Saturday , June 3 2023

Wife Swapping Session

Jeff and I have been best buddies since shortly after
he and Erin moved in next door four years ago. Jeff and
I have a lot in common, including a beautiful wife
each. Jeff’s wife is a very shapely brunette, almost 25
years old with a very sexy body, My wife, Cindy, is
about a year older and slightly taller. She has blonde
hair, a great body, and a beautiful face. Both girls
are really great looking.

Jeff and I like to go out bowling or bar hopping, and
one night after we’d had a few we got to talking about
our wives. We each said how great we thought the
other’s wife looked, only as we kept talking that
started coming out as how hot we thought she was.
Before long we were each admitting that we had had
fantasies about our buddy’s wife, and yeah, we
admitted, they had been very explicit sexual fantasies.
After a few more beers we were both saying out loud to
each other how much we’d love to fuck your woman. This
got us started talking about swapping.

After that night it seemed that every time we got
together the conversation would, at some point, come
around to how hot it would be if we could swap wives
for a few hours. The longer we talked the more serious
we got about the idea. It got to the point that I felt
we just had to this – I was thinking about fucking Erin
all the time now. It was affecting my work, and I
couldn’t sleep for thinking about her. Jeff said he was
the same way about my Cindy. We were both dying for
this to happen.

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