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Wife Customized by Black Lover and Boss

Wife Customized by Black Lover and Boss

I am Robert 27, my wife Bethany 28.

Chapter 1

I am a writer of fiction stories. Beth was my classmate. After a few years, I proposed, and we have been married for 3 years.
She is a college lecturer, very boyish pixie haircut, slightly dark skin tone, whitish. Always smiling and very much attractive. She loves the company of friends. She attends parties with her friends. She always wears an attractive normal dress. In the evenings I write stories and she watches tv or prepares notes for the lecture. We enjoyed sex on the weekends. She was very much active in it. And we loved it.

Kimberly was her friend from her college. She moved to our neighborhood along with her black husband Gayle. Beth was surprised to see her. The next day Gayle went for a business meeting.
As Kimberly was new to the area she found it scared to live the night alone. She asked Beth to stay with her for the night as Gayle will be back the next day. The next morning she came home. I asked about the stay. She said they had talked about both of their lives as they were not seen each other for 3 years after our marriage.

I said, “It’s strange to have a black husband.”
“She met him after a few months of our wedding. She falls in love with him. She said it’s his big black cock.”
“How big,” I asked out of curiosity the next moment I thought why am I asking this to my wife.
She surprised. “it’s 9 inches long and 3 inches thicker.”
“How do you know that!”
” Kimberly said so and I don’t believe it then, she showed me a photograph of him naked she did it quickly I didn’t get enough time to turn my face away and it was true and I stared for a few seconds she said oh you are interested I didn’t understand what she meant by that.”
“I didn’t understand it either.”
“She showed me her photo album it looks very beautiful to see her cute white body along with his dark body.”
That night she was sucking me I felt she was thinking something
“What was it?”
“It’s nothing.” she shyly smiled.
“Honey you know we are open to talk about anything, I just thought I and Kim have about the Same mouth size how could she fuck 9 inches and 3 inches thicker cock that my mouth is about to be filled with your 5-inch cock.”
“Maybe they were not sucking.”
“She said she sucks him.”
“When?” I exploded!
“She said when she shows me the photo.”
“You said she loves to fuck him.”
“I think she said both.”
“You can ask her tomorrow now give me your sweet pussy.”
We made love, and I got excited in the sex she also enjoyed it much rather than our previous nights.

The next day was Friday I went shopping for some groceries and beer. And found that Beth was not home. I opened a beer and cool off. Then I got a call from Beth’s phone it was Kim.
She said, “as Beth said you were working in the evenings and you two are not going out together regularly. She would like to come to a party with me and Gayle, are you okay with that.”
I said, “it’s her decision, and I likely to be working in the evening she could have all the fun she wanted. I said it out of drinks.”
Kim said to Beth, “what did I tell you he will be okay with it.” And cut the phone. A few minutes later Beth dressed in jeans and shirt casual wear and kissed me on the cheek and said,
“Are you okay with it?”
“You can have all the fun you want.”
“Love you,” And she left.

At 11 pm she came back. I couldn’t even believe it. She looks very hot in a one-piece party dress. her perfect body shape was extremely showcasing.
“What happened to you?”
“I am very tired I dance a lot I am very sleepy we can talk about it in the morning goodnight honey.”
She gave me a passionate kiss on the lips.
In the morning I passionately looked to herself. She shyly smiled I asked about the evening.

