Thursday , December 8 2022

Young woman enters unusual arrangement with powerful boss.

After graduating, I took a job as a secretary to a very successful businessman in a large office. I considered myself over-qualified for the job but at twenty years old I wanted a steady income without too much responsibility, and I had heard from a friend that the position was available. The novelty of professional life had not worn off yet, and I still enjoyed dressing the part for my job, which was mainly administrative tasks and welcoming my boss’ clients into the office. I usually wore a silk blouse and tight pencil skirt with stiletto heels, which accentuated my tall and very slim figure, and more than once I noticed male visitors’ eyes eagerly raking over my pretty face and slender frame.

One morning my boss called me into his office and dictated a few letters for me to type up. Mr Charles was in his mid-fifties, with grey hair and a tall, toned physique. He wore immaculate business suits and even a shy twenty year old noticed how handsome and attractive he was. As I turned to leave his office, Mr Charles called me back, and said how pleased he was with my performance so far. He said his clients were always very complimentary of his young secretary, and he wanted me to make sure I kept up the good work. Something about the way Mr Charles’ eyes lingered on me as he complimented me gave me a shudder of excitement as I walked back to my desk.

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