Wednesday , February 1 2023

Young pretty white wife gets filled with Black seed and impregnated as hubby watches

Max watched his pregnant wife roll off the couch and race into the bathroom to vomit. Morning sickness again. She was now 4 months pregnant with a black baby. Unbelievable.
His friends back home would never understand but Max was cool with it all. Mainly because he had set the whole thing up.

From the first his pretty young wife Haley had been excited and interested in the swingers life style. She was only 19 when they married and the thought of fucking just one man for the rest of her life was not appealing but still she loved Max and wanted them to be married forever. He had promised her a chance to sow her wild oats and then when they were older they’d both settle down. Max always tingled when he thought of Haley with other men. It turned him on so much that he decided to let her have an affair right off. She had her eye on a black
named Rick who they occasionally bought weed from. Max didn’t like it.

Ricky was a gangster and very aggressive with Haley. He looked at her with sex on his mind and lust in his eyes. Haley’s blonde hair and plump
firm ass made him drool. Max played on his lust to get good deals from him on drugs though and that made Ricky even more overt with his lust for Haley. He slipped her his number once when he thought Max wasn’t looking. Haley showed it to Max and they laughed about it. He was primed and ready and Max was getting excited too. Just the thought of his pretty little blonde wife and this black gangster stirred his libido.

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