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Widow mom fucked by my boss

I am Anikesh Chatterjee aged 24 years working in a Company in Kolkata. My family consists of my mother Jaya, aged 48 years. My father died seven years back and since then we are alone. My father’s relatives also stopped visiting us after dad’s death. Mother is a teacher in a local school. She dresses in white sarees and even at this age she looks very beautiful. Though she is a little dark, it does not may her look any less beautiful. She is an orthodox lady who dresses conservatively in white. She has jet black hair upto her butts like any Bengali woman which she never cuts and always ties up in a bun. After father’s death she took pains to bring me up. I have never looked at her in a bad away. She used to be busy in her puja and school activities. Things however started changing some period ago.

After joining the company, I got introduced to my Boss/owner of company Nawab Khan whom i called Khan saheb. He was a widower aged around 53 years. His wife had died 07 years back and for the sake of his children he had not remarried. Now his children are settled abroad. Khan saheb was a huge man of height arounf 6 ft. He was black and balding. He was a very rich man. Though his wife died he was not deprived of woman companionship. It was said that he spent money on the best call girls. he was very fond of women.

During the course of job boss became close to me and he became close to me. He used to take me out for dinners where he had drinks. Ladies used to come to him. I found that he was not interested in young ladies. Rather he was interested in ladies of his own age group. Prior to this i had a very strict and conservative upbringing and was ignorant of sex. During college i gained knowledge about this through friends and later on indulged in sex with my GF. anyway on one such occassion boss was drunk and he had planned a night out with one of his ladies on the outskirts of Kolkata. I saw her. she was about mom’s age but she was dressed sexily in sleeveless and her chiffon saree was virtually transparent. As it was late, boss asked me to stay overnight in the resort. i agreed and we stayed in adjacent rooms. after going to the room, i freshened up. after sometime i heard giggles from the other rrom. i was interested in seeing what was going on. there was a ventilator on the top and if one got on top, one could see what was going on inside. what i saw inside gave me a shock.

i was shocked.boss and the woman were totally nude. the woman’s hair was open and they were lying on the bed and kssing each other. boss was as black as a bear and he had body hair all over. he looked like a huge grizzly bear. his tool was around 07 in and it was as thick as a baton. then he got up and placed his tool in her mouth. it was difficult even for a professional like her and she was finding it difficult to take it in. somehow boss placed it inside and like a ruffian he mouth fucked her. the he made her stand and kissed her all over. he then placed her on the bed and roughly entered her. she gave a shriek and tried to push him away but she could not do anything. he mounted her and inserted the whole thing. the whole room was filled with the sound of slapping bodies. this was the first time i had witnesses live sex and i could not control. i came down and jerked off. the thing went on for the whole night. they did not sleep and sound came to the other room. i kept on thinking as to how active boss was at this age. i guess all people need sex and boss was no exception. he filled his quota of sex at this age even after the death of his wife.

this got me to thinking as to how mom was dealing with the absence of father. he had died seven years back and she must have been deprived of sex since then. i never looked at mom from that angle. but looking at the woman who was being fucked and she being moms age got me imagining as to how she was managing. boss was the same age as mom and he could not go without sex for hardly a day and here was my mom who was being deprived. mom was more beautiful than that woman by any standard. though she was required to maintain her figure due to her nature of work but still mom even in the absence of maintenance was more beautiful than her. it also made me realize as to why mon seemed unhappy on certain occassions. it must be that she was physically deprived. maybe that was the reason for her unhappiness. anyway the night went by and i could hardly sleep.

after that incident in the morning boss and me had tea together. boss told me that he had fun last night and that he could not do without sex. its the one thing that kept him going. he asked about me and i said that i would marry my GF and settle down. other than her i had no other interest. i asked him why he had not remarried and he said that his children were there. but now that they were settled he was seriously thinking of marrying again provided he got the right partner. after finishing tea we left for home.

