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Wife seduced by her boss – Indian Wife & Boss

It’s a good time to be in Delhi during late February and March. It’s the time Delhi witness spring season, lifting the spirits of Delhits. However, Meena was not in best of the moods as she got out of the car and walked to her flat, she had a rather bad day and on top of it, the Delhi traffic was hell. She was now working with HDFC Bank for six months and had to put in long hours.

She entered the flat and found Ravi, her husband already home. He was working with a rating agency for last five years. He looked at her, “you are late today also.”

“Ya honey lot of work and deadlines,” she explained but he was not satisfied and looked suspicious. She ignored him as she knows his nature especially when she is late at work. It all started when she had told him about her boss trying to get into her pants, he was mad and was ready to confront her boss. She somehow managed to calm him down and told him that she can handle it. He listened to her and didn’t go after her boss but become unreasonably suspicious about her working in the same office with that boss. She told him many times that he should be reasonable as little bit of flirting every working girl goes through but he always fear that her boss may score over her.

The things got so worse that she has to leave a rather lucrative job and settled for lest remunerative job with HDFC. Now she made it a point not to discuss anything about her office. The present boss was also hitting on her but she made it a point not to mention it to Ravi. Still whenever she is late he gets paranoid.

Ravi was lying on the sofa watching some news channel. Another thing she hated, like always she has to do all the house work while he stretch out lazily. It was not always like this, three years ago when they married he was so loving and caring always helping her in house but all of it changed so fast. Now she has to nudge him to help her and it always leads to bad mood and tension. During their courtship she always found him so understanding but she doesn’t know what happened now that he has turned into an incredulous person.

“Hi honey, how your day was,” he asked taking his eyes away from the screen.

“Worst,” she thought but didn’t want to share with him, “a bit tiring, how was yours.”

“OK,” he went back to watching the news which was being played and replayed since morning. Meena sighed and walked to the bedroom to change. She met Ravi while doing MBA and instantly they were a pair. Immediately after finishing collage and landing lucrative jobs both decided to get married and now at a young age of 26 she felt as if their marriage is heading towards disaster.

The job at HDFC was good as she loved her work but the same problem that her boss flirting with her. She had her share of male attention since she was young. She was 5’6, tall by Indian standards and had a perfect body of a model. Her boobs were not big but were firm and look great on her slim frame, adding on to it was her rather broad and round ass. She is an outgoing and open minded girl. This made the matter worse for her when it comes to work. She can handle co-workers and was always a no-nonsense type girl but with the boss it was always tough. Her open mindedness and easy going nature is often mistaken for her being an easy to get lady.

Pawar, her boss was trying everything to seduce her and unknown to her it was having its effect. She always found him attractive and good natured, although he was in mid forties but he looked much younger and fit. He was single, actually divorced and was still pursued by ladies. He seems to know how to handle women and was always able to score over sexy ladies.

“Hi Meena,” she heard a cheerful voice as she entered the lift to get to her office. She looked back and saw Mani, who worked with her.

“Hi,” she smiled. Meena had become good friends with him during the short period she is with the company. He was a slim, dark colour man from South India. He was not very handsome but his good humoured nature and easy going attitude almost make up for it, both of them hit well and were very open to each other.

“Looking sexy in this sari,” he commented.

“Stop it,” Meena blushed, “it’s not enough with Pawar that now you too start hitting at me.”

He laughed, “Ohh he is really found of you.”

“Fuck him,” she got irritated.

“Ya exactly what he wants,” Mani laughed.

Meena also smiled at this and walked to their office.

“You have to be a bit smart, men will always try to flirt with a woman so sexy like you and specially Pawar he is not as nice as he appears to be,” he spoke more seriously this time, “be careful of him.”

“Ya I will,” she spoke moving to her cubical. Meena liked him very much as he is the one with whom she can share lot of things and look for advice. He was the one who keeps her updated on all the gossips of the office. She looked upon him as a good friend whereas Mani was finding himself getting in love with her although he knew she was married.

Pawar saw her entering the office wearing the Sari tied below the navel showing her flat stomach. Her round ass was tightly dMolestationd in the saree and swayed as she walked to her cubicle. “She is hot,” he thought, “what it would be like to have her naked body under him.”

“Wow Meena, you look great, my god Ravi is lucky guy,” he commented as she entered his cabin, “is it any special day which I don’t know.”

She laughed her shinning teeth glittered, “nothing special, here is the data you requested, the budget, achievements, explanations to shortfall, everything.” She handed him over the sheets and looked at him he was looking rather smart in his new suite. She has to admit that if she was not married she would have enjoyed flirting with him.

“Maybe it’s your birthday, you are also dressed in a new suit,” she remarked.

“I don’t wear new suit for my birthday, my promotion interview is today.”

“Ohh…Ya I forgot… wish you all the best,” she replied.

“Thanks a lot, but don’t I deserve better… a hug maybe.”

“Ohh, you flirt,” she showed mock anger, “would you ever stop trying.”

He smiled and moved his hand forward as if trying to shake hands. She held his outstretched hand and he swiftly moved beside her. Slipping his other hand around her he pulled her into a hug.

“Ohh…Sir…,” she was taken by surprise and was lost for words. She cringed as his hand pressed hard on her bare back. She wore a blouse which was leaving a large part of her back bare. Her boobs were pressed against his chest. She blushed and pulled back; Pawar did not stop her and let her step back.

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