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Wife’s Cheating Dilemma – Buster gets her again

It had been several days after our “morning after” incident and things were getting at least somewhat back to normal. But all that had happened had sure as hell now changed my young wife’s total attitude and sexual desires. I tried to bring up the subject of it and she’d cut me off in a heartbeat and say “I just don’t want to talk about it!”

And in a way that meant she was pissed for my even saying a thing!

Anyway about a week or so later Snake Lady calls up and asks if we want to come over and drink a bit and party.

Well I had answered the phone and my wife was nowhere around at that moment so at last Snake Lady and I had our moment in the “sun” to talk.

And to make that conversation a long story short we discussed getting “Little Woman” back over there and see if she’d like to have some more of ol’ Buster!

What made it all even more disgustingly perverse as hell, was the very fact that Snake Lady had said “If you want I’ll even let you clean her out again” once he’s done.

Here I was again setting up for my “young wife” to be fucked by a “Rocky!”

My emotions were running wild about it all, For on one hand I was so “disgusted” with myself for such thoughts; But on the other hand I wanted to see it again.

And having just heard Snake Lady ask if I wanted to creampie my wife again.

I felt like a true bewildered man, but beyond that I wanted it that way.

Soon after that conversation was over my wife was back and I ask her if she wanted to go and party at Snake Ladies and she’d called and ask us over.

I don’t know if it was her thoughts about the prior party, or her thinking about what “could” happen again if we did!

But the look in her eyes as we talked said her mind was thinking and no doubt I saw a gleam of “desire” in them. Oh she acted all concerned about it all, oh yeah she played the part well. The little miss oh I’m so innocent shit, But in those eyes that “glow” of desire told of it all.

So after her saying she’d like to “but” she’d get into that she didn’t trust Snake Lady anymore, and damn I wonder why.

And the sad part of that conversation was the fact the whole damn time we were talking about that, My mind was in total “desire” of it’s own. I was envisioning my wife on all fours her cute little butt in the air and being fucked the daylights out of by “Buster!”

A normal man should not have such thoughts how could he? That’s just wrong and just to be with your wife and having thoughts in your mind about her best friends “Rocky” giving her pleasure no man can match.

I guess what really made all of this fall into place was the fact that at long last and set out with my “devious” ass plan to get even with my wife for fucking around behind my back.

Of course the whole of it was that I had not in any way shape or form even set up with Snake Lady for her own pet “Rocky” to be involved in our devious plan.

That was all Snake Lady’s doings right there, and not one thing of mine!

But I had loved the hell out of it.

And even worse was the sick fact that I had sucked the entire load left in my wife the very next morning.

Anyway my wife agreed to go over there and party though having qualms about it and said “We can have a few drinks and then come home” which I guess meant more that she was going to be social and show no hard feelings for the shit we’d done to her the last time.

Though she really recalled most none of it except that she had remembered little bits and pieces of it all. And no doubt that the one she damn well remembered most of all was Buster fucking her.

If I even mentioned his name she’d instantly give a shudder all over as if the mere mention of his name brought back every bit of her pleasure from him.

So we end up at Snake Ladies and the instant that Buster pranced into the damn living room to get his usual I’ve gotta’ have a petting from all guest thing.

My wife’s eyes opened like there was fear of hell and back in them! She was absolutely “looking at him” and shaking all over.

One thing for certain was Snake Lady caught onto it fast and said “don’t worry little woman he knows when to be good!”

So at last the air settled so to say and we were all just drinking and talking and deciding whether to play some music and bullshit or crank up a game of cards or yahtzee.

One thing for certain is that I got this feeling inside that somehow I wasn’t what was even on their minds in the least.

It was as if that they wanted to talk alone and with the fact added I guess that Snake Lady was looking at me and pointing her eyes to the kitchen that I got the hint and announced I was empty and going for another beer and of course was told get me one while your in there.

So I went into the kitchen non hurriedly to get things but so wanting to know what they were talking about in private.

The fact that the kitchen was partitioned off from the living room was partly the reason why I couldn’t see them or hear them and added as well was the fact that the kitchen itself was a good bit away from the living room since it was an older home and had huge rooms.

Well I sat at the breakfast bar and had another beer all to myself to give them the space and time to talk alone, as women need to do sometimes.

So I had downed that one and got another and made mixed drinks for the ladies (crown and coke) and went back into the living room to find Snake Lady sitting next to my wife on the sofa and talking softly to her and holding her hand.

It was more in the fashion I guess of her consoling my wife than anything it seemed.

Now what she was discussing I had absolutely no idea but even my coming back into the room made not one bit of difference to them in the least.

And even as I sat their drinks down for them they were still talking to each other now in fact whispering more or less in each others ear whatever it was they were discussing.

One things for certain is that my wife, was shivering all over, and acting as if she was scared in some way as Snake Lady and she continued their little whisper in my ear and I’ll in yours discussion a few more moments then and only then did either even acknowledge my being even in the room!

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