on reaching home, mom asked me what had kept me away for the entire night. i said i had to attend to clients as per order of boss. anyway mom asked me to bath and she would prepare food.while taking bath i kept thinking about last night. i could hardly forget boss’s huge tool. in comparison mine was small. my perception about mom changed after that. after coming out from bathing i looked at mom in a different way. she was 5ft 4 in , little on the plump side and had a figure that was desireable even now. her bosom was rightly proportioned even at that age she could pass for 40 years. her hair was down to her buttockes. she never cut them but they were well managed. mom was beautiful. if she dressed sexily in modern way she would look like the woman of the night boss was fucking . i thought if i get married, mom would be alone. she also needed a companion and she also needed to enjoy life. she must also have her desires though she suppressed them. i thought is should set up mom with boss. i would like to think how he would react on seeing mom.

i set up a plan. mom had asked me to buy some household items. i told her i was busy and would be free only by 5 evening and told her to buy the items herself. the bazar was at a place which was near my office. i also told mom that after bazar she should come to my office and then we could go home together. mom agreed.

at around 5 mom enetred the office. i introduced her to my colleagues. then as i had to leave the office early, i could do so only after taking boss’s permission. as we were on good terms, permission would be granted easily. but my plan was different. i took mom with me and entered. boss looked up and he kept on looking at mom. he was looking at mom lustily. he told us to sit down.

it was as if boss would eat mom alive. i was sure there was a boner in his pants. somehow he controlled himself and turned to me;

yes, ani (my short name) what’s up, whos is this?

sir my mom jaya chatterjee?

she wants to accompany her for shopping. can i leave early?

looking at mom he said plz sit down . ah jaya ji, ani is a good employee of ours. he will surely succeed in life. i am sure you and your husband must be proud of him. even i have children of ani’s age.

hearing of her husband, i intervened and said that dad is no more. sir said sorry but now he seemed more than interested in mom. he told me, ” your mom has come to the office for the first time, let her have tea first and then you can leave.

i did as orderd and asked the peon to bring tea. in the meanwhile sir had asked mom as to her profession. it seemed he wanted to spend more time with her. mom seemed disinterested. it seemed her teacherly instinct was telling her that this man was eyeing her hungrily. being a modest woman this was indigestible for her. it seemed she wanted to leave. after having tea, mom and me left the office.

after completing the shopping, i asked mom how he found sir. she said’

” ani, i do not find this man to be good, you must be careful of him.’

i asked her the reasons for this but she did not say anything. anyway i knew that the manner in which sir looked at mom was disgusting for a modest woman like her.

i told her’ ” you know mom, he is lonely. his wife has died and his children are alone. he treats me well just like his own son and i am sure he will give me a promotion in the long run”

mom said, ” you keep office relations to office only”

that was the end of the discussion. we reached home.

that night i could hardly meet mom’s eyes. wild thoughts were going on in my mind. my thoughts went back to the night when boss was fucking that lady. my mind imagined what if mom was in her place. any way next day i went to office. boss seemed disturbed for some reason. he called me to his chamber.

he said,’ani u never mentioned about your mother being a widow ?’ u know why i am disturbed.

i said no. he said ‘ani ur mom has brought back memories of my wife. she looks just like my wife”

he took out photographs from his drawer and showed me photos of his wife. i saw a beautiful gorgeous lady of my mom;s age and having same features. they looked similar in appearance were it not for the hair. rehana(boss’s whe) had short bob cut hair while mom’s was long. it also seemed that mom dressed conservatively while rehana used to dress in western wear.

the boss continued” ani i am lonely. i know how it must be for a widow she must feel alone when u are not there. ani u are a mature person u must know how lonely ur mom must feel in ur dad’s absence. i didn’t know what to say. then he dropped a bombshell. ani i want to date ur mom.

i know u must be angry. but i have not been able to sleep since i saw her. it must look difficult. i said ‘ sir in today’s age dating is all right but even if i agree she would not agree. she is very traditional and would not look at anyone other than dad. so it is out of question’

‘but u agree all right?’ i said ‘ yes’

‘ mom is alone and i don’t mind if she enjoys herself. besides in today’s times even aged couples date’.

boss seemed happy.’ ah atleast u have agreed., i didn’t know how u would react”.

