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When the wife catches a peeping Tom, she makes sure he pays

Saima stopped what she was doing, a strange noise from the room next door pulling her out of the deeply erotic fantasy she had been immersed in. She had no idea what the noise was but it had effectively ruined her chances of cumming anytime soon. Feeling disgruntled, she sat there listening carefully to what should have been an empty bedroom.

It sounded like someone was having trouble breathing.

She frowned. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone else in the house at the moment, that was the whole reason for her choosing now to masturbate. Saima was having a tough time getting orgasm from her husband, Riaz, who used to cum so quickly. She had to resort to masturbation to satisfy her urge, but with so many people in the family it was rare that the house didn’t have at least one person milling around and usually many more, and pleasuring herself could only be done when she was in bed late at night and then only furtively and silently as if she felt some guilt at what she was doing, in case anyone heard her.

But today had been a godsend, with the men going off to work and her mother-in-law and sister-in-law leaving the house early for a full day of shopping . Saima wasn’t interested in joining the women, she was already thinking about masturbating and knew she was finally going to have a chance to let go and make as much noise as she wanted without fear of being caught.

So the house should be empty apart from her – but she could definitely hear someone moving around next door. Instantly, her blood turned to ice as she imagined someone was spying on her .

Saima debated for a moment whether to stay where she was and hope that whoever was next door would leave without doing anything to her. But the truth was that she had been quite vocal and if she could hear their heavy breathing then whoever it was would definitely have heard her, so there was no sense in making herself a sitting target. Leaving the bed, she retrieved the lamp shade from her bedside table, then crept stealthily across the room, opening her bedroom door slowly so as not to make a noise.

Saima tiptoed along the corridor to the room next door to hers, then pushed open the door, ready to hit with vase on whoever was inside. As she burst into the room she stared in surprise at the inhabitant – Abdul, her father-in-law.

He looked shocked to see her too; his face turned pale and he clutched at his chest.

‘Are you all right, Abba?’ she asked, a little worried at how ashen he was. Perhaps the noise he’d been making was because he was having a heart attack or something.

Abdul nodded, the colour now returning to his cheeks. A bit too much colour.

‘What are you doing here? I thought you were at work,’ Saima said.

Abdul was clearly embarrassed. There was definitely a hint of red spreading up from his neck and across his face. He seemed unable to speak, merely looking shifty.

She looked towards the wall next to where he was standing. It was the one that adjoined her bedroom. A sudden unsettling thought slid into her mind and she moved closer, now inspecting the wall; she was sure he hadn’t just been listening to her. Sure enough, a few seconds later, as Abdul’s expression turned ever more guilty, Saima discovered a small hole, just big enough for Abdul to spy on her.

She frowned, wondering why she had never spotted it before, but then again she hadn’t been looking for it. It would never have occurred to her that any of the family would have been spying on her. Plus, she had no idea how long the hole had been there for – it was quite possible it had been there for years. But Abdul’s presence in this bedroom when he should have been at work was definitely not a coincidence.

He had been watching her play with herself and would have got a pretty good view of what she was doing too. But why he was here was a mystery. There was no way he could have known in advance what she was going to do, Saima hadn’t known herself until her mother-in-law had mentioned going shopping at breakfast, and Abdul had already left for work by then.

That meant this probably wasn’t the first time he had spied on her, but it was the first time she had been able to play so openly and that would no doubt account for her being able to hear him in return – getting aroused, presumably. She wondered whether he had been playing with himself while he had been watching her. That would certainly explain the strange noises he had made.

‘Saima, I really am very sorry about this,’ Abdul said sounding mortified. ‘I know you must be extremely angry and disappointed with me, and it’s completely understandable. I wish I could adequately explain myself, but I’m afraid I can’t.’ He looked down at his feet clearly not knowing what else to say.

‘Were you watching me?’ Saima asked.

For a moment she thought Abdul was going to ignore the question but then he looked at her and nodded, the colour back in his cheeks.

‘Is this the first time you’ve done it?’

Abdul shook his head. ‘I’m sorry to admit that I have, on occasion, stopped in here on the way to or from the bathroom to watch you getting dressed or undressed. You’re a beautiful young woman, Saima, very alluring, and I’m afraid I’m a weak man, unable to stop myself from watching you.’

Saima frowned. ‘How did you know to be here? I didn’t even know what I was going to do until a few minutes before I did it, so I don’t understand how you knew.’

‘I didn’t,’ Abdul said. ‘I came home to get some paperwork I’d forgotten to take with me this morning and I heard you. I have to say you’re extremely vocal in your passion. Obviously, I realised what you were doing and couldn’t resist coming to take a look.’

Saima was the one to blush this time. She knew she hadn’t held back but she hadn’t realised she was loud enough that she could be heard downstairs.

‘You know it was wrong to spy on your son’s wife,’ she said trying to sound stern.

Abdul looked abashed. ‘I know, and as I said I’m very sorry. I promise I’ll fill the hole in so I can’t invade your privacy any longer. You won’t have anything to worry about from me in the future.’

‘Did you put the hole there?’ Saima asked, wondering again how long it had been there for. Had Abdul put it there specifically to watch her?

Abdul shrugged. ‘No, it’s been there for years. I think the kids might have done it by accident when they were younger and never said anything because they didn’t want to get into trouble – you know what they’re . . . were . . . like,’

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