Tuesday , January 31 2023

Wife receives help with broken down car

I had just received a phone call from the Director of my daughter’s summer camp informing me that I had forgotten to pack her allergy medicine and needed to bring it as soon as possible. After I had gotten over the frustration of having to drive three hours to bring the medicine, I showered, put on a floral pattern summer dress and began my drive. Leaving town, I called my husband and told him I would be home late, as I had to drive to camp with the medicine and he would have to get dinner for himself and our son.

I had been driving for over a little more than two hours, when my minivan started to make a rattling noise and the next thing I knew the car had shut down. Not knowing where I was or if anyone would be coming by soon, I started walking looking for a phone, due to the fact that my cell phone had no reception out here in the middle of nowhere.

The first business I came across was a bar that would be receiving a compliment if referred to as a dive. There were about 5 or 6 motorcycles parked outside. I went to the door of the bar and opened it, only to find that I couldn’t see anything. The bar was so dark inside it left me standing in the doorway temporarily sightless.

Once my eyes had adjusted to the light I realized that everyone in the bar was looking at me, most likely wondering what a suburban mom, standing all of 5’3″ with brown hair, brown eyes and a 36D chest, was doing in a place like this. The crowd in the bar was mainly men, although I did see one other woman.

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