“When I came back from college you were not home and Kim called me to come over and she said it is important. I went to her home and I saw Gayle and his friend. Kim said it’s Fernando. She called me to ask for a favor. Fernando is divorced and they were all going to a party. And Fernando’s ex will be there having a date with some other man. So he wants to show his pride to his ex that he is with someone hotter than her. And Fernando asked me will I do the favor. I said I am a married woman I can’t date him.”
“Is he black?”
“Yes he was, Kim insisted that Fernando is a good friend and I don’t have to date him. Just to pretend.
I said, “you won’t like the idea.”
“She asked me to call you and ask. After I dialed. She picks up the phone from me. I didn’t hear what she said to you. But she said you are agreed.”
“What? I didn’t say that. She said you like to go out with Kim and Gayle. She didn’t mention Fernando and you are going as his date for the evening.”
“Just pretending!”
She was very Moody. And in a sad tone said, ” thought you will let me have a date…pretending!”
She went quiet a bit.
I asked her to tell me about what happened.
“Now I have no reason not to go along with it as you are already given permission, I thought so. I came here to change the dress and left. Kim and Gayle mocked me that is this the way I go to the party. We are not going to a business function Kim said. And she was wearing a one-piece sleeveless dress 5 inch above her knees. She looks hot. She takes me into her wardrobe in her bedroom. And ask me which one I like. Every one of them is shorter or much even shorter than what she wore. I said I always wear bigger ones. But she insisted on trying it. And I wear one, she said I look hot and beautiful I said I can’t go out in it. I tried to call you and she said to me that am I asking you everything about what I do? and pick up my phone. And take me out of the room forcefully. Gayle and Fernando gave me big applause which raised my confidence. We go to a party. We drank. Then we see Fernando’s ex she was hotter than hell. Fernando asked me to pretend I am his girlfriend he hugged me, kissed me a deep passionate kiss. Now, I think it’s the drink that made me do it. And he was very gentle after all and got oh am I saying it to you. Oh it’s stupid”

“Go on honey.”
“We came back to Kim’s home. Fernando left. When I am with Kim I asked about how she sucks Gayle that he is having such a big cock
She asked ” will I be wanted to know,” I said yes then what she said made me angry. And I left.
“Honey, what did she tell you?”
“You will get angrier also, leave it, I am going to make a coffee.”
“Is am I looking like an angrier guy after you have a real date.”
” it’s just pretending.”
“I won’t angrier with you for what Kim said to you, tell me?”
“It makes me nervous If I wanted to know how she does it she will show me but won’t tell me.”

That day I dream of Beth seeing Kim and Gayle fucked. It made me hot in bed. I asked are you interested to see Kim suck Gayle’s cock. She said no. And I fucked her in between I asked her to go give it a thought.
Saturday evening Beth got a phone call and I hear she said ‘no’ and cut the phone.

I asked, “is it, Kim?”
“Is it was about that?”
“Yes, and I said no.”
“You can watch if you want?”
“You want me to watch?”
“What if they tried to do something with me?”
“Go along with it.”
“Do you want me to be a slut?”
“I don’t want it, I want you to be free If you like something do it, don’t ask my permission, but later you can tell me what it was.”
“Is that your fetish me having it with someone?”
“I think so, do you want to do it, then do it. Honey, I like you from school days. I know you are a beautiful very loyal woman, I like you a lot. I write in the evening and I am very boring, but I don’t want you to be bored with me. Enjoy yourself.”
“You are not boring.”
“Go and see and tell me everything when you come back.”
And I give her a peck on the cheek.

Chapter 2

It was 8 in the evening she left home 1 hour ago. I thought about what might be happening.
I got a call from Beth.
“Can I suck a big black cock?”
“Yes, of course, and you can go along with it.”
I thought what am I telling, I got everything off-guard. When did Fernando come? Will he fuck her. Oh, shit I thought.
She came home 1 hour later and went to bed.
In the morning when I wake up I saw she was reading the newspaper. And she prepared a coffee for me.
When drinking it I looked at her she said,
“Do you want me to tell what happened yesterday.”
“Okay, when I went only Kim was there.”

