, and I had always dreamed that we’d find our way back to the mix of comfort, discomfort, passion and contentment we had shared from the start.

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