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Wife : Let her enjoy and other enjoy her

It was not like from the beginning, but started latter. I married her when she was 24 yrs old and fortunate to have married a girl with whom I fell in love with. She is a brahmin girl..totally orthodox wears saree and mangalsutra and big bindi all the time..a typicall village upbringing.

I would to share all this with you step by step..but would first want to start with an eager to type in whats happening right now for the past 4 hrs. Three of my office managers are in my house and one by one are going into my bedroom and getting their life time experience of sex with my wife. She didn’t want this in the beginning and said totally no…but after 30 minutes into it she kind of gave up and right now is enjoying and craving for more rounds. I knew she had this deep hidden sex drive and thirst in her but had to unleash it. And now she is experiencing the thrill of sex with other men. I love her and will never leave her…so I wanted her to have something which many woman can just fantasize…thats having sex with other men without guilt of hiding it form husband. And also wanted others who have not such pretty wifes to taste and see whats sex is like with a beautiful one.

To describe my wife…i should say she is like young vidya balan…like in movie parneeta…traditional sareee wearing mangalsutra wearing obedient shy and typical Indian House Wife.

I will tell all…but may not be in the order it happened. First let me start with whats happening now.

These three managers from pune plant came to visit our plant and I met them in office. They saw my family photo on table and said..what a pretty family your son has your wifes features and she is stunning…i felt little uncomfortable as same time proud and also a tingle in my sex drive as i saw these three middle aged around 4 yrs old managers where one is super fit and other two with stomach and bald head look not that attractive …and thought of them having their way with my wife. Immediately I said, come for dinner tonight to our house. they readily accepted as they live in a hotel.

Today was the day…I planned all to perfection. I had them come to home at 7pm. I dint tell my wife and arranged for movie night at home like we do usually for enjoying blue films and have sex with my son sent to her parents house for that night who live 3 kms away.

At 6pm I started a movie in the hall where there was decent group sex videos which usually she first says No chi chi…but keeps looking gets hot and then has a tremendous session. So after 15 minutes I started touching her and slowly slipped by hand into her saree and petti coat and while feeling her cunt asked…do u want to imagine yourself like that. She didnt answer for a while…then said yesss but noooo. She was feeling bad to admit. I slowly took out hand and raised her saree up and took off her panties and started kissing her and licking her thighs for minutes without touching her cunt. Teased her to the limits where she was begging. Then at that time the door bell rang…I got up and rushing to door by saying might be the papperwala for money..let me send him away and just opened the door swiftly.There were my 3 managers…I said hello hello come in and turned on hall lights. and THATS IT…the most favorite scene of my life…FOREVER

My wife was shocked to hell and was trying to get up the sofa and didnt know whether to first get her pallu and half opened blouse in place or get the saree and petticoat in place. Her fumble time and running into the bedroom time gave all the 3 managers a clear view of her thighs ..shoulders..cleavage..and while she was running inside here back..almost naked as the blouse had shifted away to the sides totally.

The room was silent and I turned to them an said…sorry we were watching a movie and the movie was on where there were three enjoying a young woman. two were watching while one was having his way with her. The two were waiting for their turns.

I let the movie play and asked them to sit and said I will be back in a while. I went and got 2 bottles of whisky ice and glasses and put them on the table. All 3 of them were in shock and there was a awkward silence with 2 of them looking at the bedroom door. The smart looking gus saw her panties on floor and picked them up and he could feel the witness of my wifes pussy on it and was handing over to me while others still watched the movie. I said “oh she forgot it here…” and took them. Then I switched off the TV and we started talking but they were in a high aroused mood from the movie and the live scene they saw. After a while I said…if you want one of you can you go inside and give her these panties she left behind meanwhile I will fix something for us all to eat. And the smart guy got up slowly and took it form my hands still unsure. Then i said “Take your time..this is her first time so dont hurt her…give some time and she will not only given in but give back pleasure and enjoy with you all” Saying that I went into kitchen and turned on the monitors I had set up to watch…..