She said, ” you said no.”
“Yes, but I and Robert discussed it and he gave me a go.”
“What else did he said?”
“If I wanted, I can suck it too!”
“It’s my cock, the only mine I won’t give it to anyone even you.”
“I don’t want it either I just said what he said.”
“Okey. Then you can have Fernando’s cock.”
“No, I don’t want any cock!”
“You said your husband lets you have a black cock and you don’t want it, are you silly, do you know how amazing it is, do you hear the proverb ‘once you go black you never go back.”
“That’s not what he said it is, I can watch you two and if you persuade me I can go along with it if I like it.”
” either way, your husband wants you to fuck a black cock.”
“Yes, let me tell you something how long is Roberts cock?
“5 inches and…a half!”
“Do you take it all?”
“Hear me if you have gone black cock sucking for once in your life, you can suck your hubbies cock forever in a different way than you ever did. And he going to love it and it will change your sex forever.”
“I don’t know.”
“I don’t like to share Gayle, Fernando will like to have it from you. He mentioned to us you are very beautiful, and he likes you to date you again.. I Mean real date not pretending.”
“We both smiled at that comment and she was calling someone, I asked is it was Fernando? She said yes. I said I want to confirm it to you, she got angry, and she said it was for the last time I get any confirmation from you in this matter. they don’t let me call you for confirmation in any case.”

I got hot from that comment. Knowing my wife Beth can have something that I don’t even aware of it. I knew it only when Beth tells me later. She asked me if it was okay. I said yes. She gave me a little peck on the cheek and said ‘how nice of you’. I asked her to continue
” after I call she hears what you said-You can go along with it.”
“I didn’t know it was Fernando’s cock.”
“Either way know you know I am going to have a big black cock.”
“Tell me more.”
“She called Fernando, I didn’t hear what she said but I get to know she was very happy then she called Gayle and she becomes sad and told me that Gayle going to be late …real late today.”
“I asked what we do? When Fernando will come?”
“He will be here soon within minutes.”
“I said earlier that if you and Gayle suck which if persuades me I will do it to Fernando. Please call him and tel, we can do it later.”
“Beth we gave Fernando an offer we can’t take it back after and he’s on the way.”

“So, Kim, will you do it to Fernando today?”
“I am sorry Beth, I can’t do anything like that, I can’t cheat Gayle.”
“What about me?”
“It’s not like that Beth. I already have a big black cock and I wanted you to have one for your pleasure. And your hubby is willing too, I said I show you how I fuck a big black cock I will do it tomorrow. Honey today you are on your own.”
“Then we hear Fernando’s car. Kim said don’t make him sad, please. And she kissed me on the cheek.”
Then Beth went to get some water. I was horny.

“Then he came to me and gave me a very passionate kiss before I could do anything after he takes out his cock it was 6 inches. He made me do a handjob. It becomes a nine-inch hard cock much thicker than yours. He takes my mouth to it I couldn’t even take it he helped me to make my mouth stretch. I almost take half of it and couldn’t believe it. After a few minutes, he came. And he made me drank all of it it was heavy. Then he took my dress off, played with my titties
And he tried to put it in my pussy. It was painful at first, Kim said regular practice makes it better and better. He came a lot again this time too he takes it out and made me swallow all. After that, it was hard to walk.”

She then cried that she did this to me.
I said, “it is okay honey I love you. You can have Fernando’s big black cock anytime you want.”
After that the next week she visited every day Kim’s home, till Gayle Come back. I am working on my new book so I didn’t have sex with her.
The next week I saw she was very desperate I know that Gayle is back she can’t fuck Fernando in his house. Fernando asked her out. She started dating him. Two or three times a week.

Chapter 3
Customization Begins

It was the beginning of mid-term vacation she and I had a morning fuck and I felt nothing there. She was so much stretched I couldn’t feel a thing so does she. I became desperate. She said, “honey don’t be sad you can have my mouth which I can make big and lower.” And I fucked her mouth it was okay. Then tell me she was going the vacation with Fernando along with Kim and Gayle. It was okay for me she didn’t ask me or early inform me. She asked me if I was angry I said she doesn’t have to inform earlier she has her freedom to do as her wish. She asked me whatever, I said whatever.
She was back after two weeks.
She was very happier.
She changed a lot her dress becomes smaller shorts and a t-shirt.

