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Wife receives help with broken down car

I had just received a phone call from the Director of my daughter’s summer camp informing me that I had forgotten to pack her allergy medicine and needed to bring it as soon as possible. After I had gotten over the frustration of having to drive three hours to bring the medicine, I showered, put on a floral pattern summer dress and began my drive. Leaving town, I called my husband and told him I would be home late, as I had to drive to camp with the medicine and he would have to get dinner for himself and our son.

I had been driving for over a little more than two hours, when my minivan started to make a rattling noise and the next thing I knew the car had shut down. Not knowing where I was or if anyone would be coming by soon, I started walking looking for a phone, due to the fact that my cell phone had no reception out here in the middle of nowhere.

The first business I came across was a bar that would be receiving a compliment if referred to as a dive. There were about 5 or 6 motorcycles parked outside. I went to the door of the bar and opened it, only to find that I couldn’t see anything. The bar was so dark inside it left me standing in the doorway temporarily sightless.

Once my eyes had adjusted to the light I realized that everyone in the bar was looking at me, most likely wondering what a suburban mom, standing all of 5’3″ with brown hair, brown eyes and a 36D chest, was doing in a place like this. The crowd in the bar was mainly men, although I did see one other woman.

The only time I had seen rough looking men such as the patrons in this bar was on the television. I summoned my courage and walked across the bar to where bartender was standing cleaning some glasses. The bartender asked what I was having; I said that I only needed to use the phone to call a tow truck. As I was talking to the bartender a man that was on a stool next to where I was standing slowly traced his hand up my leg and patted me on the behind. I froze on the spot and am sure I looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

The bartender pointed to the back of the bar and said the pay phone was back by the bathrooms, but that the man over by the jukebox worked for the tow service. I thanked the bartender and quickly started for the man, wanting to get away from the man with his hand on my ass.

I approached the man and asked if he could help, explaining that my car had broken down and I needed to have it towed. Before he said a word I watched his eyes trail up and down my body. As his eyes traveled over me I got a look at him, he appeared to be a bear of man, with big hairy arms protruding from rolled up flannel sleeves, a full beard and long hair covered by an old dirty hat.

Once he had finished looking me over, he smiled up at me telling me his name was Jed and that he would be happy to help. I thanked him so much telling him my name was Tricia. He asked if I would like to ride to the garage with him, where he would get his tow truck and I could show him where my car had broken down.

Jed and another man named Kyle got up from their seats, Jed telling me that Kyle was a mechanic at the garage, and started for the door with me following behind. Kyle was a tall man, younger than Jed, with dirty blonde hair, a lean body, but generally unkempt looking. Once outside, I watched as Jed got onto a large motorcycle patting the seat behind him and holding out a helmet for me to wear. Kyle mounted the motorcycle next to Jed’s.

I took the helmet from Jed and with some difficulty got onto the motorcycle. Suddenly, I felt a powerful vibration rising from the seat, sending a jolt straight to my cotton panty covered pussy. Looking down, I saw that my sundress had ridden up past the middle of my thigh. In an attempt to cover myself I moved my body as close to Jed as I could and put my hands on his sides.

Jed revved the bike a couple of times and I could feel stronger vibrations going up my thighs and again culminating at my pussy. I could feel my face flush, clenching my teeth so as not to moan out loud from the this new pleasure I was experiencing. Jed put the bike into motion with a start and I reacted by strengthening my grip on his sides to keep from falling off the back of his bike.

Holding onto Jed tightly I could feel my breasts pressing into his back, not knowing whether he noticed, but not caring as I enjoyed the feeling the bike was giving me.

After we had been riding for 15 or 20 minutes I was near orgasm when I noticed Jed turning off onto a dirt road. We traveled down the road until we arrived at large willow tree near a small pond. Jed turned off his bike as Kyle pulled up beside us. I asked what was going on and Jed said that feeling my tits pressing into his back was making him horny and he needed some relief. I looked to Kyle for help, but all I got was a mischievous grin that said he liked where this was going.

Having been so close to orgasm minutes earlier I was feeling hornier than I had in quite some time, and with that I threw caution to wind and started to unzip the back of my sundress. Jed rose from the bike and took a roll off the back and spread it out under the willow tree.

As I got off the bike I let the dress slip from my body, leaving me in only my bra with my nipples straining against the fabric, moist panties and sandals.

Kyle took my wrist and led me to the blanket where Jed was removing his clothes, he turned me so I was facing Jed and removed my bra. Kyle reached around my body cupping my breasts, lightly pulling on my growing nipples, causing me to let out a soft moan.

Jed approached me, hooking his thumbs in the waistband of my panties and pulled them down my thighs until I stepped out of them. I looked up into Jed’s eyes as he towered over me and saw the hunger that was emanating from his gaze.

Jed put one hand onto my breast and squeezed it hard as his other hand reached for my pussy. Once his hand made contact with my pussy I instinctually spread my legs further apart and felt his rough fingers running across my folds.

Jed told Kyle how wet I was and thrust two fingers into me, making me gasp and my legs quiver slightly; followed by a passionate groan escaping my lips. I put my hands on Jed’s hairy chest to catch myself and felt Kyle’s naked body pressing into me from behind.

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