Before i go ahead with what happened….jusy a small short flash back…
The first few years of our marriage myself and my wife wnjoyes each other a lot. Then we had a kid and things started slowing down. Thats when i started these fantasies where we started involving unknown people during sex and both of us enjoyed it a lot. Of all the fantasises i noticed that she enjoyed the ones where she was with someone having sex in our house in our bed

Before i go ahead with what happened….just a small short flash back…

The first few years of our marriage myself and my wife enjoyed each other a lot. Then we had a kid and things started slowing down. That’s when i started these fantasies where we started involving unknown people during sex and both of us enjoyed it a lot. Of all the fantasies i noticed that she enjoyed the ones where she was with someone having sex in our house in our bed. She used to reach peaks and have great orgasms…we used to go to the lengths of her being taken by a gang of gundas and each of them fucking her one after another whole night and then next day in turns…we used to talk fantasies like her bringing some one from her office (no names taken but sure she had some one in mind) and having sex in our home on our bed and he using her to his will….
Then next day morning she would say…please I feel guilty do not remind me of what all I spoke…I used to say “you enjoyed a lot just thinking of it…no wonder you will enjoy in reality…I will make it happen one day” she used to say “shut up” and end the topic.

So while two 40 year old managers sat in the hall…the late twenties manager who was fit with a excellent gym maintained body went inside our bedroom with my wifes panties in his hand. Now I started watching on the screens which I has set up …

My wife was sitting on the bed…still shocked by the way she had to run away from the hall with all clothes out of place. She just sat there with her blouse and petticoat back in place neatly hooked and tied and her saree in her hand as she was about to wear it…she was sitting and looking in vain…as she couldn’t believe what happened and was waiting for me to come into the bedroom…

Now as the door opened she just ran and hugged ..not know its Ravi the fit manager. Ravi was shocked but when she started crying taking my name he understood she thought it was me and hugged her back. She was in no mood to realize and so he continued to feel her. This was the first time in my life i was seeing my wife felt by some one. After 1 minute she realized some difference and looked up and was hell shocked..she screamed my name and pushed him away and started running to door. I felt little bad…but wanted to give some time and see what would happen and something was telling e that she will enjoy. While she was running he caught her by her waist and pulled her to him and started nibbling her earlobes with his mouth once he locked her in his arms.She was giving a good fight back. So he lifted her and laid her down on the bed. By now she understood that I had decided to give her one of her fantasies in reality. But fantasies are fantasies …different to reality it was tough to digest in begining..

Once he laid her down..she rolled to the other end of the bed and pulled a blanket all over her and started saying “please go away…tell my husband to come in”
Ravi: see u r lucky..he is ok with it. just have it once with us three we will show you heaven after that decide if you want to have more or not.
(saying that he removed his shirt and his abs and muscles came to view…it was perfect and she did take a quick glance for sure)
Wife: no no no..its a misunderstanding
Ravi: may be. I need to have you now. here are your panties come one take it and wear it.
wife: after you touched it.
Ravi: really…
(he got little angry and lifted her legs to 45 degrees which made her blanket and petticoat roll down her legs and he still lifted the legs ore and widened them and then stared for a while looking at the beauty of her legs tighs and then saw her wearing a blue laced panty)
Ravi : u already wore a new pair..ok ok now i can understand.

Saying that he sowly placed her legs down and slept by her. She rolled into the blanket and was not allowing hi to feel her and was pushing him away.
Ravi : So you don’t want to give in easily…that’s good adds spice. You are so beautiful and this fight of yours makes me want u more. After seeing your thighs…I need a lot of time to enjoy u leisurely

He looked around for some rope or something to ties her up…but then got an idea and texted this other two colleagues to come in. They both came came to me in kitchen where I was watching the monitors I had set up and told that they are also going in and not to disturb until they are done. one of them also said “we will take good care and we know what husbands like you want…to enjoy her in leisure…explore every part of her to our content and then fuck her slow and hard and long by taking turns and then come inside her one after other” he said this patted me on my back and went towards the bedroom. I started looking at the monitors but it was not that slipped through our other room into bedroom and hid by the closet so none can see me.

By the time I got in the scene was a million dollar scene…
My wife was holding onto the blanket like holding on to her life while the other two managers took seats in the chairs by the either side of the bed. And one should see Ravi…he was outlining her figure on the blanket liesurely feeling all her curves.

santosh : hey what is she wearing under the blanket
Ravi: u want to tell or shall i tell him
My wife was ashamed to the core and was almost in tears. But these three were enjoying it.

