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Wife humiliates husband in front of his workmate

We had been out for a meal and drinks with a business colleague – John. John was a guy who I had never liked. But he was fairly high up in the company and I didn’t want to upset him, so even when my wife Jean had got quite drunk and invited him home with us for a nightcap I didn’t object.

When we got home Jean made us some more drinks and put on some music. I was fairly miffed when she asked John to dance and leaving me sat in my chair they started to dance together to a slow number. Half way through the number I saw John suddenly pull Jean close in to him and wrap both arms around her slim body. “Oh John really” she said “not in front of my husband.” John just grinned across to me “Oh I’m sure Steve doesn’t mind, after all we do work closely together in the office.” His grin faded as he said this and I could tell that there was a veiled threat to damage my career if I objected. I said nothing.

They continued to dance and I saw that he was taking every opportunity to peer down my wife’s blouse into her cleavage. Jean noticed too and I thought I saw her deliberately rub her breasts across his chest. I caught him whispering something into her ear and as he did so she looked guiltily across to where I was sat morosely watching them. They continued to dance and I watched as one of his hands slipped down her back – he turned her body away from me as they danced, but I was sure that his hand was now resting on her ass. As they danced in this position I couldn’t see what was happening behind her, but the look on her face told me that he was caressing her ass and that she was deliberately teasing me by allowing him to do it.

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