‘ boss even though i ahve agreed i am sure mom would blast me’

boss said twinkling his eye ” u leave that to me. u want ur mom to enjoy na’ i will make sure that she has a good time.”

“just tell her that i have invited u both for dinner tonight and give me her cell number. also never tell her that we had this conversation. just act as if u don’t know. also don’t react in any manner if i talk to ur mom tonight”

i said” i don’t know if mom will agree to come for dinner”

he said ” i have my ways of convincing ladies”

in the evening i reached home. mom seemed angry. i asked what had happened. she said-‘ your boss called me up , i don’t know how he got my mobile number but he has invited us for dinner in his house. i don’t like that man and i don’t want to go.’

i said ‘mom , but he is my boss, he will take it otherwise if we don’t go. mom plz lets go. he is a good man and kind to me. others in office will die for this sort of invitation. besides my career depends on it. mom plz’

mom said,’ but u always be by my side. i won’t like to be alone with him’

i said ‘mom don’t worry i will always be there’

so mom and me got ready. as usual mom was dressed in a white saree and had tied up her hair in a bun.

‘mom i said why are u again dressed in white and why do u always tie up ur hair. u would look nice if u wore colored saree and kept ur hair open’

‘ saal badmas, i am a widow. i am supposed to dress this way. i am also old. nobody will look at me anyway. i did not reply. i knew better than her that boss was mad with lust for her.

we took a taxi and reached boos’ home. it was a huge building. a kam wali bbai opened the door. she giggled when she looked at mom and ushered us in. we sat in the drawing room where a huge photo of boss’s late wife rehana was there. mom was looking at the photo. i feigned ignorance as to who was in thephoto. to set up the matter i said-‘mom she looks just like u except for the hair. i u cut ur hair into a bob u would look just like the lady in the photo.’ she said badmash’ asking ur mom to cut her hair’.

at that time boss entered the room . he was dressed in jeans and t short. he looked smart. he said’ hello ani and jaya ji nice of u to have come. u know i am a widower and sometimes enjoy the company of people for dinner.’

we got talking and he suddenly said’ ani lets have before dinner drinks. jaya ji ihope u won’t mind ani has grown up now. don’t worry just one or two pegs he won’t fall down.’

‘ so jaya ji u sit and watch tv here in the drawing room while we go to the bar at the other end of the room, u need anything just call bai. we won’t be long’

saying this boss took me to the other bar room. there he poured me a drink andsaid’ i have convinced ur mom to come here. now i will proceed. hope u don’t mind.,’ carry on sir but i doubt she will agree.’ by and by we had more drinks. i was not in the habit of drinking and was feeling tipsy. i found that sir was picking his mobile and he was calling mom.’ jaya ji hope u r not bored. ani and me will come after some time.’ boss was again pouring out more drinks and was asking me to drink. i was already drowsy and it seems the bastard wanted me to pass out. anyway i was not drowsy enough.

thinking that i was passed out sir left me in the room. i was sure he had some designs on mom that night itself. worried for mom i followed him. i was also excited as to what he would do to mom.

i saw boss tiptoeing to the room where mom was sitting and watching tv. i too followed him. on reaching the room he did not utter anything. he simply stood looking at mom who was in the sofa some distance away. then he did a most unexpected thing. he slowly removed his pant and undy. then he started stroking his cock looking at mom who was watching tv. she did not have the least idea as to what boss was doing behind her back.

after stroking his cock his huge member stood up. it looked like a black snake ans was equally thick. after stroking it for some time. then he stood behind mom and again stroked it. after sometime he could not control himself any longer.

he came in front of mom in that state. mom was like

‘sahab what are you doing’

boss’ jaya ji the moment i have seen u, u have reminded me of my wife. u look like her and i just couldnt control myself’

‘bit this is wrong i ama awidow with a mature child. what will he think if he sees us in this way ‘

boss -‘don’t worry jaya ji he is drunk and must be sleeping”

he had no idea that i was looking and all this had given me a hard on.

mom’plz i will shout. ur maid servant will see us’

‘ah don’t shout she has been fucked well and doesn’t mind these things’

boss by this time boss was mad with lust. ‘jaya ji ur husband died a long time back. u must have been deprived of sex. ur body must be craving for sex. why r u depriving urself?’

