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Wife and Lisa while husband’s “away”

It was Saturday afternoon, and I stepped from a taxi two days sooner than I intended to be home. I travel for work about 5 or 6 days per month, setting up systems and programming. My current assignment hit a snag so I headed for home early and planned on surprising my wife. I’m 32, in good shape and have been married to Sharon for 4 years. She’s three years my junior, 5’6”, green eyed, and has long beautiful legs that disappear into a slim and gorgeous, heart-shaped ass. She has long, straigt, honey brown hair that drops well below her shoulders, usually worn loose when she’s not at the office.

I opened the door and slid my shoes off by the hall closet. The radio was on low in the kitchen, so I poked my head around the corner to surprise her. The room was empty, so I walked upstairs to shed my suit. At the top of the stairs I heard her talking, and assumed she was on the phone. Our bedroom door was half open, and as I moved closer I spied her at the foot of the bed, standing behind Lisa, with her hands wrapped inside Lisa’s top and pinching her nipples.

Lisa is a third year university student who rents the house across the street with two other students. She’s drop dead gorgeous and about an inch taller than my wife. She has straight blonde hair that falls past her shoulders, framing a beautiful face. Her body is firm and lithe, with the same slim hips of my wife but with sightly larger breasts. I’ve imagined more than once lying naked against her. Her major is the same field as Sharon’s work, and the two have often talked shop in the last few months.

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