Sunday , November 27 2022

Young Indian wife taken by strangers in hotel room

The big cock was pounding my wife’s shaved pussy like there is no tomorrow, the young stud had her knees on his shoulders, would go all the way out, just leaving his big head in her pussy, her pussy lips would stretch all the way around his thick shaft, he would then pound it all the way in!

Reema, my wife’s would groan with each thrust and her hands which were clawing the bed sheet sometime ago was on the young studs back almost urging him to fuck her like never before!

I could feel my heart sink with each passing moment, my beautiful innocent wife was experiencing the fucking of her life, after all I could never fuck her like that, even if I tried, physically I was only about 5 inches long, and with her tight pussy I only lasted about a minute, most of the time eating her to ensure she cums. Reema, like any other sweet Indian wife, never complained, after all she came from a not so big city, not exposed to the world of porn or exposed to the world of super fucking studs — like the one who before my eyes was ripping my wife’s tight pussy apart!

We are a couple from India. I am 35 and Reema is 23, it was an arranged marriage as most are in India. Though things are changing now and India is a modern country, with women too liberated, however for me I was lucky to find a wife like Reema. She has been raised by a conservative family — our families knew each other for long and it was agreed that we would marry when I would settle in my life. I finished my studies and was now working with a leading bank — it was our honeymoon now, though about 3 months after our marriage as I could not get leave. We are a great looking couple, I am a handsome guy, work out and keep in shape, have had my share of girls, but the only department I am left behind is between my legs! Reema on the other hand is the typical Indian beauty, she is about 5 5″, 34 b breast, shoulder length straight black hair, lovely eyes, luscious lips and slender body, she is very fair and is naturally not hairy, very hygienic and likes to remove all her hair often. She is soft spoken, extremely loving and loves to do all the housework herself, which in turn keeps her fit.

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  1. Nice story but you need to explain it in an that we can understand.

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