‘u know u still have a sexy body that anybody can lust for and would love to have sex with’

mom was ashames of all this. boss now sat in the sofa besides mom. mom tried to get up. at this boss grabbed her and forcibly made her sit in the sofa. mom ‘ plz leave me my son may see it. i have all along been faithful to my husband and now after his death i can’t do this’

at this boss forcibly caught her mouth and kissed her. her hair bun opened and her long hair flew open. in the arms of a strong man she was looking very seeking.

mom was…………plz………ohhhhhhhhhhhh plz don’t.

boss was trying to french kiss her. mom was resisting but she was no match for her.

boss then smooched mom over her face. he was trying to insert his tongue in her mouth but she was resisting. at moment boss placed his hands on moms boobs and pressed them very hard. mom said ouchhhhh. at that moment boss inserted his tongie in her mouth and forcefully kissed her. he was squeezing her boobies all along. mom was resising but was no match for him.

mom was looking very sexy with her hair open. boss was catching her and was rubbing his hands all over her body. his saliva was on her face ans shwe was like ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmm mat kijiye.’ plz leave me if my son sees me like this i will die. boss said’ jaya ji i will not leave u until i have fucke u u r asexy pieceof meat i won’t leave u like this’

again he caught hold of mom and was kissing and licking her over various body parts. then he did the next thging. his hand went inside her petticoat and fingered he most delicate and private part. mom gave a shriek and said ouccccccccch.

boss was not going to leave her like this. after her had fingered her for some time, he put his hand inside her blouse and rubbed her tits. thereafter he took mom’s hand in his and placed his over his cocck.

boss’ jaya ji plz shag me i will die if u don’t take my cock in ur hands. see how betab it is to go in ur choot’

mom was ahsmaed to look in his eyes. but she had no option but to take the tool in his hands. he forcefully made her rub his cock for some time. it was aleady erect and with the touch of her delicate hands it seemed it would burst. he made her hold it for some time.

mom at this juncture said” plz leave me. my son might come at any moment’

boss’let him see how sex deprived his mom is. i won’t leave u until u have been fucked properly. u need agood fuck’

mom’plz not now my son might see me’

boss’ if not now then when’

mom was silent. boss’tomorrow after ur son comes to office i will visit ur place and fuck u. be ready to be fuckrd jaya ji. all these incidents of today have been recorded in ccctv . if u resist i will have cds made and send them to ur son. u will have no ijjat in front of him’

mom was hanging her head in shame. her silence meant that she had no option but to agree to be fucked. after this boss asked her to was in the bathroom. in the batroom edge he again caught her and kissed her and pressed her boobs. i nearly squirmed in my pants looking at all these incidents

after i saw that they had returned to their norman self i returned to the main room as if nothing had hapenned. we all had dinner and boss dropped us home. i was eagerly looking forward to tomorrow when my beautiful mom was going to be fucked hard.

the next day i was getting ready for office. mom was not getting ready for school. she said that she was not feeling well and was taking leave. i reached office and found boss in his chamber. he said that he had some work outside and asked me to remain in office till he got back. i knew where he was going. after he left, i immediately told my colleague to take care as i had some urgent work and followed boss in my bike. the rascal was going to the direction of my house. though he and me had talked over his dating of my mom, i did not think it would turn out this way. he was surely going to finish his unfinished business of yesterday’s night and have his way with mom.

as expected, he parked his car in front of our house. i left my bike some distance away and entered through back door. i found him ringing the bell. mom opened the door and he came inside. mom asked him to sit. mom was dressed in her usual white dress and her hair was tied in a bun.

