Tuesday , January 31 2023

Young wife explores a predominantly male preserve

She’d done it! Katie’s heart was pounding and the urge to get up and flee was almost uncontrollable. But, as always, the draw she felt to things taboo was even greater – and so she sat, staring ahead at the screen, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the dark around her.

She had no idea who was nearby, if anyone at all. It wasn’t subtly lit, like an ordinary cinema. She had groped her way in and felt her way to the second row from the back and was sitting a couple of seats in from the aisle. She knew that, when her eyes had adjusted from the daylight outside, the light from the screen would be enough to illuminate what she knew would be a very small space.

For a couple of minutes she was absorbed in watching the larger-than-life images on screen – three men who had picked up a girl hitchhiker and were beginning some very unsubtle moves on her.

So this is the where Gary spends a couple of evenings a week, she mused. He was very open with her about it and always took great pleasure in describing the films to her. She felt a little guilty, taking his absence on a two-day business trip to decide to try it out herself. And at 11 in the morning, too – it seemed so much more daring to her than if it had been in the evening.

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