Ravi slowly took his hands into the she cant resist hi as if she does she loose control and grip over the blanket and then all three Ravi Santosh and Sashi will be able to see her in blouse and petticoat. So this was Ravis plan..he doesnt need to tie her down…just keep on exploring at his will.

Ravi slipped his hands in and started feeling her stomach waist (all we can see is from above the blanket and imagining where his hands are stopping). Whille on her stomach..he slow traced her petticoat with his fingers and slowly spoke to to my wife near her ears

Ravi : shall I take off your petticoat so that I can feel your naked thighs legs and also your panty
Wife: Please no no no…pleasseeee
Ravi: see how they both are watching…u have to

And while talking he removed the knot and slowly started to slide down the petticoat while watching her face of shame and Ravi was enjoying it. She was still holding on to the blanket while santosh and sashi waited for a moment for the blanket to give in and show them her thighs. Ravi finished pushing the petticoat to her legs and then he slipped into the blanket and slowly with his legs pushed the petticoat away full down. Santosh took the petticoat and started looking at wife in her eyes which were in shame and guilt as she was being stared by 3 men while she didnt wear anything under the blanket except for panties, blouse and bra. While santosh was standing by her and looking at her Ravi did something which none in the room expected…he ripped her lacy panties and took them out of the blanket…and said “wow these are wet” and kissed the panty in the wet ares where my wifes juices were there and inhaled it and threw it to sashi. I was releaved to know that yes she has started to enjoy..atleast the body is giving the signals

At this time all she had was blouse and bra…while she was concentrating on her legs not being seen by adjusting and holding on to blanket Ravi took off her blouse (which he had to rip) and also the bra. Now my wife naked under the blanket and Ravi stood up to get fully naked and yes he had what she wants…he was well hung. Then he slipped into the blanket and said ‘Wow’ at his first naked skin to skin touch with my wife’s body under the blanket with 3 others in the room watching. Thats it from there for the next 07 minutes he kissed my wife all over and over..licked her earlobes…kissed all over her face neck and then while seeing her and smiling at her he will go inside the blanket and do whatever he wants with her breasts , waist, thighs at his leisure as she cant stop him as she was still holding the blanket for the fear of being seen by others in the room. After 15 minutes of enjoying her ..she was slowly giving up and getting all heated. he smiled at her…gave a big mouth to mouth kiss and then mounted her and got his cock into her. I could see her eyes rolling over and eyelids half shut and her mouth making a O shape as he started pump in and out and as to accommodate she had to widen her legs and wrap them around Ravi…this made santosh and sahsi get the first glimpse of her beautiful thighs calfs ,,,etc While Ravi was pounding her hard and hard and hard…she started moaning more and more never before as she was getting a new taste of sex by a different man. Ravis asked “can i come in you” my wife said “…hmmmaa hhhaaa ahhhh as u wish do what u want toooo aahhhh” At this pint Ravi exploded in her and she held him tight for a while. ravi liked her sore breats lovingly and then rolled off to give a clear open view to santosh and sashi now.

When she realized that she was on nude display she kind of got her shame shame feeling kicked it was embrassed and turned to her side immediately covering her breasts with hands and was facing Ravi while her back was towards santosh and sashi.. Ravi looked at her and slowly tried removing her hands so that he can continue to lick and suck those breasts. She didnt remove them immediately. he started talking to her. Ravi : you have a wonderdul cunt you know..its warm..ots tight and u were gripping it awesomely….sashi you will like her..with ur big one u can enjoy like her like fucking a teenage pussy.With this sashi got up and started removing his pants and then his undewear and threw them onto the bed to a corner and what i saw was amazingly anazing….its was atleast 8 inches long and 4 inches in circumference and looked hard like a rod …mostly at looking at her ass which was positioned to the side of the bed. He got onto bed and in one swift motion slept by her and also entered her from the side…just 2 inches popped in and she was shocked and didnt know what to as she was sandwiched between both and couldn’t escape. Ravi smiled and gave her a mouth to mouth kiss and just stayed there…feeling her efforts to take sashi in…in other words…trying to accomodate sashis big fat there was no way to run away. Ravi explored her face licked all over and kisses her deep into her mouth exploring with his tongue…while sashi started giving her love bites on her neck while moving in and out.

