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Wife Wants Another Man To Join Us Part Three

My wife woke up and we would have made love but I was aching from all the effort the night before. We showered and she came in and asked if I had looked at the photos and film. I said yes, why would you download gay porn like that? She just laughed and off we went for the day. A week later, on Saturday, she said a friend who taught at the school she worked at was coming by later. She and I started having sex but I told her she forgot about her friend coming by. She said no, he was coming later.
She wanted to tie me down in the living room again and I said ok, that was fun and we were at it again, this time I wasn’t as drunk but still tipsy from drinking and was enjoying the dildo in my ass and then the one in my mouth again. So I’m tied down, dildo’s in each hole and the doorbell rings. I told her no, get me up first (as best I could around that stupid dildo in my mouth) and she walked away saying she couldn’t understand me. I froze, hoping she sent the person away and we could go back to what we were doing. Instead, I hear my name as I’m being introduced to a guy I don’t know while I’m in the middle of the living room naked with my ass up in the air, a dildo pushed in my ass and another filling my mouth.
OMG. I said hi around the dildo in my mouth and had my eyes closed. Then I felt his hands stroking my back and around my ass, and pushing the dildo in and out a little, saying it looks like your husband is having a little bit of fun tonight. No I wasn’t, not now. And his hands kept stroking me, between my legs, he pulled my dick back and stroked my dick and sat down behind me. I tried to say stop, let me up, I don’t want this. Then he says, “Your wife has shown me a lot of pictures of you over some weeks taking a dick in your ass and mouth and you tied down so you’d enjoy it, isn’t that right?” I found myself at a loss for her sharing those pics with a stranger to me, even if she did know him. He got up, asked her to use the bathroom and my wife said, “I’ll be right back, I need to get something in the car.’ I kept yelling around the dildo to not leave me there and she said, “I’ll be right back. You stay there,” and laughed.
What the hell? She’s gone and then I hear her friend come in the room and he sat down again behind me and started stroking my ass and sliding the dildo back and forth in my ass, which I was enjoying and moving my ass around to accommodate him doing this and he said, “Yeah, that’s a good cocksucker, just keep moving that ass around while I fuck you. You are a beautiful man with a great ass on you that looks like you enjoy being fucked. A lot maybe, from all the pictures your wife had.”
I was scared and turned on at the same time, he was pulling on my dick and fucking my ass nonstop. Then he stopped and walked around in front of me and sat down. He was naked and his dick was laying against my forehead he was so close. I shook my head no but he lifted my head and pulled the dildo out and shifted forward into me until his dick was in front of my face and I started to say no, I don’t suck dick when he said, “Open those pretty lips for me,” and pushed his dick in my mouth and then laid back against the hassock and slowly pumped his dick in my mouth back and forth. And I realized something, this was the dick I had sucked last week because it felt the same and tasted the same. I had already sucked this man til he came in me. I couldn’t believe my wife did this to me, and I couldn’t believe she left me with this naked man to Molestation my mouth and maybe my ass like this.
He sat back up and took hold of my head and he fucked my head back and forth on his dick for quite some time. Then he pulled out, put the dildo back in and walked around to my ass and pulled that dildo out and started fingering my ass. I was so worried what was going to happen; I kept shaking my head no, but he just kept saying, “Shhhh, just enjoy it.” Then he leaned up and slid his dick in my ass and started fucking me. I felt humiliated and a bit turned on by what was happening. I was being fucked by this hairy big build man who had a large cock on him that was presently fucking me steadily in the ass. He leaned down and kissed my neck, never stopping the fucking, which continued relentlessly. His dick was warm and big and I suddenly had the thought that, not only did he fuck my mouth and make me swallow his cum last week but he had fucked me too. I suddenly realized what had happened.