as soon as mom closed the door, instead of sitting he immediately caught hold of mom. mom said ‘ sir, what are u doing? its daylight and people might see”
sir ‘jaya, let them see that i am fucking one sexy woman’
mom’ plz don’t do this’
sir’ why don’t u enjoy yourself. your son has a gf. he will marry her someday and enjoy with her. why are u depriving urself?
mom’ its wrong to say such things”
sir’ besides i have tapes of yesterday. if u don’t agree i will send them to ur son’

mom hanged her head in shame. she had no way out. boss now said’
‘jaya, open ur hair. ur hair is very beautiful. i want to smell them.

mom did not react. at this boss forcibly caught her and turned her around. he opened her bun and her lovely long hair cascaded down her back.he then put his hand in her hair and started smelling them. this must have had an effect on him for then he turned mom towards him and started kissing her. mom was resisting but was no match for him. he was trying to french kiss her but she was moving her face here and there. at this boss left her and started removing his own clothes. in a jiffy he was only in his underwear. his huge boner was visible. after this he he removed his underwear. now he was totally nude in front of mom. his lund was in a semi erect state.

boss’jaya u have done this. now only u can satisfy me. he took mom’s hand and placed it on his cock. ‘please rub it’ . mom tried to remove her hand. at this boss caught mom and started removing her saree which was removed with his efforts. now mom was only in her blouse and petticoat. boss then forcibly removed her blouse and bra as well as her petticoat.

it was the first time i was seeing mom nude. her boobs inspite of her age were still firm and she was hairy in the mound. guess she did not cut her pussy hair. boss was looking at mom up and down. he was smooching her and squeezikg her boobs.

mom ‘ sir, u are hurting me’.
boss ‘ if u co operate, i won’t be rough and we both can enjoy’
the fight had virtually gone out of mom. boss then put her hand over his cock and asked her to rub it. with the touch of mom’s fingers his cock sprang to life. it became erect in no time and it was around 07 in thick and thick as a wrist. mom was in horror seeing such a hige horse like lund.

boss ‘ jaya janeman i will give u the fuck of ur lifetime. now please suck my cock’
mom ‘its huge. i have never taken even my husband’s cock in my mouth”.
boss ‘ there is always a time to start.’
boss ‘ jaya come sit on my lap’

boss pulled mom towards the sofa. it was sight to see two mature nude bodies on the sofa. boss was bear like with hair all over and he was balding. mom though old was like a goddess. he made mom sit on his lap and started kissing her. he forcibly inserted his tongue inside her moth and french kissed her. he was also caressing her hair all over. the he brought her hair to the front and wrapped it around his cock.

boss ‘ jaya, u know, u remind me of my dead wife. she was from a village and had long hair at the time of marriage. i used to play with it. afterwards i had her cut it. didn’t ur dead husband play with ur hair. if u had been my wife i would have daily fucked u. don’t u cut ur pussy hair. i like my women to be hairless. now where is ur bedroom?’

mom didn’t reply. at this boss picked up mom and started taking her towards bedroom. mom was like a doll in his huge arms.

boss then took her to the room where my mom slept alone after dad’s death. this had been her marital bed. boss laid her down on the bed and laid on top of her. he was kissing her all over her body. mom was trying to avoid . boss then prised and took his face towards mom’s pussy. he smelled her hairy love hole and pulled her pussy hair. mom gave a shriek. at this he laughed and inserted his finger in her hole. u need to shave u pussy hair. after fingering her for some time, he moved towards upper body and started smooching mom. his saliva was all over mom. then he made mom to sit on his lap and made her lift her arms so that he could smell mom’s hairy armpit.

boss’ jaya don’t u shave ur pussy hair n ur armpit hair. u will look clean that way’.
mom’ no, i have never shave’
boss ‘ i will make u shave and get u cleaned today. now take my tool in ur mouth’
mom ‘ its too big. i can’t’

but boss didn’t take no for an answer. he sttod up on the bed and caught mom’s hair n head from back and brought it near his tool. he forcibly inserted his thing in her mouth. mom was hardly able to take the thing but he roughly inserted it. with the smooth touch of her lips boss was closing his eyes n enjoying.

