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Wife wants to rekindle her desire by watching her man

My wife and I became best friends while working together in the military and we ended up getting married. She had kids from a previous marriage to a real jerk and we share custody. She is 8 years older than I and can no longer have kids. While we really had some fun earlier in our marriage with many fantasies being fulfilled including a three way with her younger sister! it seems lately our sex life is all but over. She wants to please me, but she’s less interested in sex and I don’t want to pressure her. I keep thinking that men don’t realize how much a woman’s body changes with age and it can be both painful and frustrating when their bodies don’t respond to their desires and eventually they figure it’s just the way it is. I adore her body and take my time on foreplay as well as with her orally. She loves it and as much as she tries can’t seem to cum without a very powerful vibe. I just want to awaken that horny slut that I used to know. We talked about swinging and since she is less interested in sex, having to do the husband is not her idea of fun! As we discussed our situation, she did perk up at the idea of watching me fuck another woman. We tried adult sites and Craigslist to contact some single girls and couples with a Hotwife who plays alone. After several months of trying we gave up. That world is inundated with flaky people.

Several weeks later she asked me if I wanted to go out to a club in another city to see what kind of strange, I could find, and it would take some of the pressure off her. I am no ladies’ man and the thought of trying to hook up with some chick at a club was not my idea of a good time. I knew it would mean a lot to her if I tried, but I did not give it much hope. The club scene is very much what I thought, the same click of people meeting each other and using guys like me for drinks! I was just about to walk out when I spotted Cory walking in and had to duck into the bathroom so she would not see me! Cory works with my wife and I did not want to try and explain why I was there alone. I waited for about 5 minutes and figured she must be at the bar by now and went to slide out the back door.

“Took you long enough?” She laughed.

“Was not aware I was on the clock?” I added trying to hide my shock at finding her waiting.

“Cute” She smiled. “Relax, Deb sent me.” She added.

“This is awkward, why?” I asked.

“She thought you might not,” She thought for a second. “Get the job done.” She grinned happy that she had quoted her exactly.

“She is right, naturally.” I said. “I was just heading home – jobless!” I groaned. Knowing this was a bad idea only worsened now that someone else knew of my desperation!

“I see a few that could use someone between their legs.” She mused.

She grabbed my hand as we waded thought the crowd. As we came to each cluster of girls, she dismissed several for just being teases and a few for being too cheap looking. She selected two girls who had that look of casual sex written all over their face. I’m looking at them and I see nothing of the sort? Cory is a 10 on anyone’s scale. At 25 she has the sensibilities of a 40 yr. old and the body of an 18 yr. old. 5’8″, 127lbs, long brown hair and the most amazing 34DD’s that I have drooled over seeing her in a string bikini! She comes by them honestly; her mom is the sweetest lady anyone could imagine and a set of tits that must be 40DDD!

We danced near those girls and she kept rubbing up against me and did everything but point directly at my cock! She teased me every time we sat down for more drinks by blowing up her skirt to cool off and showed me her beautiful ass and white thong! She asked me to blow cool air on her breasts while she spread her in incredible cleavage. This must have been her game plan because the two girls were taking notice. Somehow the more you seem not interested the more appealing you become – women! Cory said she was going to make a call and would be right back. Once gone both these girls never let me sit down with all the dirty dancing we were doing. I began to think it was not such a stretch to believe I would have a shot at both girls tonight! Just then the sea of bodies parted and here was Cory holding two kamikaze shots with the biggest grin on her face! She handed me a shot and we slammed them back. She whispered something to the two girls, and they smiled and went to the bar.

“What did you say to them?” I questioned.

“I told them that Barry and Mark are waiting for them at the bar,” She responded.

“Um, I thought the whole idea was to get me laid?” I asked looking very frustrated.

“Easy big fella,” She shouted.

She went on to explain why she sent the girls away. The girls were good friends of hers and they were helping me get over my club phobia! Seems Deb had decided that Cory would be my fuck buddy but wanted to be sure that I had a good time before bringing me home to let her watch!

“You need to get fucked and so do I.” She purred. “Let’s go.”

I am driving home excited but puzzled as to why Deb didn’t just suggest we use Cory and go from there rather than travel out of town and do the whole clubbing thing? I pull into the driveway and Cory’s car is already there. I walk in and there’s my wife in a see-through teddy making drinks in the kitchen.

“I was wondering…” I began to speak. She rushed up to me and put her lips on mine and gave me a long deep kiss. I forgot what I was going to say.

“I know you have questions, but for tonight it’s about you.” She whispered.

I played with her tits and felt myself getting harder. She explained that Cory said that we had really clicked on the dance floor and Cory suggested that we both get a shower before the festivities began!

“She’s waiting for you upstairs,” she winked.

As I entered my bedroom it was set up with candlelit and soft music to set the mood. There was Cory sitting naked on the end of my bed with one leg up and rubbing her pussy!

“I have been waiting for you,” she smiled. She brought her finger up to her mouth and sucked on it.

I ran into the shower as fast as I could to wash off the evening’s perspiration. As I emerged from the bathroom there was my wife with the drinks next to Cory. I did not bother putting the towel around myself as I entered the room.

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