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Wife Loves Attention

My wife loves attention, I know what woman doesn’t, right? However, Mary seems to crave attention from the boys more than any female I’ve ever known. She is lucky, and so am I by the way, that she has a great body. It isn’t hard for her to draw the attention that she so craves. She is 5’7″, 130 pounds of pure lust. She has a great rack, 36C and an even better ass, perfectly round and perky. She has dark hair and beautiful very light olive skin, she is Italian after all.

Mary has always demanded attention no matter the venue; she even wears provocative clothing to church. Of course when we go to the beach, she has to wear the tightest of bikinis. She often will even wear a thong. At 25 she can still get away with it. This provides for excellent camel toe, especially in her thong bikini.

Along with craving attention Mary is she is a tremendous tease. Since she is so beautiful and flirts, I have had to put up with a gazillion guys trying to come on to her. At first, I used to get insanely jealous and then I learned that only turned her on more. So I decided to play it cool and pretend the all the attention she received didn’t bother me. In reality I knew how lucky I was to have her as my bride as I am only average looking at best. I still can’t figure out why she married me. And to be honest I love the attention she gets as it makes me feel like a stud that such a hot babe would marry me.

Anyway, this story starts when we were about to celebrate our second anniversary. I wanted to go on an exotic romantic getaway but Mary had other plans. She suggested we have a romantic weekend at home. We live close to Lake Michigan and it was August so she wanted to spend the day at the beach and then a candle lit supper that night in a nearby city. I love the beach, Mary gets so much attention that she gets really hot and we end up fucking like animals when we get home, so I agreed to her plans.

On the morning of our anniversary Mary got up earlier than me to shower. When I heard the shower I got out of bed and quietly tipped toed up to the shower to open door to surprise her and get a peek at that beautiful naked body. I always love to peek in the shower to watch the water cascading down her beautiful breasts, it just drives me insane, I was mildly surprised to see her sitting on the bench we have in the shower shaving herself down there. I know she has had many a bikini waxes before so she can wear her thong but to completely shave her pussy was quite a turn on for me. She had done it once before when we were dating but she said she didn’t like it because of the stuble that grows back and itches.

She was almost done shaving and the glisten on her pussy lips told me she was already hot. I dropped my robe and went to step into the shower when she pushed me back out and told me that she wanted to save herself for this evening after the beach. I was rock hard but reluctantly agreed. I got my bathing suit and the swimming gear around and waited for her to come downstairs so we could head off to the beach.

My cock sprang to attention again as I saw her walking down the stairs. She had on a new swimming suit that was the sexiest yet. Her tits were barely covered by the cloth, in fact you could see the round mounds from the side and she was a wear a thong bottom that wrapped around her waste but left little to the imagination below. The cloth just covered her pussy lips, I mean barely. As she turned to model the suit for me I could see it rode up her ass leaving her two firm smooth globes that left her ass totally exposed.

I was shocked out of my lust when it hit me she planned to wear that in public. I told her she couldn’t wear that to the beach, after all, it was a family beach we usually go to. She told me she had heard about an adult only beach a few miles north of our usual beach. I hesitated but she was so hot and seemed so excited about going I agreed once again to her plans.

We piled all the beach stuff in the car and as we drove I turned the air up a little higher just to watch her nipples harden and dart out of her suit like arrowheads. I followed her directions and turned off on an old dirt road that worried me as it didn’t look very public. When we arrived at the parking lot there were about ten cars there. I figured it must be a public beach as there were five or six people walking down a path to the beach.

We spread our stuff out and Mary lay down on her stomach and asked me to put some lotion on her. I sprung to my knees and started rubbing her body all over, starting with her back and ending with her ass. I looked around and saw there was a couple of guys setting up a volleyball net and about five other couples at the beach, most of them were in their 30s as we are. A very fine looking brunette was kneeling about 10 yards to our right and rubbing lotion on her partner’s back. Her tits were about the same size and width as Mary’s and I really enjoyed looking at them as I massaged the lotion into Mary’s ass.

I let my fingers run up and down Mary’s ass crack and rub ever so slightly against her thong-clad pussy as I was applying the lotion. I could see and feel that she was wet. I took my eyes off her ass and there to my right, about 10 feet from us, was a man with in a speedo that was tighter than Mary’s thong. I noticed Mary was staring right at his huge bulge that clearly outlined his cock. I mean I could not only tell that he was big but I could make out the veins on his shaft and the exact outline of his mushroom head. It had to be at least twice the size of mine limp. I looked down again at Mary and saw that her pussy was wetter than 30 seconds ago.

A pang of jealously came over me. I looked back at the brunette over my right shoulder and concentrated on her beautiful rack. Her partner had switched with her and was now applying lotion to her back and had undid her top. I could see the side of her mounds as they pressed into the blanket as he massaged her back. Suddenly, she rolled over and flashed me the full view of those gorgeous breasts as her top fell off to the side. I looked up at her partner to see his reaction, he just looked over at me and just winked.

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