I asked what happened on the trip.
She said “fucking.”
Something different!
“Yeah, a lot.”
Then I found out she had two more piercing in her ear. I inspected. She said, “you said I can have whatever I wanted.”
I replied, “yeah whatever you like.” She said you have a lot more to see, she untied her shirt. Her belly button pierced. Below it there was a beautiful red rose tattoo she said it was for me I love roses. I liked it a lot and kissed her on the mouth and to the rose. Through the shape of the bra, it looks like she got her nipple pierced too. She asked me to untie her bra. She dropped it from her left breast it had a beautiful stud pierced through it. Beth didn’t drop the bra from the next breast. She said all three Kim, Gayle, Fernando made her do it.

She feared what I am going to say. I said always whatever you do I am happy with it. She dropped it. Found a queen of spades on her right breast. I know what it meant to and I am happy with it. I try to undo her trousers.
She stopped me, “you are not allowed to see it for a month.
” You can fantasize for one month that what am I done there.”
“I can’t fuck you?”
“You can have my mouth!”
I fucked her mouth. I feel great and came she drank it all for my love. I liked the way her upper mouth and her tongue are acting the way when she sucks it. She takes all of my cocks into her mouth. Except for the balls.

I asked, “how did she get cum if I am not allowed to do”
She said, “Fernando will come.”
“No, to Kim’s place.”
We watched tv for some time.
Then she got her call.
And said to me, “goodnight honey I won’t be back until morning.”
After one month. Every day I fucked her mouth sometimes my penis hurt because of her teeth. But every day she is getting better sucking off me. I thought because of stretching her clit may be huge. I can have her mouth at least. Fernando called, she said she was going with him for a weekend party. She will be back two days late.

“Beth, you said you will show me what had you done to your pussy after one month?”
She got that strange expression on her face. (the-don’t get mad honey expression).
“Okay honey.”
She takes her shorts off. Takedown her panty till the pussy line.
It got a pretty bigger tattoo above her pussy lane.
“Exclusively Black Cocks.”
Below, much smaller words written,
“This pussy is the property of Fernando do not use without prior permission.”
I was shocked and looked at her face.
She was smiling.
“Honey he asked me to do it. I didn’t like the idea much in the beginning, but he was my boyfriend. And I gave it thought some days. And feel that giving Fernando control over my pussy felt great. And I do it Kim and Gayle like it.”
“Did Gayle see you naked?”
“Yes, honey only after I got tattooed Fernando wanted me to show it off to Gayle.”
“What did he say when Gayle saw you like this?”
“He asked Fernando that my pussy is his that he may fuck my pussy.”
“Then what happened?”
She was smiling and said,
“Fernando gave the permission, I opposed I didn’t like the idea and he said it is his pussy I permitted him to do it with what he wanted when I put that tattoo on. And Gayle made his move. He liked me very much.”
“How many cocks did you fuck rather than Fernando and Gayle?”
“I didn’t fuck any other cocks, but I don’t think that will stay forever Kim said that Fernando has some plan to sell my pussy into some weekend parties.”
“Is this party something like that?”
“I don’t know, he said nothing.”
“You wanted to fuck in some strange parties?”
“I don’t know. You gave me the freedom for my soul and body. And I can’t control over. One day Fernando asked me when I was horny will I give him the rights of my body to do with what he likes. Now he wanted to sell it, I can’t deny, and he is not selling me forever, only for the weekend.”
She showed her pussy to me which had no piercings no tattoo no pubic hair.
“Honey I permanently removed my pubic hair for Fernando.”
“Will I have to get the permission from Fernando to fuck your pussy?”
“You won’t get it, Honey?”
“Why did he say so?”
You can ask permission to fuck my pussy to Fernando if only you had a black cock. You saw the big tattoo, “Exclusively Black Cocks.” what did that make a difference see my pussy is stretched I can’t feel your cock inside so it doesn’t a matter.”

I shocked by her statement. She showed her ass.
I was happier that her ass doesn’t have any tattoos. I found that her ass is stretched.
“Beth did your ass is also black cock only?”
“No honey it’s mine and black and white cocks are welcome.”
“Can I fuck it though?”
“I don’t see why not?”
It’s the first time I will fuck her ass. She didn’t allow it in the past. I did it. I didn’t feel a thing.
“Robert I don’t feel a thing maybe I am too stretched for your little thing.”
It’s the first time she calls my cock that. I was disappointed.
She said my mouth is all yours.
I fucked again in her mouth and felt good. When her phone called she got distracted and her teeth touched my cock, just a small hurt.
She felt sorry for me. And said,
“Now you got only access to my mouth you cannot be hurt with my teeth I will solve the problem, For you.”
She left for the weekend.

