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Wife so wants to fit in with the ladies at the Country Club – Hot Wife Initiation

Jenna was so excited when the ladies at the Country Club finally asked her to go to lunch with them.

Finally she was being accepted. She was to meet them at an expensive restaurant she had been wanting to go to.

Jenna wore her yellow sleeveless summer dress that buttoned up the front with the white polka dots. The back was bare to her waist and the skirt of the dress flared out and stopped just above her knees.

It was just perfect for the spring weather. Underneath she wore thin white panties. Her bra was also white and made from the same white thin fabric.

It didn’t do much for support, but Jenna really didn’t need much support. Her breasts were firm and perky, perfect 34b’s.

Jenna exercised daily and kept in shape. She was 5’6″ with light brown hair that fell to her shoulders. She looked younger than her 38 years revealed.

As Jenna sat down at the table, their salads were served. She enjoyed her nice mixed greens highlighted with small orange slices and walnuts. The lunch conversation was light, and Jenna was made to feel welcomed.

All was going well until Susan, the oldest of the group at 65 years old, spoke up. “You know that our Country Club is very exclusive, and we have certain expectations of you. We have all talked about this and have decided to accept you into our group if you wish.”

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