This was another million dollar scene…two managers of mine in my bed with thier pants and underwears all over the bed along with my wifes clothes and they were savouring my wife sexually to thier will. I had to open my pant and start shagging…it was too much to take for me.
I started looking at my wife and mannnn…she was in 7th heaven…as she always wanted in fantasies back to back sex one after another as getting a orgasm for her takes long and i always had to use vibrators and tools after 45 minutes of me fucking her…she was moaning and started kissing back ravi whole heartedly in the heat. Her mangalsutra was seen between her breasts and ravis chest and her bangles were making sounds and her anklets (pattelu) also.

After 07 minutes Ravi got up and wore just his pants and walked out of bedroom…probably to check on me.sashi now turned my wife into a Rockygie position and started ramming like anything…for every thurst of his…she was moaning and making sexy happy sounds. Santosh was waiting for his turn.

I sneaked out into the hall from the other door and met Ravi. He saw me and said
Ravi : Thanks man…its really a treat. We got fed up with getiing the escort and call girls. A house wife fuck and that too some one like her …Thanks and also its going to be a while probably years until we get fed up of her…as she has a cunt and body second to none.

Saying that he poured a drink into his glass and sat on yhe couch….in few minutes sashi came out and then after few minutes we heard very loud noises from bedroom it was like she was yaelling in pain. ..both ravi and sashi smiled an said….” santosh is bigger than both of us…she will need to widen her legs wide to take him and he goes for a long time”

Thats it with the background noised i just sat there with a drink. .thinking of my wife inside having her life time sex.

Around 07 minutes passed by and still the sounds of moaning and grunting were ON from the room…i looked at sashi and ravi and said…” its her first time with someone other than me do you think she is fine” then ravi said “lets watch ans see”

Ravi and sashi had anyhow finsihed thier pegs so we walked towards the bedroom. Once Ravi opened the bedroom door….hm! the scene was awesome. There was my wife without any clothes our bedroom ..on our bed…with santhosh between her legs….going in and out with a constant rhythm and he was licking and kissing her all over her neck and cheeks …while looking at her all the time.

Now my wife…was hugging him so tight as though she didnt want to let him go or was controlling his pace to go slow. She had had eyes closed and mouth half open ans everytime he went in she was moaning. It was ….tooooo much of a beauty of a scene. After 1 minute i talked and asked my wife if she was ok. She didnt open her eyes…out of shame of being watched by 3 men while one who is not her husband was have sex with her. Santosh looked at me and with a smile which was telling me ‘yes she is man” ….then he did something which blew me away….

He stopped going in and out and just took out his penis and kept it at her entrance and started looking at her….she then opened her eyes and looked at him. He gave a smile to her too mischievously and just stayed there. She waitied for 30 seconds trying to hug him tight like asking him to start and keep going…but he still didnt but started kissing her lips slowly. Thats it …it was the heights of wait she can do at.that point and she slowly started raising her hips and thrust them towards his cock and shifted her hamds to his butt and pressing it at same time. Santosh looked at me and kept on looking while my wife doing the work while below him ..and in 1 minute he grunted and tightened his muscles and came in her. It was like forever…….he then popped his cock out and lay down by her …and while kissing her on her neck he used his hands to widen her legs …Ravi made me walk to.the foot of the bed…and made me see….her pussy. Mannnnnnn it was all used and had sperm tricking down. Ay this point …Santosh dipped his finger into it and put it into my wifes mouth…who gently sucked his finger and drafted away into sleep…it was all…THREE too much for her.

Santosh: The best I had in years…such warmth and tightness and gripping feeling inside her pussy…it was only in teenagers where I had that experience…rare in house wives that too with a kid …
Ravi : I told you
Sashi: But still after three of us in a row I feel bad that she didnt get a orgasm…like a finale type..she had all small short kind of O’s

(The way Sashi spoke gave me the confidence that she is right hands who even care about her needs tooo)

Santosh: ALL that tightness and gripping inside her and the soft skin and luscious lips and that dimple in the cheeks and her beautiful neck and medium size apt to the size and shape breasts…made it hard for me to control
Ravi: I dont about you all but I am ready for my next round…
(he jumped onto the bed and threw down her blanket. She was in trance and tired)
Me: Ravi sir its enough for today…
Ravi: no way..the night is still young
Me: But its her first time
(he was looking at her naked body and couldnt stop)
Santosh:ok one condition we will stop today…you need to get her to office tomorrow

