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Wife introduces a new aspect to his cuckold life

I heard the door open and my wife stumbled in. It was late but no later than her usual night out with the girls. She staggered into the bedroom and I could see in her eyes that she was drunk, which was also the norm for her weekly girls night out.

I knew what would come next.

She peeled her clothes off and left them in a pile beside the bed which creaked as she climbed onto it and straddled my head. Her strong muscular thighs touched my cheeks as she steadied herself against the wall.

I could smell the sweet aroma of her arousal as she lowered her wet pussy to my waiting mouth. My hands slid up her flat stomach to her pert b cup tits and gently squeezed them as gravity combined with her contracting cunt muscles to fill my mouth with warm thick cum. I swallowed the creamy goo and then sucked her meaty pussy lips into my mouth as she ground her hard clit against my nose.

“Suck my cunt piggy,” she moaned softly as I licked and sucked her well fucked pussy.

She had been fucked hard and her pussy was gaping. He’d been well hung but his load was disappointingly small.

“Did his cum taste good piggy?” she teased as I continued to swallow drops of man juice that I licked from her lips.

“Mmm,” I moaned into her grotto as I plunged my tongue and bottom jaw inside my wife’s gapping pussy in search of more cum. She rode my face hard and it was coated with her delicious juices when my lips found her hard swollen clit. I sucked it into my mouth and flicked my tongue across it over and over until she came hard on my face.

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