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Wifes Personal Trainer Seduces Her

Lisa and I have been married for 18 years and we have 3 children. We are both in our early 40?s and we have an average sex life. I would say that we both probably think about sex a lot more than we have it. With 2 jobs, kids, bills, etc, we just never seem to have the time or energy to really enjoy ourselves.
I have always been vocal with Lisa about my fantasy of having a threesome with another woman. And she has always been equally as vocal with me letting me know that it would never, ever happen. Lisa has a lot of hang-ups about sex that are probably due to her Southern Baptist upbringing and her Mother?s influence. I?m not really sure what?s involved but I do know that she has always been reluctant to try new things. We were married 15 years before she finally decided to try swallowing when she gives me a blowjob. Once she did it, though, she was hooked and now she seems to really love it.

Last year she went to a sex toy party that some of her friends hosted. Just the thought of her agreeing to go was a big shock to me because it was so out of character for her. When she came home and told me she has actually purchased a couple of items I was even more shocked. She had bought a little vibrating ?dolphin? that was designed with a hole in the center so it can slide over a man?s cock and be pushed down to the base. It has two vibrating egg inserts, one positioned at the top so that the dolphin?s nose vibrates and touches her clit and the other at the bottom where it can stimulate his balls. She loves playing with the dolphin and we have had a lot of great fun with it.

This prompted me to order a sex kit from the internet and it came in a few days later. It had a couple of vibrators, one HUGE dildo, some anal beads, lotions, sex games, etc. I thought that this might be opening some doors for us to really start exploring our sexual fantasies and desires but unfortunately most of the time these toys just stay hidden in our closet. Occasionally we will get out the dolphin or a vibrator and have some fun but most of the stuff remains unused. Personally I would love to get out all the toys and just have a toy orgy and try everything but she seems to be either too inhibited or too embarrassed to do that. I guess I should count my blessings that since she turned 40 a couple of years she seems to be opening up a little more sexually.

Lisa is a very attractive woman. She is about 5? 7? with reddish blonde shoulder length hair and beautiful blue eyes. After having 3 children she has had to battle a slight weight problem and she has been up and down with her weight over the past many years. There is a gym where she works and she has been pretty good about going there and she also runs in our neighborhood to keep the weight off. But since turning 40 this didn?t seem to be enough to get her where she wanted to be. So, about six months ago she decided to get a personal trainer at the gym to help her. She had wrestled with the idea for a long time because she was concerned about the money it would cost to have a personal trainer and I finally told her that she worked hard and deserved it so she should just do it. She signed up and decided to go forward with it.

After her first workout she came home in obvious pain. Her personal trainer was a woman named Julie who was really sadistic, according to Lisa. She said that Julie was about 35 and very fit and attractive but also very demanding. I laughed and told her that it would be better over time and to stick with it. The plan was for her to meet with Julie after work twice a week but after the first week she was wondering if she would survive the second week.

She kept working with Julie and the grueling workouts were making an immediate impact. Lisa quickly started shedding the extra pounds and was able to get back into her smaller, tighter jeans. She was also starting to get more of a sex drive and we were having sex more often. Most of the time it was stolen quickies in the shower or when we had a rare moment alone without kids around. I wasn?t complaining but there was still a lack of serious intense passion in our lovemaking.

Lisa talked a lot about Julie. She was always telling me about how Julie pushed her beyond the limits that Lisa thought she had. She said that Julie seemed to have the power to make her do things that she didn?t think she could do. She seemed to have an admiration for Julie. She told me that Julie was single after getting divorced a year earlier and that she had no children. She said that Julie was a very outgoing person and seemed to be totally in control of her life and her surroundings. She talked about how all the guys at the gym seemed to gawk at her and how Julie seemed to know it and would use her sexuality in her favor getting guys to do anything she wanted them to do. I asked her if she thought Julie was sleeping with any of those guys and she said, ?No, way! She doesn?t give them the time of day. But if she wanted to I?m sure she could have any guy there that she wants.? She said that Julie seemed to exude sex. Not in a slutty way but in a way that made her appear desirable. Of course this got my imagination aroused and I asked, half jokingly, half hopefully, ?Do you desire her?? ?NO!? Lisa shouted back loudly. But I noticed that her face had turned red when I asked. She did go on to tell me that Julie had told her recently that she was bisexual and that had been the reason she got divorced. Apparently her husband, for some unknown reason, couldn?t handle being with a woman that liked other women. Go figure.

Of course hearing this put my imagination into hyper drive. But all I managed to do was to piss Lisa off leaving her saying, ?I KNEW I should have never said anything about that to you.? And the conversation and my fantasy quickly came to a screeching halt.

For the next several months she continued to work out with Julie twice a week and they started hanging out together frequently after their workout. Usually they?d go get a drink somewhere or go out to dinner. Our sex life peaked for a few weeks then slowly dwindled back into the old familiar routine of just occasional sex. The sad thing is that Lisa was looking better than ever with all of her workouts. But with our work schedules and her always being ?tired? when she got home from work we were never able to do much about it.

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