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Working Wife Trapped And Humiliated

Hello, everybody, I am Yogita, I am back with another real life experience not mine but one of my friend. She is a good friend of mine as she doesn’t want to reveal her real identity she asked me to share her experience. Now here onwards please read the story in her own words.

Let me introduced first I am Amruta 32 years working wife with loving husband and blessed with a baby boy. I have maintained myself well with a fig of 36-28-35 and glowing fair skin, many people try to hit on me but till now I haven’t given any chance as being a chaste woman. I work in private company and my husband owns a business. Now I shall tell some incident happened with me a few months back.

The story begins with my company. I always wanted to be independent so I was working in private company. Some people used to flirt with me but I never entertained them.One of them was a partner of the company his name was Rajesh, he always used to find a reason for talking with me. I was behaving professionally with him, he was flirt of our company there were rumors of him having affairs with 2-3 women of the company but I never paid any attention to them.

Few times he offered me to drop my home or for coffee but I always declined. He was kind of pissed off at me as I never paid attention to him despite being a partner of the company. Let me tell little about him, he was 45 years family man, heavily built, dark in color not so good looking but was a womanizer and used to spend a lot of money on his mistress, so woman and girls used to get attracted towards his money. I being happily married never cared for those things. He tried to chat me on WhatsApp but I never showed any interest.

But unfortunately one incidence made a change in my life, my husband lost a big order of his business and we had to face a financial crunch. At the same time my project got over and there was no project in line with that so this gave Rajesh a good opportunity to screw my life, one day before leaving office he called me in his cabin and informed me that as the workload has decreased so company has thought to remove some people and I am so sorry to tell your name is included in that. I started crying because I wasn’t having any words to express.

Me: Sir please why are you doing this to me, I have worked a lot in this company and given dedication for everything but you are firing me from this company.

Rajesh: You have worked here very honestly I agree but company’s financial situation is not that good so we have to take a harsh decision. Sorry dear but I cannot help you.

I literally begged him, did all kind of arguments but he was unmoved. During the talk, I would see his devilish grin due to the happiness of destroying me. I was helpless I came out of his cabin almost everybody had left I went to my desk and sat on the chair.

I was unable to control myself and kept on crying suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I saw up and it was a girl working in some other team, she consoled me and take me for coffee in the canteen. She really made me feel better and offered me to drop at home, while traveling in her car she told me that there is one way to keep your job but I don’t think you will opt for it.

Me: dear please tell me what is it? I am in big trouble. My husband had a loss in business so at least for a year I have to do a job to support my family expenses.

Neha (Office Girl): sorry to say dear but now you have only one option to keep this job. It’s up to to you to think whether you wanna take it or not.

Without talking anything to her I step out of the car at home. I was silent all the time, my hubby asked me what happened.

I informed him that company is firing employees now so just tensed about it. (I intentionally didn’t inform him anything about my firing and all as I know he would be lot tense).

He said let’s hope you are not one of them, currently we are also in trouble, but don’t worry I am also trying to get a new client. Once we get it then we don’t have to worry but it will require minimum 6 months, till then you must have job else we have to face a big problem.

We had dinner and went to sleep but I wasn’t able to sleep, few days went I tried to get a job somewhere else but all went in vain. My notice period was going to finish in next 10 days I was too tense for finances. I finally wasn’t left any other option than to go for what Neha has told.

So next day after the office was done and all employees left I went to the cabin of Rajesh and again requested him not to terminate me. But he was unmoved so I went closer to him and said
Me: Sir please don’t fire me, I am in very bad condition. I need this job very much, I will do “Anything” for this job. (I stressed the word anything)

Rajesh smiled and said: What do you mean by anything?

Me: Sir you know what I mean. I am left with no option so I am ready to do anything.

Rajesh: So you are bribing me?

Me: it’s not that but I need this job at any cost.

Rajesh: I really feel bad for you but I can’t help you dear.

I went near him and literally begged “Sir please I beg you, sir, I need the job please help me”

He pulled me up and said “What are you doing this, stop behaving immaturely. Let me think what can I do, you can go now”

I came out of his cabin and left the office. I spent a sleepless night, next day he called me in the cabin.

Me: Sir you told you will inform some option today, please let what can be done.

Rajesh: Amruta it’s very difficult for us to continue you considering the circumstances, but as told me yesterday that you will do anything to save the job I can give you one last chance.

Me: Sir I would be happy to get the one, I will be so thankful.

Rajesh: Let’s get straight forward, I am going Delhi for a business meeting I want you to accompany me and obliged me for everything.

Me: Sir cannot we settle it here? Why Delhi?

Rajesh: Just because I want in Delhi, you have the option to say no. It’s your call it was you who said you will do anything. Before you decide I want to tell you something, you have to obey my each and every order. You don’t have any option to say no to my commands. If I am satisfied after the trip I will keep your job else there will not be any option.Now you go and decide. Take your time, I am going for meeting and will return in two hours till you decide.

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