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White Bride is forced to fuck Black Best man

“We are gathered here today for a most joyous union.” The priest had a kindly smile on his pale thin lips.

I smiled nervously behind my veil, trying not to glance at my loving soon to husband. The truth behind my nervousness was a lot more than innocent, and had more to do with the man that stood directly behind my loving fiance James.

His name was Isaac and he had a hard ebony body that was twice the size muscle, and length wise as James. I glanced at him then looked away just as quick, deciding to rest my eyes on the floor. I wasn’t sure what it was about Isaac but something about him frightened me, that and what he did to me mere hours away from the wedding,

I suppose I should start where it all began.

I was standing in front of a full length mirror, examining how I looked in my wedding dress.

I’m what many have accused as being a model but in truth I’ve always been your average Southern Belle with pale skin and long flowing blonde hair, and dark green eyes. One thing I’ve always been uncomfortable with was my full D breasts and the way they stood out. I noticed how guys would always stare at them, with thinly disguised hunger.

Many of my girlfriends would often say, “Damn Kathy! You are one beautiful woman, I wish I was as good looking as you sugar!”

Yet despite all the claims of beauty, I never really saw much in what they said.

I now saw what my friends meant. On a whim I decided to slip my more traditional bridal panties off and slipped on the white see through ones. It wouldn’t hurt to be a little naughty tonight, I was getting married after all! With a sigh she went through the painstaking process of making myself look flawless. I could care less if my friends thought I looked beautiful, I was determined to make this –

A loud knock at the front door interrupted my musings.

I stood nervously, feeling a twinge in my stomach as I thought for sure it would be James’s mother who never seemed to care for me all that much. When I opened it I nearly closed it again but instead said with a smile that showed off my pearly white teeth, “Hey Isaac. What can I do for you?

Isaac had that ever cocky smile on his thick lips as he sized me up like I was some whore, rather than his best friends soon to be wife. I hated that look but whenever I brought it up, James would just shrug and say Isaac did that to all the girls. Finally James told Isaac to back off when I pestered him enough, but still the bastard would do it whenever James wasn’t around. It looked like I would have to have another talk with my husband after the ceremony.

“Damn girl, you are one fine looking bitch.” His eyes were drinking me in with a hunger that scared me.

I still couldn’t get over the fact that my loving James’s best friend was black. He had a coldness to his eyes that bespoke of purpose but I was still puzzled what this was exactly.

“Mind if I come in for a bit?”

Isaac was a very intimidating man so when he asked, I found myself shrugging and letting him come in. I wasn’t even sure why I did this, but I trusted the man, even if he was a black guy.

“Can’t believe Jimmy’s marrying a pretty woman like yourself.” His voice was awash with emotion that I still didn’t understand at this point. He was still looking at me with a hunger I knew was raw lust and it made me feel uncomfortable.

“He doesn’t like being called Jimmy.” I replied back rather snappishly.

“Ya don’t like me do you?” His question was mildly put, but I still felt a chill creep up my spine.

I decided at this point to level with him. So as I was painting my lips a lighter shade of red lipstick, I decided it was time to level with the man.

“To be honest with you, no.”

“No? Come on, you haven’t even given me a chance!” He sounded upset, but I wasn’t about to back down. “It’s cause I’m black aint it?”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” I snapped, although there was more truth to this question than I cared to admit. “I don’t like the way you’re checking me out all the time. Even now, after getting married in no more than two hours you are here. That isn’t very nice to James or respectable to me.”

“Shit! Can you blame me?” His voice was a growl, it scared me more now as I realized that I was alone with this guy that I barely hung around with. “Yer one of the sexiest girls I know. Shit as many girls as I’ve fucked, I’ve never had a hot bitch like yourself.”

I didn’t even bother to turn around, just concentrated on making sure I looked sexy in the little mirror. I was clearly feeling irritated as I hated when someone used the B word. Not to mention how Isaac seemed to love to lust after me, even though he had his fair share of women to pick from. With a sigh, I put the lipstick down and turned, and bit off a cry at the sight that greeted me.

Isaac was completely nude with the exception of his socks. This was startling enough, but what kept my eye was how Isaac was fully hard and with a penis easily twice the size and three times as thick as James. Far from provoking lust, I felt a rage building instead.

“Get dressed and get the fuck out of this room!” I nearly screamed, my eyes still looking at that damn big dick that seemed to hypnotized me against my will.

“Fuck no!” He growled, approaching me with a coldness that never left his eyes.

I knew immediately that Isaac meant business, this wasn’t the friend I was accustomed to seeing. His cock was bouncing freely around, but the sight that would be nearly comical was sheer terror for me. I was bound and determined to get the Hell out of here.

Panicked I tried to run passed Isaac but he had effortlessly captured me in his powerful arms. I wasn’t going to let him have me so I fought fiercely back as he proceeded to bend me over and lift my wedding dress over my hips. He fingered the crotch of my panties lightly, causing me to whimper.

“Love these panties.” He grunted, before fiercely ripping them off that caused me to cry in protest. “Quiet or I’ll have to seriously hurt you.”

I had little choice so I bit my lower lip, and closed my eyes as I felt his hands finger my pussy. It was a disgusting feeling. The fear of what this man would do to me if I fought held me back from putting on much of a fight. The fear that this bastard would Molestation me crossed my mind more than a couple of times, but I wasn’t going to try and run and make it worse, not yet anyway.

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