Friday , December 9 2022

When my wife thought she wasn’t sexy

When we first got married my wife. Thought she was ugly and no one wanted her but me. One night when she complained about it I dared her to dress up sexy and go to the bar and see just how hot other guys really thought she was. That night she dressed in a sexy mini and low cut top. I drove her to the bar and on the way started playing with her telling her how hot she looked and she said I doubt if any guy will even pay attention to me. I told her well if guys do just pretend your single and if they make a move on you don’t stop them and see just how hot they find you. She said and what if they ask to take me home. I looked at her and said I dare you to let another guy fuck you if he tries. She suddenly got real wet and her panties were now soaked so. I told her she should just loss them.
When we got to the bar I went in first and she came in a while later and went and say by the bar. I saw a group of guys playing pool and thought I would help her feel sexy by telling the guys to ask her to play pool. I went over and told the one guy how she felt and told him he should go ask her to play pool. He said no problem but what happens if one of us find her hot and want to make a move on her. I said tonight she is free to do as she likes just don’t let her know I told you she went and started playing playing pool with them and in no time at all they were all fretting real friendly with her touching her ass and joking around. Before long they all left the bar together.

I went home and about 5 hours later am awakened by a soaked wet pussy on my dick and as I open my eyes my wife bends down and kisses my saying than you for letting me know how beautiful I really am. I asked what she meant and she said I thought no other men liked me and tonight not one but 4 guys all wanted me and I did what you said and saw how far they wanted to go and they all took turns fucking me. As she said it my cock grew hard and slid right in her soaken wet pussy. I said and that made you feel sexy and wanted. She started riding my cock and said no it was when they asked if I would go out with them again and I told them I shouldn’t as I’m married and they said they don’t care. The thought made my blow a huge load in her and my dick stayed hard as she kept riding it. She looked at my and said by your reaction I think you like the thought. I told her yes I like the thought of you getting gang banged but not by the same guys as you don’t want them getting stretched to you. She then said that’s ok as they are all her on business and married so I told her fine but just one more time.

She called and told them and made plans for the next night. This time she never returned till the next day and was walking funny. I asked her what happened and she said I think I’m a slutty said why would you think that and she said the 4 guys turned into 20 guys here on business. It started with the 4 of them and as 2 of them were fucking me the other 2 let the rest into the hotel room and they all got undressed and but turned me on so I let them all fuck me and I loved it. I gave her a kiss and said that’s ok. As I kissed her I reached down and unzipped my pants and lifted her mini and put my hard on between her legs and her panties were soaked she reached down and pulled them aside and my cock went right in with ease and I cared her to the bedroom then fucked her pussy then her cum filled ass. My little game of making her feel wanted had turned her into a hot wife slut and I loved it.

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