Chapter 4

She returned home from the party on Monday.
She was very confused.
She called Kim to come over.
“Are you all right?”
“Yes, I am.”
“He sold me to some black brothers for the next weekend. They loved to fuck me. The younger brother hot a big cock 10 inches and 3 1/2 inches thick. He loved to fuck my pussy and ass. I could not take it to suck. Then he called one of his slaves and bring her and fucked her. She did a deep throat on her. I loved to watch it. he made a proposition to me. And I called Fernando about that. He was so happy and asked me to agree on it. I said to him that then I will consult it with you. He said I can tell you later that, you like surprises and you will be happy that it will please you.”
I asked, “what was it?.”
Then Kim came, she asked her.
“Do you accepted the proposition?”
“That was brave,” Kim replied.

I was so confused about the situation.
“Will any of you tell me what it is?.”
Beth said, ” honey-do you remember the day when Kim asked me to watch she suck Gayle’s cock?.”
“Yes, I remember, that Kim will teach you something.”
“Yes, you don’t know what it was, Kim can you show him?”
“Yes, of course, Beth.”
Kim removed a plate from her upper mouth. It had eight teeth. Now the front of her upper mouth was toothless.
“After our marriage Gayle made me do it so I can suck him better. He wanted to take all my upper layer teeth. I was so scared I only removed 8 of them. sucking his cock was much better. Today I regret it, I should have removed all the upper layer teeth. Including the wisdom teeth, then I could have taken it much further. Now I am considering it.”
For knowing her long. Never thought she had false teeth.

I was surprised and said, “Beth is that you want.”
“Yes honey, I want all your cock, including your balls to fuck me. I never wanted my teeth to hurt your penis anymore in the only hole you can fuck me.”
“Is sucking better?”
“Kim said I can do whatever with my lips and tongue. I can close my lips to your cock, and suck it, the teeth won’t hurt the penis.”
I don’t know what to say. I thought she does this for me. That she can suck me better.
I just said, ” I am happy to your decision what was the proposition from that black man?.”
Beth said,
“Teeth extraction and new teeth plate installation are expensive. At high-cost, I can have the same type of teeth. Nobody knows the difference. And I could have proper meals. The slave that sucked that black man doesn’t have any upper-layer teeth she took it to the maximum. I loved that scene. He said to me he will do it with an experienced doctor and he will take care of me for the healing period. After the healing, I should work as his slave for 6 months. And he offered me a remuneration of 20,000 bucks for the time, that I cannot do lectures. And Fernando gets 5000 bucks from Him he won’t get me for the time being. And he agreed.”
I said, “I can’t see you for that period?.”
“Not like that, I can have breaks whenever I wanted.”
“What am I supposed to do now?”
“Wish me luck honey.”
That evening we celebrated a party for her journey. I fucked her mouth. Gayle and Fernando had a threesome with her in front of me and Kim. It was amazing to see.
The next day she left.

Chapter 5.
The makeover

After a month I got a call from her saying that the surgery was done she was almost healed. And she had to wait one more month to suck a cock. She said it was extremely painful but now she was happy that she did it. I asked her to come home for the period, that she can work for her boss after that. She said, she is doing workout to keep her body fit and hot and she got a physician. Also, her boss is making slight modifications to her body and added it won’t affect her physical beauty, and she may look better. I asked what was it? and the call got cut.

After one month she called me and tomorrow she is going to take charge of her job. She told her boss asked her, can she be deployed to Jamaica for her slave ship and she said, yes! After 3 months, she called me and said she will come home for a week. I said I will come and pick her up. She said Fernando is coming to pick her. I got desperate by that after 5 months Fernando gets to see her. And she said she will come directly to our home.
The home was not in good condition after she left. So I, Gayle and Kim discussed and decided she could stay in their home. Kim asked Fernando to bring her to their house. She welcomed me for the week to stay along with Beth.

