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Zara Phillips & Her Incestous Relationship

Zara had been asked by her Uncle, Andrew, Duke of York to baby-sit Beatrice whilst he went to a meal being thrown by Her Majesty the Queen. Zara had sulked at first, but when she had been told she would be treated to make it worth her while, she readily agreed. Beatrice was now a very gorgeous 14-year-old girl, and was already developing curves to die for.

Zara, of course, already had curves to die for. That photo of her in the red dress with the plunging neckline had caused uproar in the Royal household. Prince Phillip, her Grandfather, had given her a lecture on being moral and not showing her body off for the whole world to see. After all, the Royal Family was an institution, and as such the reputation had to be maintained at all times. In private though, Phillip had wanked his impressive cock whilst looking at the pap pictures of his granddaughter.

Zara had turned up to baby-sit wearing a tight white T – shirt that betrayed the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. It was twinned with a denim miniskirt cut just above the knee, and she wasn’t wearing any knickers either. The outfit was complete with 6-inch stiletto heels. Andrew ushered her into the sitting room, all the time eying his niece up and down, admiring the voluptuous curves of the blonde Royal. Beatrice was already in bed, so Zara was just there to make sure no harm came to the little Princess. Andrew gave his niece a quick peck on the cheek and a cuddle and left Zara to her own devices.

Zara decided to see what was on TV, so started flicking through the channels. She accidentally hit the button for the Video player and a video started to play. It showed a clear picture of Beatrice and her sister Eugenie splashing around in the pool in Barbados, where Andrew had taken the ******** for a fortnights break. Eugenie was wearing a sensible one-piece swimming suit, but Beatrice was in a bikini. The 14 year old had curves already, and Zara was starting to feel moist between her legs. She kept playing the same scene over and over, Beatrice climbing out of the pool. Water cascaded down her body as she alighted from the pool. The camera started jerking; as it was obvious whoever was doing the filming had started furiously wanking his cock. ‘Daddy, what are you doing’ asked Beatrice.

Zara gasped as she realised that Uncle Andrew had been openly showing his attraction for his daughter so publicly. Eugenie was shielded from her dad stroking his cock whilst looking at Beatrice, so he took advantage by finishing his wank off then tidying himself up. Zara rewound the tape and watched the same loop over and over again, Beatrice emerging from the pool in her bikini. She paused the video at the most erotic part, Beatrice bent over as she emerged showing her fine 14-year-old cleavage of to maximum advantage. Zara slid her hand up her skirt, and found she was soaking already. She ran a finger over her shaved pussy, and shivered as she felt an electrical jolt travel through her body. She slid two fingers deep into her snatch, moaning as she found her clit. She started picking up speed, going faster and faster til she shuddered as she climaxed all over her hand.

‘Auntie Zara, why were you doing that to yourself’? Zara leapt up, shocked at the sight of her cousin standing there in her baby doll nightdress. Her denim skirt fell down to cover her swollen pussy, and she struggled to find an answer. She eventually managed to splutter something about she was just massaging herself because she was sore from riding her horse that morning. Beatrice grinned, and said ‘You were masturbating weren’t you’? Zara’s mouth fell open with shock, hearing Beatrice talk like that was both shocking and arousing. Beatrice told Zara that she had masturbated for the first time when she had turned 13. Her father had come into her room, and showed her the way to masturbate, and her dad had even fucked her as well.

Zara was both aroused and disgusted that her Uncle was a dirty old pervert who fucked his own daughter. She sank back down onto the couch and started holding her head. Beatrice walked over and started to massage her Aunt’s tits through the T – shirt. Zara let out a moan as the most sensitive part of her body was aroused. Despite her initial revulsion, Zara started to slide her hand underneath her cousins’ nightdress and found that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her cousin had a completely bald pussy, and when questioned Beatrice said her Daddy shaves her every week. She had been shaved that morning before she had been fucked to orgasm over and over.

Zara slid 2 fingers into her cunt, before spreading them and started thrusting in and out. Beatrice let out a loud groan as the intense feeling gripped her young body. Just as Beatrice let out a loud and long moan to indicate she was coming, there was an angry cough from the doorway. Both girls jumped up, covering themselves as best they could under the watchful glare of Beatrice’s dad; Andrew. He moved his gaze from Zara to his daughter and back again. Zara spoke first, saying that Beatrice had walked in on her masturbating and she had been so overcome with the situation she had gotten carried away with the moment.

Andrew held up his hand for silence, and then instructed his daughter to bend over the end of the couch. Beatrice knew what was coming; her Daddy was going to spank her before pushing his cock into her arse. She had been punished that way the day after her 13th birthday when she had moaned about not getting the present she had been after for ages. She tensed her body ready for the first slap on her butt cheeks. She got a surprise when she heard Andrew tell Zara to do the spanking. Zara complied, reluctantly at first, but soon got into it whilst listening to her Uncle verbally Pervert Exploit his own daughter.

‘Little slut, seducing your own Aunt. I should have you punished much more severely’. Beatrice started to cry; Zara was smacking her quite hard. Zara stopped when she realised her cousin was crying from the punishment, but Andrew simply told Zara to assume the same position. Zara then had to endure the belt of her Uncle crashing into her tight arse. She tried to block the pain out, but she couldn’t.

Then, to her eternal shame, she started to leak pussy juice down her legs. This spurred her Uncle on, knowing he was turning the little slut right on. He increased the ferocity of his blows, making Zara whimper as her orgasm peaked and she slumped forward onto the couch as her orgasm tore through her body. Andrew stood over her, eyeing up the hairless cunt of his niece. He undid his zip, making Zara stand up and face him. She gasped as she saw his thick 8-inch cock spring free from his briefs.

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