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Young man gets an opportunity to cuckold by force of circumstances

Kiran finished his high school and when he is about to pursue his college studies, his father died and everything got upset. At the age of nineteen, he had to attend to family properties and it took one year for him to settle the issues. He decided to get admission into a college located a few miles away. However, this is a newly established college and the infrastructure is not yet developed.

There were no hostel facilities either. However, his uncle lives in that place and he has a small house. Luckily to Kiran, his uncle provided paying guest status in that house. Kiran started living there and used to attend the college. This uncle’s wife whom Kiran used to address as ‘auntie’ is in her early forties and she had a daughter who is already married and lives elsewhere. This auntie had had another child whose delivery became difficult and she was operated and the baby did not survive.

The doctors performed tubectomy on her to prevent further pregnancies considering her health and safety. She always used to tease Kiran with double entendres with oblique references to sexual themes and in the beginning Kiran felt shy to reply but eventually enjoyed her talk and he used to reply also in a bold tone for which she used to giggle. His uncle works as an accountant in a private company and goes to his office at 10 a.m and returns in the evening by 7 p.m. One afternoon, as there was no lecturer available, Kiran returned home by about 2 p.m and he saw his auntie chatting with a middle-aged man sitting in the living room.

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