after sometime he took out his tool from her mouth. now i guess he was redy to fuck her.
boss ‘ jaya open ur legs. i need to get between ur legs. i have fucked many women but none have tasted as good as u. even at this age ur are hot.’ mom was quivering. all this sexy talk was having a toll on her. her opened her legs and placed his tool in the entrance. after teasing her with the tool at the enetrance he gave a small thrust. mom’ oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i can’t take it. ami maare jabo(i will die).

boss ‘ be silent bitch or i will ram the whole thing inside’
to get more space for entrance, he placed mom’s legs on both his shpulders. this gave more sp[ace . after this he gave one big thrust. mom screamed as if her hole had been torn apart. boss put his lips over hers so she couldn’t shout. after this he gave another thrust. this time his tool went inside.

mom gave a gasp as boss’s tool filled her. boss’s skin was making contact with her insides. he was getting to know her. he was kissing her all over face. mom was moving her face here and there but it was no use. boss was now dominating her and pinching her booobs, sucking them and biting them out of lust. then boss said to mom’ jaya why are u flaccid? kiss me as u kissed ur hubby” mom was not replying. at this boss gave a huge thrust and his whole tool must have touched her very base for she gave out a huge o maaaaaaaaaaaaaa aeeeeeeeeeeee mari gelammmmmmmmmmm. boss was now increasing his speed. her boobs were moving to and fro with each thrust. it lookead as if a bull was mating with its female partner. a huge hairy man was on top of my modest mom and she was moaning. the years which she had gone without sex was now being made up by nboss. he had fucked many randis but now he was fucking a homely hindu woman without protection. his tool was invading mom’s pussy and tearing it apart. it looked as if he was hurting mom but in reality mom was a woman and also needed sex.

the whole room was filled with the sound of puch puch puch puch, a creaking bed and two slapping bodies now drained in sweat. mom ‘sir i can’t take it any more and with a loud gasp she cummed and the fluids came out as if curd. boss looked at mom’s face’ janeman i have made u cum. but i am not done yet. i will squeeze out every bit of juice out of u. ‘ he brought his face to her pussy anf licked her there. then he inserted his fingers inside. now mom’s pussy was well lubricated to take his huge tool. i was admiring boss’s stamine. it seemed he had the capacity to go on for hours. now he again toook position and rammed his tool inside. it was now easy for him to eneter and mom’s pain had also eased. ‘jaya if u had been my wife i would have fucked u day and night. i will ensure that u get a makeover and make u sexy like mu wife’ plop plop plop plop aeeeeeeee aeeeeeeee. mom’s hans were now on boss’s bald head and moving over his body. guess she had also given up her inhibitions ad her body was beginning to enjoy the wild fucking. boss had now increased his speed and in the meantime mom msut have cummed twicee and was looking very tired. but he went on and on. now his speed started to increase and he caught hold of mom and said’ take my love juices my darling. had u been youbger i would have made u pregnant with my child. take it. aah. and with one last huge thrudt he came inside mom.

after he cummed inside mom, he lay on top of her for some time. mom could not take his weight and was trying to remove him. both their bodies were drenched in sweat. boss got off her and was lying on her side. she got up from the bed and was collecting her clothes. at this boss got up from the bed and forcibly threw her clothes aside.

mom’ u have already done enough. what do u want now’

boss’ i am not done with u yet and will fuck u the entire day’

he then caught mom and again took her to the bed. her long hair was open and she was looking sexy as hell. boss took her in his arms and again started kissing her. the touch of her body must have been erotic enough for his tool started becoming erect again. he went near mom’s legs and was smelling her pussy which was now filled with his cum.

he said ‘jaya janeman come in my arms and i will take u to bathroom and make u clean.’ saying this he picked up mom in his strong muscular arms. mom looked like a rag doll in his hands. he took her to bathroom and i shifted my position to get a clearer view. boss was ignorant about my presence and did not care to close the door. in the bathroom he put on the shower and both of them bathed together. i guess mom had also given up her inhibitions and she was following boss’s orders.after the shower both of them came out of bathroom and boss started drying her with a towel. mom as ashamed and was trying to go for her clothes. but following boss’s instructions she did not do so. he also dried her hair and was smelling the same.

