Friday , December 9 2022

Wife cuckolds hubby as he had asked of her

I received a letter from my wife of many years. I think it speaks for itself. Following is her letter:

Honey, I thought you should know that I finally did what you wanted me to do. Remember all those times you told me that you wanted me to fuck other men? Well, I thought that you were trying to get rid of me at first, but after all the years of you talking to me about it, I knew you were serious.

Remember that even when you were fucking me you would ask me what I would think of another man’s dick in my pussy? You would even cum as you said to me, “Mrs. Robertson, you sure are a good fuck. I know you like a lot of dicks in your pussy. Tell me that you like all the men’s dicks in your pussy.”

I would sometimes tell you ‘yes’ even though I didn’t want to think of anyone but you. You would cum so hard when I said it.

Well, guess what? I tried it. I’ve done it more than once. And I liked it. Oh, not completely at first. I had guilt feelings that I had cheated on you. I realized, however, that this is what you wanted. I finally let myself go and I really enjoy it.

Remember two weeks ago when I got back from shopping late? Remember how I was dressed when I got home. You liked it and wanted sex. You ate me as you always do and told me that I was the wettest I had ever been. Remember that?

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