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“Just a nice, relaxing Saturday afternoon”, Amy Callaghen thought to herself. She had just returned from a shopping spree at the local mall, a perk of having married a rich, albeit much older, man. Her husband, Bill, was 30+ years her senior (Amy is 26, Bill 58). She had not married him for his money, however. Bill was a very kind-hearted man who had basically been used by two other women who he had been married to previously. They had only been interested in Bill for his money, and both had been caught cheating on him. He had four daughters; one from his first wife, age 24; two from his second wife, ages 21 and 19, and one with Amy, 13 months old. Bill would very much like to have a son; he was happy that Amy was young enough that they could still try for more; they had a full staff in the house, including a nanny, and it wasn’t as though money was an issue. So in the house there was Amy, Bill, their baby daughter Kylie, and Amy’s daughter, Leanna. Leanna was 18 years old; Amy gave birth to her when she was only 18 years old herself. She was fortunate in that Bill loved her as his own daughter.

The only problem with Bill, however, was that he was away from home most of the time. He was only there probably 2 weeks out of the month, at the most; sometimes as little as three days out of the month. Right now he was away on such a business trip; this time in Japan, where he had been for the past three weeks, and, he believed, would probably be there at least two more, if not longer. “An extra long deal”, he told Amy. But he promised that it would definitely pay off financially. That was the way it always was. Amy liked the rmoney that Bill provided for her and her daughters; however, she got very lonely, and, on this particular Saturday, horny. She had always been a rather lusty lady, and it seemed to be getting worse as she got older, especially after Kylie’s birth. That was probably why she liked to dress skimpily, showing off her still remarkable body; not that 26 was old by any means, but she had a figure that teenage girls would envy. She liked getting the attention it afforded her. Like that day; she had dressed to go to the mall in a short, A-line miniskirt (Flares out more as it goes down), which showed off her toned, long, tanned legs (Amy was only a little above average height; 5’7, but she had long legs for her height).

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