he said’ jaya i have a hair fetish and like women who have short her. i also like to give them haircuts and love to watch their hair being cut short . besides i like my women to be hairless down there and want them to dress provocatively. i will make sure that u are turned into a modern women.”

mom’ but i have never cut my hair or dressed in modern dress. what will my son say if he sees his mother without her long hair. what will i say to him and other people?’

boss ‘ u don’t worry. i am sure he won’t mind. he is a broad minded guy and will understand. besides in modern times who keeps long hair. jaya u bring ur son’s razor and a scissor and i will cut ur pussy and armpit hair. for cutting ur long hair i will take u to a salon. even my wife had long hairs and i made her cut them. she looked beautiful in new haircut.’

mom came to my bathroom and took my razor and scissors. boss then applied water over armpits and started shaving her armpit hair. after her was done with the armpits, he moved to her pussy hair and started trimming them with the scissors. after her had cleaned her he made mom lift her arms and started smelling her armpits and sucking them with his tongue.

boss ‘ every woman has a womanly frangrance and it is hidden in these armpits.’ then he moved to her pussy and started licking her pussy again. he had a way with women and knew how to arouse the. here was my modest mom lying in bed with a man other than her husband for the first time in her life and allowing prying of her most private parts. it seemed she had surrendered to boss. in the course of this short span he had made her suck his dick and cut her pussy and armpit her. i guess more was in store for her.

boss again laid mom on the bed. he was kissing her over her lips and inserting his tongue inside. he wanted wanted to extract every bit of mom’s womanhood. his hands were roaming all over her body. he was squeezing her breasts and his hands were roaming over her private parts. he then inserted two fingers . mom gave a loud gasp and her moth opened up ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. these shots seemed to excite boss even further and he started moving his finger in and out with force. it seemed he wanted to excite mom. after some time he stopped this and told mom-‘jaya kiss me as u would have kissed ur husband. bring out ur tongue’

though mom had virtually surrendered to boss but she was not yet ready to do the things as demanded by boss. boss got angry and caught hold of mom’s mouth and as mom’s lips opened he forcibly inserted his tongue and started french kissing mom. he moved mom sidewayas and his hands were roaming around mom’s buttocks. he was also stroking her butt long hair. in no time his lund had aroused again and he again mounted mom. this time he was more brutal and placed mom’s legs on either side of his shoulders and he was looking staright at mom.

mom was getting ready for the onslaught. he placed his cock on mom’s pussy lips and gave a slight thrust. even half of his huge lund had not moved in . mom gave a loud gasp and there were tears of pain in her eyes, she had not been fucked like this in her life. morever she had not been fucked for many years and it thus took time for her insides to deal with such a huge tool. the tears seemed to excite boss. he started smooching mom and his muscular back gave a huge thrust. this time the enetire tool entered her. mom gave a shriek and said plz i will die, urs is too big. boss–‘jaya was ur dead husband’s as big as mine?’ mom was in too much pain to reply. boss was deaf to her shrieks add started to fuck her with force. the whole room was filled with the sound of puchhhhhhhhhh puchhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhh ami mori jabe ( i will die) puch [uchhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaah oooooooo. the bed was creaking with with sound of fucking. boss after some fucking sat up on the bed and made mom sit on his lap. he caught her and made her sit over his cock. in that position mom was sitting over his tool and boss was giving thrust from under and kissing her. mom’s long hair was flowing and her boobs were moving up and down with the wild fucking. then he again mounted mom by laying her. his strokes incresed and after 45 mins of wild animal like fucking he again ejaculated inside mom and laid over her. his juices were flowing down her pussy. he kissed mom. both of them were tired and he put a blanket over both of them and both went to sleep.

after some time i noticed movement inside the blanket. only mom’s face and hair was visible. it seemed boss was squeezing her boobs and caressing her body.



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