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Young man enjoys his mother

“Damn! Mama you’re fine as…hell!” Jermane put his hand on the bottom part of his mother butt-cheek that was exposed from her booty shorts. “Where you going dressed like that? You got you’re stripper shoes on and everything.”

“To the Moose club to have a few drinks.” Jackie shook the ice in her empty glass.

“Have some more Erk and Jerk.” He filled her glass with the brandy. “Mama you got to let me take some pictures of you in this slamming ass outfit.” He rubbed his hand over the other butt-cheek and then pushed his fingers under them to her crotch.

Jackie spread her legs and pushed her ass back more to his touch.

“Damn, I need to get some this ass myself.” Jermane press his hard-on against her big butt-cheeks and ground.

Jackie reached back holding his butt and rolled with his grind.

“Shit! I better stop before I cum on myself,” Jermane laughed. “Let me get my camera.”

Jermane came back finding his mother dancing in the living room and nursing her drink. He started snapping away at her smooth long brown legs, her big bubble butt, and her braless boobs which were bursting out of her top. He leaned shooting pictures up at her ass from the floor.

“Show me your titties mom?”

Jackie pulled her top up over her boobs, and turned posing for him.

“Ah ma, you look so beautiful.” Jermane snapped one picture after another, constantly moving around her catching her big brown bubble butt at different angles. “Pull them half way down.”

Jackie put her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and pulled them half off her butt-cheeks. She moved about shifting her weight teasing the camera with her big brown mounds. She walked back to fill her glass and slipped out of her shorts. Jermane was right behind her snapping pictures.

“Turn around mom.” He knelt in front of her taking a close up picture of her juicy shaved pussy. “You shaved. That beautiful mom…real beautiful.”

She spread her legs, and then pulled her brown pussy lips apart showing him the pink.

“Show me them tits.” Jermane said moving back getting the full view of his mother in only the transparent high heel slides.

The more Jackie got, raising her legs and inserting her finger into her pussy. She bent over spreading her butt-cheeks allowing her son to capture every movement. She laid on the sofa and pulled her knees up to her shoulders and traced her pussy with the tip of her finger showing the camera where the insertion points were.

“Damn mom, the only thing you need is a dick to play with.” Jermane thrust the bulge in his pants at her face pointing the camera down at her.

Jackie grabbed hold of his sweat pants and yanked them down his legs allowing his throbbing black cock to spring out at her. She took hold of the thick shaft and looked up at the camera, moving the head of his dick over her tongue.

“Yeah mama, suck it.” Jermane snapped the picture while his mother sucked expertly on his big black dick. He thrust his cock back and forth fucking her mouth. “Put it in your pussy.” He struggled to contain his excitement.

Jackie laid back on the sofa held her knees up and guided her son’s hard dick to her pussy as he got over her. She rubbed the head of his dick between the folds of her pussy lips and then into her steaming pot.

“Oh shit mom, I gotta fuck you.” He put down the camera and sunk his dick in her hot pussy.

“You like my pussy, don’t you?” Jackie smiled at her son batting her eyes.

“Shit yeah mom.” Jermane grunted as he drove his hard dick into his mother’s waiting pussy. His balls snapped against her ass, pounding her pussy as if he was trying to get every drop. He huff and strained as sweat poured from his body. His veins swelled in his neck and arms.

“Jermane!” Alisha shouted entering their mother’s home. “You’ll fuck anybody, won’t you.”

“I just had to have some of this.” Jermane huffed and strained continuing his stroke.

Jackie reached out taking her daughter’s hand. “I still got it, don’t I?”

“You sure do, and Jermane is trying to get all of it.” Alisha laughed and picked up her mother’s glass and tasted it. “Damn Erk and Jerk. This shit would make a nun drop her draws.”

“Just one more minute.” Jermane strained and grunted.

Alisha picked up her brother’s camera and started snapping pictures. She had a good eye and had taught Jermane what he knew about photography. She also knew that this was the type of thing that he would use it for.

“Oh fuck!” Jermane jammed dick into his mother’s pussy, jerking and straining as he flooded her pussy with his thick cream.

Alisha continued taking pictures of his dick dripping cum as he pulled it out of their mother. “What you going to do, make a…I like fucking my mom, web site.” She laughed. “Don’t put these on the internet Jermane. I’m not kidding. I don’t want anyone finding out that my brother is fucking my mother. This is some kinky shit, even for you Jermane.”

“What are you getting so twisted about?” Jermane asked.

“You take shit too far sometimes.” Alisha said. “Remember, this is our mother not some hoodrat. You fucking is one thing, Jermane, but don’t go putting her out in the street.”

“What are you talking about? I’m not going to doing anything like to mom.” Jermane pulled Jackie into his arms.

Jackie wrapped her arms around his neck and licked and kissed the sides of his face.

“You heard me Jermane. Bye mama.” Alisha kissed her mother’s cheek. “Give it to him good,” she whispered in her mother’s ear. She kissed Jermane on the lips pushing her tongue into his mouth. “Behave yourself.”

“As much as I can.” He popped Alisha’s ass making a noise that sounded worse that it was.

Alisha finger waved his as she left.

“Take me to my bedroom and fuck me some more.” She turned his face and stuck her tongue in his mouth. “I need some more of that big black juicy dick.”

“You got it!” Jermane chuckled, lifting his mother into his arms and caring her to the king-sized bed.

“Get the KY jell out of my dresser drawer.” Jackie position herself on her hands and knees. “Put some on your thing, baby and stick it to me.”

Jermane spread the thick grease on his dick and a little on his mom’s asshole. He held his dick tight as he pushed it into the tight canal. He worried that it would hurt, but she showed no signs of discomfort. She pushed steadily back on his dick.

“You better hold on.” Jackie giggled. She clinched her asshole tightly around his shaft and started rolling her hips.

“Ma! Ma! Oh shit! Ma!” He gripped her hips, holding on for dear life. He shot his cum completely out of control, as if he has pissed himself.

Jackie relaxed her recital muscles and looked back at the expression on her son’s face. “That’s a treat I don’t give too often.” She whipped her forehead with the back of her hand. “I need a nap.” She stretched out on her stomach.

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