The car horn was honking. I feel very amazed to see her.
She was very beautiful. Her pixie was grown into a beautiful bob.
And she was in excellent shape. Thanks for her workouts. I gone to hug her. A black man came from the car and block me. Beth said he is her bodyguard for her visit home and her boss appointed him and nobody can touch her during this visit.”
“Why is that” asked Fernando.
“My boss wanted it that way during the contract she said to Gayle and Fernando that they have to wait for three more months”
It disappointed them.
I felt happy that I can at least see her and talk to her for one week.
I looked at her teeth. They were very beautiful cannot be mistaken for false teeth.

We went to the drawing-room. Everyone was eager to hear her story.
She said, “her boss’s name is Victor a black man. The first day she got to see the same slave who removed her upper teeth was in bed rest she asked someone and they said she was fucking someone and her lower teeth make the cock discomfort. The client reported it to the boss, and he asked the dentist to remove all her lower teeth too, she was in such pain and crying for two days.”

She continued, “I worried about what I get into. The next day was my appointment with the dentist. I couldn’t sleep at night. He complimented my dental hygiene. Victor said I wanted my upper layer replaced with a plate. The dentist elaborated on the procedure. And said two months gap needed to suck a dick. I would be given anesthesia because the process is extremely painful.
And victor asked me if I was sure about only removing the upper layer.
I said why is that? He replied, his slave who I see yesterday only wanted to remove her upper layer and a client’s cock get discomfort from her lower layer. So he made her lower layer remove too. This time no anesthesia and pain killers she is suffering today too. Because he said she made him lose his two months because she was a permanent slave he bought from somebody.

He said it wouldn’t happen to me because I am only an employee he hired for a few months. If someone complained about my lower teeth, he would remove them too and said I should suffer again. and the contract will extend again for the healing period. He made this proposition. If I do the lower layer too. No extra pain but better results. I nodded. Before beginning the procedure he measures my teeth to prepare new ones. The dentist gave me anesthesia. I woke up after two days my mouth was in extreme pain they gave me painkillers food over the nose. After one week I came to normal sense. The pain was there for another week. After 3 weeks I started to eat liquid food over my mouth. And one month it was almost over.

Victor was happy to see my mouth. And appreciated me such a brave girl. He said as I can’t suck for a month and wanted me to see the physician. I went over to the gym. He showed me to do some exercises which keep my body fit. And enhance my boobs and ass. And he said if I workout in the morning and evening my ass will become a real booty. I felt hot to hear that. And that evening he fucked me in my pussy and ass. It was painful because they started to become smaller. He said he will send someone to me every evening so I can keep my holes in shape.

And at night physician came and tied my tongue to spring it was somewhat painful. I stay awake late at night because of the pain. The morning spring removed to take breakfast and work out. I was so relieved. After the physician brings the spring again. I asked about it. He said it is to lengthen my tongue so I can suck better with a long tongue. On some nights I slept with a big dildo on my pussy and ass.
Last week some tattoo artists come and draw beautiful body art to both my ass. And drawn two beautiful wine bottles in my boobs. My areolas look like the head of the bottles. Victor liked by the previous tattoos and he only replaced Fernando with Victor. Then Victor asked all the persons in his resort to come with a quote to put my back.
I didn’t know what it was until he put it back above my ass
The next day I saw it in the mirror. ‘Beauty with no teeth trained sex machine’.

Then I was ready for inspection. They measured my boobs, which grown 3 inches, my booty grew 5 inches and my tongue has grown 2 inches, I couldn’t believe it. That day I was allowed to call you, Robert. And the next day I deployed.”
She told the story in one stretch. She put her tongue out it goes about to her chin.

Fernando asked her to remove her teeth plates. She removed and opened her mouth. It was like a big beautiful pussy.

Thanks for reading.
It was my first story.
I welcome your opinion.

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