I just laid there and then started sucking that dildo in my mouth with tears in my eyes about what was happening to me and how I was actually enjoying his dick in my ass. It felt good and warm and… oh god, I’m being fucked. He spent quite a while fucking my ass, then back to my mouth and back in my ass. I was worn out. He asked me if I want his cum in my little pussy. Why was he calling my ass a pussy? Or did I want it in my mouth where I could swallow it? I shrugged my shoulders and he said dealer’s choice then.. and he fucked me harder and came in my ass, over and over, telling me what a great little cocksucker’s ass I had and he would be glad to keep fucking me whenever I needed a good dick in me. Then, he pulled out, slapped my ass and went and showered.
He came out and sat in front of me and pulled the dildo out of my mouth and said, “Dealer’s choice means the house wins, you get to swallow some cum tonight also,” and he proceeded to fuck my mouth until he came and I swallowed or I would have choked to death on his cock and all that cum. He left it in my mouth and patted my head, saying I was the best little cocksucker he knew of and that my ass was one of the better asses he’d fucked in his life. I couldn’t talk because, yet again, a dick was in my mouth. I just nodded to agree and laid there with his dick in my mouth and my ass full of cum.
My wife came home about then, of course she did, and she said, “You guys look like you had a great time.” He laughed and said, “Yes, I’ll be enjoying coming over here often to partake of your husband’s holes on a regular basis now that you’ve trained him to be such an excellent cocksucker and butt boy. We’ll be getting along famously.” And he leaned over and stroked my ass and between my cheeks saying it will be so nice getting to know you better.. and then he started finger fucking me.. all I could do was moan because, like it or not, it felt wonderful.
Now our weekends are spent with me being thoroughly fucked in my mouth and ass by Bert, the hairy friend who moved into our spare bedroom and where most of the time I have to suck his dick regularly and be fucked by him. My wife and I still get together and still have sex, but it’s not like it was. I feel an urge to be fucked at times, walking in quietly and pulling the covers off Bert’s bed and seeing him sleeping naked is a turnoff. I find I want to suck his dick quietly and hope I don’t wake him so I can just keep sucking his dick while I’m alone in the room with Bert not aware. But, every time I do this, his dick grows big and he cums a lot in my mouth and I’m not sure if he is still asleep or just laying there enjoying a middle of the night blowjob from his favorite cocksucker. Either way, I still suck him in the middle of the night and he still comes into my room into our room in the morning and straddles my chest and crosses his arms waiting for me to start sucking him til he cums again in my mouth.
At night, a lot of times, he pulls me into his room and bends me over his bed and licks my ass all over and fingers my hole and spanks me til I spread my legs for him and then he pulls me up until I’m kneeling and he slides his dick in me and fucks me for a long time, telling me I’m such a good butt boy and he’ll be real nice and cum a lot in me so I remember who owns my ass now. And he’ll let me lay there and finger my ass so I can feel the cum in me and remember a man just fucked me good and solidly. I’ll go to bed with my wife and sometimes I’ll just lay there wishing Bert would come in and fuck me again.
Sometimes, he comes in and takes my hand and leads me out and back to his room, telling me he knows I need another good fucking, and he’s right, and it feels so good to be fucked by him. I’ve grown accustomed to my wife walking into the living room where Bert and I are watching a football game but I’m on my knees with my pants off and my butt in the air and I’m sucking Bert’s cock for him, like I do all the time now. I think my life as a straight married man might have hit bottom but then I realize I’ve lost my concentration on sucking Bert’s amazing dick and go back to pleasing him while he holds my head in place so I can do a good job of cocksucker of the house. I don’t even mind being called that now, it’s true, I am. And my wife seems quite pleased with how things turned out and I’m not sure why. She watches my sucking sessions and even some of the times he’s butt fucking me. I don’t get it where she’s concerned but I do know I like it when Bert fucks me, that’s all that’s important now. My wife’s pussy is still a delight to play with and suck on and fuck at times, but I find my mind wondering if Bert is waiting for me or not. He usually is and now that I don’t wear any pants around the house, a rule of Bert’s, I’m fine with it all.

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