Thursday , March 30 2023

Wife enjoys the kiss and touch of another

Watching my wife dress never fails to send a tingle
through my loins. And tonight I was getting a special
treat. It was my 40th birthday and Stacey agreed to wear
a slinky little dress bought just for the occasion. At
the bathroom sink I was pretending to wash. Really I was
watching. Watching my wife tenderly shave her legs. Her
supple skin stretched firm as the razor glided over her
calves, then leisurely up her thighs. I savored each pass
of the cold steel against her supple skin.

Stacey, pausing for a precious few seconds appeared to be
lost in thought. My eyes wondered to her neatly trimmed
pussy. Then In disbelief, I watched as a few quick swipes
shaved her pussy bald. Gees my wife’s sweet pussy was
smooth hairless for the first time sense being a child! I
even heard a soft “MMMMM” as she ran her hand gently
across her fresh new pussy.

Returning to her legs Stacey massaged in a little baby
lotion making them smooth as silk. This was a good thing
too for the dress she was to wear was short and her legs
would be on display. Tastefully short mind you. Stacey
would be elegant, but unable to hide her sexuality.

I have ogled my wife’s body for 15 years. But now with
the kids at grandma’s the evening was alive with promise
and my ogling was soaring to new heights. Stacey was now
changing into her panties. She wiggled out of her
everyday cotton ones and delicately picked up a pair of
imported French panties. I had given them to her for
Christmas and spent over 200 dollars. Right now they were
worth every cent.

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