I was thinking about what Ravi just said and during that time my wife was pulling her blanket upto her chest while still in trance and too tired. Ravi didn’t allow so the blanket was half covered…

Ravi was full ON seeing her and his was 90 degrees upright…he just pressed it on her sooth thigh and started nibbling at her ears and making her feel his breath. Sashi and santosh were watching and sashi had that glow in eyes to go once more. At this point santosh told…i would say lets go once more..she is so tired that she wont be able to come to office tomorrow and that we way she can get all day rest tomorrow and be ready for day after. Sashi was nodding yes while Ravi was licking her neck slowly and getting upto her cheeks,,,like long and lengthy strokes starting from neck upto her cheeks.

To be honest…deep inside there was a slight excitement which started in me of the thought that all three of them going one more round with my wife. Like she is lying down on our bed naked below that half covered blanket with Ravi trying to get her aroused. And even if she doesnot get aroused I wanted those three managers to have their way with her body once more. Enjoy my beautiful wife to their HEARTFUL…i know its rare for a man to get someone like her…looks and body of any hot actress on top of being a house wife and then in her house on her bedroom bed with her husbands permission to enjoy…hmmmmm…if i were in their shoes i would have loved one more go. But I didn’t tell this aloud. I said…

Me: But ist her first time..she wont be bale to
Sashi: ok in that case…we will see if she wants it. If her body gives one signal you have to let us have her one more time..even if she says no and fight back
Me: oooook

Listening to this Ravi got fully into her blanket and knelt is between her thighs…he started doing something which we all couldnt see as the blanket was covering both Ravi and wifes waist area. After a while I understood that he was rubbing his dicks bulb on her clitoris and watching for a signal. Looks like it was soothing for her especially after the rampage she had so she just let out a light moan. Thats it sashi declared “yes we can go ahead now” And with this Ravi went all the way in and my wife opened eyes fully shocked with that penetration and started pushing Ravi saying “no more..i am all sore..please ” Ravi said “ok ok…I will go slow but you have take us all”

saying this Ravi started going slowly in and out …he was trying to control his urge to bang her hard….at this point sashi said to me

sashi: its better if you go out of the bedroom now.
me: why
sashi: we will go little wild and do things which she may not like now…but latter she will not only get used but also will love it
me: but
santosh: dont worry …we will be gentle…she is a precious one for us also now we will take good care

I hesitantly walked out while sashi escorted me and then bolted the room from inside. I sat in the hall and within 2 minutes i heard the bed creaking and my wife moaning loud and loud. I ran to kitchen to watch the monitors sacred of that she might be getting forced on…but what I saw on monitor was mind blowing. My shy wife was on top of Ravi and riding him like there’s no tomorrow. Sashi and Santosh were sitting in the chairs and watching and waiting for their turn. Ravi was in heaven…holding onto her breasts…squeezing them and seeing her mangalsutra on her neck dangling up and down. After few minutes he pulled her closer onto him and started sucking on her breasts while she was riding him. And then he hugged her tightly and with his mouth glued to hers and sucking her tongue he came in her …wowww that was one best scenes.

What hapened next was…Sashi and Santosh got the same treatment done to them. And while on Santosh…thats when my wife had her full fledged ORGASM…it was what they call Squirting one…the first in her LIFE. She fell onto the bed and was with all smiles and drifted away into sleep.

All three got dressed up leisurely …took some pictures of their TROPHY…like all the love bite marks on her fair body..the pool of sperm between her legs..her broken bangles…her mangalsutra…her anklets…

The opened the bedroom and came into the hall…they were looking like three warriors who got well served by my wife…they were fully satisfied

Ravi: good that you went out…we knew that she was feeling little shy with u in there. You might have watched the monitors for sure…she became a lioness (Thanks for them to not using the word slut or bitch…i really respected that) and gave us immense pleasure.

Sashi: She was so hot inside and gripping,,,you have go one wondeful SEX lady in ther

Santosh: Its been a challenge..I will need many more sessions to go all the way 45 minutes act I do with my dick

They all shaked my hands and left saying “Thanks and take care of her tomorrow by staying home and get her ready soon” I smiled back.

I locked the door and went into the bedroom….and slept beside my wife hugging her from behind so that she know I AM OKAY WITH WHAT ALL HAPPENED AND IF ANYTHING I LOVE HER MORE NOW


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