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Young wife explores a predominantly male preserve

She’d done it! Katie’s heart was pounding and the urge to get up and flee was almost uncontrollable. But, as always, the draw she felt to things taboo was even greater – and so she sat, staring ahead at the screen, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the dark around her.

She had no idea who was nearby, if anyone at all. It wasn’t subtly lit, like an ordinary cinema. She had groped her way in and felt her way to the second row from the back and was sitting a couple of seats in from the aisle. She knew that, when her eyes had adjusted from the daylight outside, the light from the screen would be enough to illuminate what she knew would be a very small space.

For a couple of minutes she was absorbed in watching the larger-than-life images on screen – three men who had picked up a girl hitchhiker and were beginning some very unsubtle moves on her.

So this is the where Gary spends a couple of evenings a week, she mused. He was very open with her about it and always took great pleasure in describing the films to her. She felt a little guilty, taking his absence on a two-day business trip to decide to try it out herself. And at 11 in the morning, too – it seemed so much more daring to her than if it had been in the evening.

She had been making the beds that morning after driving her two-year-old son to the nursery, and had discovered that Gary had left his cinema pass card on the bedside table, and it hadn’t taken her long to make the decision. She hadn’t even changed from what she wore to do her early morning chores, a casual teeshirt, summer skirt, and panties – not even a bra. Despite feeding the baby earlier, she still felt the pressure from the amount of milk she was producing and she found that going without a bra was easier on her.

She had quickly asked Brenda next door to look after the baby, and had jumped in the car and driven straight over. On the way she had been analysing her behaviour which had been uncharacteristically rash, and she put it down to the incredible surges of sexual desire she had experienced since recovering from the birth of her baby girl two months before. Gary had been delighted, especially as she was breast feeding and her breasts were constantly engorged. In contrast, all of her friends had experienced a reduction of desire after birth. Katie smiled to herself, remembering how Gary had teasingly told her that morning that he needed this enforced one-night break from her demands.

Gradually, the outlines of the cinema emerged from the gloom … the poorly illuminated exit sign on one side, a door next to the screen, then three shapes in the rows in front of her that she assumed were patrons. She strained her eyes to see. They were, and from the shape of the heads, all three were male. She had expected nothing else.

Katie loked around her and got a shock when she saw a figure from across the aisle get up and move across to the end of her row, just two seats away. She started to panic. She had almost known she would get attention but had assumed it would take a bit of time. She glanced again and the flickering light from the screen revealed an unattractive, unkempt man in his forties or fifties. He was smiling at her and, although Katie didn’t look at him directly after that, she could tell from his arm movements that he was masturbating. The smell of alcohol mixed with slightly stale sweat revolted her. Her face must have said it all, because, after a few minutes, muttering and swearing under his breath, he got up again and moved back to his original seat. About a minute later he got up again and staggered out of the cinema, still muttering.

This was such a mistake, she told herself and was considering leaving herself – but it was the possibility of the drunk thinking she was following him that made her stay put. The she noticed that one of the two guys in front of her who were sitting together had ducked down and, judging from the other’s reactions, was sucking his cock. Katie strained her eyes in the gloom, intrigued to be witnessing something that had always excited her imagination. In fact, Gary had confessed that he had let it happen to him a few times in here; that it was a great sensation to have a warm mouth caressing his dick while he watched the porn. He’d asked her if she minded and said he’d stop it next time if she did, but she didn’t and had wondered if he had ever done it himself, to another guy. He had said he hadn’t but his expression had suggested that maybe he had.

She was still half-watching the two guys and half watching the screen, when there was a movement behind her and she tensed again. She had completely forgotten the back row! She half-tuned her head and saw a figure move out of the row and then enter hers, but this one quietly slid along to the seat next to hers and sat down. Katie was just about to get up and leave, petrified that this was the drunk who’d slipped back in while she was distracted. But then a warm, deep voice said:

“Morning, Katie”

Katie spun her head round and couldn’t quite make out the face at first. All she could see was a stocky, well-built figure and the shape of a head that suggested a receding hairline. Then a smile. Oh God, she thought, who IS it?

The scene on screen changed and there was suddenly more light. Katie gasped audibly: “Don!”

It was Don Jeffries, their bank manager. Not only that, he was a lay preacher at their church and, although Katie and Gary were in their mid-twenties and Don and his wife Helen were in their early fifties, they had been friends since they had moved into the town five years before – not close but friendly enough to visit each other’s houses about two or three times a year.

“Sorry, ” he whispered. “I didn’t mean it to be that much of a shock!”

Katie just stared, her mouth slightly open, aghast – not only that he should have seen her in this place but that he was here also.

He looked briefly at the screen and then back at her. “Really, I knew you’d be surprised but not this much. Gary told me you knew he came here quite often. I just assumed he had told you that we often see one another in here?”

Katie shook her head, still unable to speak. Oh GOD, she thought. “Why did I do this! Don in here! And catching me in here!! What must he think of me?”

Don placed his hand on her arm to reassure her. “Katie,” he whispered. “You’re shaking!”

She was. She just wanted to be away from here. “Don…” she hissed. “I’ve got to go… I have to get home.”

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